Joseph Farris: 1924 – 2015

Joe FarrisJoe Farris, who began contributing to The New Yorker in 1957, died this morning according to a notice posted by his daughter on Facebook.

JF May 18, 19957

Born in 1924, in Newark, NJ, Joe was a longtime Connecticut resident. In his early days he was a student of another Connecticut cartoonist, the great Richard Taylor. Joe contributed close to 300 cartoons to the magazine, including two covers. Collections of his work include Just A Cog In The Wheel, published in 1989, and UFO — Ho Ho, published in 1968. His most recent book, A Soldier’s Sketchbook: From the Frontlines of World War II, was published in 2011 to excellent reviews.

Joe was a cartoonist’s cartoonist, able to deliver captionless cartoons, sometimes multi panelled, as well as cartoons of the moment, wrapping them up in a style that was his and his alone.



Above: his first drawing in The New Yorker, May 18, 1957. Left: his 1989 collection.



JF 11:9:92













Left: from The New Yorker November 11, 1992


Link to Joe Farris’s biography on his website

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From,  October 28,2011, “The Algonquin Hotel to Close This Winter for Renovations” ( post includes a nice photo of the Hotel’s  New Yorker cartoon wallpaper)

A short Youtube video about Joe Farris’s new book A Soldier’s Sketchbook.

From The Washington Post’s Comic Riffs, October 27, 2011, “The New Yorker’s ‘Cartoon Issue’: Bob Mankoff lets us peek behind the scenes”