Arno Travels Well

Arno @ 1WTC















When The New Yorker moved downtown from midtown this past February, it was reassuring (and yes, exciting) to note that a fragment of Thurber illustrated wall from the magazine’s second home at 25 West 43rd Street went along for the ride and was promptly reinstalled.

Also exciting: the framed print of one of Peter Arno’s masterpieces, “Well, back to the old drawing board” that was once displayed on the 20th floor at 4 Times Square also traveled downtown to the 38th floor of 1 World Trade Center. (photo above courtesy of Liza Donnelly)

Here’s how Arnos drawing  looked in the magazine the week it was published March 1, 1941.

Drawing board


Ink Spill’s Fave Photo of the Day: Walsh, Schwartz & Dator; “I Only Read It For the Cartoons” Author to Speak at the New York Public Library

Ink Spill’s Fave Photo of the Day (courtesy of Joe Dator):

Liam Walsh, Ben Schwartz and Joe Dator working on a podcast (a link to the podcast will be posted here once there’s a link to post)

JD & Co.





Richard Gehr, author of I Only Read It For the Cartoons will speak  at The New York Public Library on April 15th. The book is a collection of interviews with a bevy of the magazine’s artists including Sam Gross, Lee Lorenz, and Arnie Levin.

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