Fave Photo of the day: Booth & Shanahan at The New Yorker; More Spills with Eckstein, and Chast

Two of the New Yorker’s very best cartoonists, George Booth and Danny Shanahan at the magazine’s offices today (photo courtesy of Liza Donnelly)

George & Danny @ TNYer Jan 12 '16______________________________________________________________________________________________________

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newyorker.com’s Culture Desk is featuring a slide show of Bob Eckstein’s graphic coverage of the Golden Globes.  See it here.


…looking forward to the fall publication of Daniel Menaker’s new book, The African Svelte: Orthographic Mistakes and Miss Spellings That Often Make Sense — the illustrations are by the one and only Roz Chast.

A Major Edward Koren Exhibit in Connecticut; Roz Chast with Hoarder Author in Manhattan; Bob Eckstein, Liza Donnelly Draw The Golden Globes

art_exhibit_banking “Edward Koren: The Capricious Line” will be on view at Fairfield University from February 4th through April 8th, 2016. This is a must see exhibition by one of The New Yorker‘s great artists.

Link here to Edward Koren’s website.

See Mr. Koren’s work on The New Yorker’s Cartoon Bank site here.




61BX+et476L._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_mess front FK 1209.inddRoz Chast will be appearing at the Kinokuniya Bookstore  January 27th along with Barry Yourgrau, the author of Mess: One Man’s Struggle to Clean Up His House. Details here.

Link here to Roz Chast’s website.

See Ms. Chast’s New Yorker work at the magazine’s Cartoon Bank site.





tumblr_o0kasdD5H91rxkwhfo1_400Bob Eckstein will be  drawing the action at The Golden Globes.  You’ll be able to track his activity at the New Yorker’s website, newyorker.com

Visit Bob Eckstein’s website here.

See Mr. Eckstein’s New Yorker work here on the magazine’s Cartoon Bank site.



110Liza Donnelly, stylus & tablet at the ready, will be live drawing The Golden Globes (to the left: her take on Tina Fey & Amy Poehler from last year’s show). You can follow her on Twitter  @lizadonnelly

Her drawings will be collected and posted on Medium.com following the big show.

Visit Liza Donnelly’s website here.

See Ms. Donnelly’s New Yorker work here on the magazine’s Cartoon Bank site.

David Remnick: “The New Yorker an Odd Recipe… a Magical Recipe”; More Spills: Marchetto in Her Blue Grotto, A Mets Bonus Daily Cartoon from Bob Eckstein & a Trio of Short Bios

Remnick:studioHere’s an interview from Fast Company with  The New Yorker‘s David Remnick on the occasion of the premiere of “The New Yorker Radio Hour”…and another good interview piece, from Nieman Lab, with an audio promo.



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…from  The New York Times, October 23, 2015, “The Cartoonist in Her Blue Grotto” — this piece (with a slide show) on Marisa Acocella Marchetto…


…In a first, newyorker.com has published a “Bonus Daily Cartoon”  (Bob Eckstein‘s wonderful Mets Employee of the Month)…


Here are short bios of the three New Yorker cartoonists who recently exhibited work at Cooper Union: Edward Sorel, Jon Agee, and Liana Finck.