Book Of Interest: I Think, Therefore I Draw

Published a couple of weeks ago, I Think, Therefore I Draw: Understanding Philosophy Through Cartoons (Penguin) includes enough New Yorker cartoons (among a number of non-New Yorker cartoons) to mention here. The New Yorker cartoonists represented (in order of their appearance): Paul Noth, John McNamee, Tom Cheney, Danny Shanahan, P.C. Vey, David Sipress, George Booth, Avi Steinberg, Amy Hwang, Leo Cullum, Mort Gerberg, P.S. Mueller, John Klossner, Aaron Bacall, Sam Gross, “Bud” Handelsman, Lee Lorenz, Michael Maslin, Jack Ziegler, Edward Koren, Matt Diffee, Eric Lewis, Edward Frascino, and Charles Barsotti.

The authors have this (in part) to say in their introduction: “Here, then, is a collection of our favorite philosophical cartoons and our annotations about what they teach us about the Big Questions in philosophy.”

You can sample the text by going to the Amazon listing and clicking on the “Look inside” feature.


Aaron Bacall Exhibit; Keillor Notes Updike’s Birthday; Chast to Speak in Syracuse

Aaron Bacall

Work by the late Aaron Bacall (he died in June of 2015) is on display now til the end of May  at The Jewish Community Center of Staten Island. Here’s a video news piece on the exhibit.

Mr. Bacall, who supplied his self-portrait to this site a few years ago, is a distinguished member of Ink Spill‘s One Club.One Club icon   That is, he was published just once in The New Yorker. 




Garrison Keillor has noted on “The Writer’s Almanac” that today is John Updike‘s birthday (born March 18, 1932). As many of you know, he had wanted to become a cartoonist before taking a different path.  Mr. Updike’s birthday is noted here due to his life-long love of the art form, as evidenced in his writing.


nf_chast_credit_bill_franzenRoz Chast will speak at Syracuse University March 29th. All the details here.

Link here to Ms. Chast’s website

[photo by Bill Franzen]





Tilley Watch...Where Ink Spill takes a stab at keeping track of cartoonists appearances on/in the New Yorker‘s  various non-print adventures  including The New Yorker Radio Hour, The New Yorker Presents [tv], and The Cartoon Lounge [a weekly short video].

From The New Yorker Radio Hour Liana Finck and Roz Chast discuss all sorts of things.

…A link to all the episodes of The Cartoon Lounge in case you wish to binge.

Aaron Bacall: 1939 – 2015

bacallWord has reached Ink Spill that the cartoonist Aaron Bacall has died at the age of 76.  His obit here. According to The New Yorker‘s database, Mr Bacall’s work made one appearance in The New Yorker (the issue of October 20, 1997) The drawing appears to the left.


Below is Mr. Bacall’s self portrait he provided to Ink Spill a few years back.