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An Anniversary Note:

 Five years ago this month I began Ink Spill with the idea of making it an online gathering place for all different kinds of information and material concerning The New Yorker‘s cartoons and cartoonists. I’m so pleased the site has found a loyal following, and that it continues to attract more and more visitors. Last year, two million hits were recorded. This year’s hits, as of today, are over three million. My thanks to all of you who come by the site and to all my colleagues at The New Yorker who have been so very generous with their contributions here.

As we amble through our sixth year, visitors can expect to see more additions to the New Yorker Cartoonists Library, more interviews with the magazine’s cartoonists, and more additions to the New Yorker Cartoonists A-Z. Who knows, there might even be a couple of One Club cartoonists still to be found (The One Club is a cadre of cartoonists who contributed just one drawing to The New Yorker during their careers).

Among the big events coming up: this Fall there’ll be a brand new New Yorker Best Cartoons of the Year on the newsstands (Ink Spill will provide a complete Index to the cartoonists represented), and there’s bound to be a lot of excitement when The New Yorker leaves mid-town Manhattan for the first time in its life and heads  downtown to its new offices in the World Trade Center. And of course, there’ll be plenty of hoopla accompanying the  magazine’s 90th birthday in February of 2015.

 As always, Ink Spill will continue its daily updates on what New Yorker cartoonists are doing inside and outside of the magazine.         

                                                                                                                        — Michael Maslin







Charlie Hankin is half of Good Cop Great Cop.  Read an interview with he and Matt Porter here.  Also, here’s a link to their upcoming work, Nancy Pelosi.

Liza Donnelly is a Thurber Prize Finalist

Women On Men COVER FINALWomen on Men (Narrative Library), the most recent book by Liza Donnelly, the long time New Yorker cartoonist, has been selected as one of three finalists for The Thurber Prize.  The other nominees are David Letterman & Bruce McCall for This Land Was Made For You and Me (But Mostly Me) and John Kenney for Truth in Advertising. The winner will be announced at Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York, September 30th.


Donnelly, who was, with me,  a Thurber Prize semi-finalist, for our joint effort in 2009, Cartoon Marriage, has been contributing to The New Yorker since 1982. Below is her Ink Spill “New Yorker Cartoonists A-Z” entry:


Liza Donnelly Born, Washington, D.C. NYer work: 1982 – Key book: Funny Ladies: The New Yorker’s Greatest Women Cartoonists and Their Cartoons (Prometheus, 2005).  Edited: Mothers & Daughters ( Ballantine, 1993), Fathers & Sons ( Ballantine, 1994), Sex & Sensibility: Ten Women Examine the Lunacy of Modern Love…in 200 Cartoons ( Twelve, 2008).  Co-authored with Michael Maslin:  Husbands & Wives ( Ballantine 1995),  Call Me When You Reach Nirvana ( Andrew & McMeel, 1995),  Cartoon Marriage ( with Michael Maslin) (Random House, 2009), When Do They Serve the Wine?( Chronicle, 2010).  Donnelly also wrote and illustrated a popular series of dinosaur books for children ( Dinosaur Day, Dinosaur Beach, Dinosaur Halloween, etc.) all published by Scholastic.

Link to Donnelly’s website here.

Link to Donnelly’s New Yorker work here.



Helen Hokinson Covers on ebay

Hoky May 27It’s unusual for one Helen Hokinson original New Yorker cover to show up on ebay.  Right now, there are two (both listed by the same seller). The auction ends in nine days.

Was always fascinated by her August 1948 cover with its New Yorker logo incorporated into the work.

(no link to these.  Just go to ebay and type Helen Hokinson into the search box)


Hoky 2



Kliban Cartoons Online

VoiceFrom Lines and Colors, August 4, 2014,“B. Kliban cartoons on the web” — this post with lots of helpful links.

And…here’s part of the Kliban entry on Ink Spill‘s “New Yorker Cartoonists A-Z”:

B.(Bernard) Kliban     Born, Norwalk, Connecticut, January 1, 1935.  Died, August 12, 1990, San Francisco, California. NYer work: 1 drawing, November 30, 1963.