New Yorker Cartoonist and Ideaman Robert Muccio: 1931-2015



Word has reached Ink Spill of the passing of Robert Muccio, a New Yorker cartoonist and ideaman (he contributed over 50 ideas to fellow New Yorker cartoonists). According to his obituary, Mr. Muccio worked two decades for Norcross Greeting Cards. Besides The New Yorker his work appeared in Mad Magazine, Boys Life, and The Saturday Review. He also wrote greeting cards for Hallmark, Gibson and American Greetings. Mr. Muccio was a member of Ink Spill‘s One Club, a distinction earned by cartoonists who were published just once (under their own name) in the magazine.

Read Mr. Muccio’s  obituary here. [My thanks to the Muccio family for use of the photograph]


Below: Mr. Muccio’s New Yorker cartoon from the issue of October 10, 1964




New Yorker’s Special True Crime Reader of Writing & Cartoons



























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