Remembering James Stevenson; Bob Eckstein’s Daily News Op-Ed; Book/Artist of Interest: Aaron Sopher

Remembering James Stevenson

 From The Block Island Times, July 7, 2017, “Remembering Jim Stevenson: And How He Drew on Block Island” — this piece about the late great Mr. Stevenson’s Block Island work.

His A-Z entry on the Spill:

James Stevenson Born, NYC, 1929. Died, February 17, 2017, Cos Cob, Connecticut. New Yorker work: March 10, 1956 -. Stevenson interned as an office boy at The New Yorker in the mid 1940s when he began supplying ideas for other NYer artists. Nine years later he was hired a full-time ideaman, given an office at the magazine and instructed not to tell anyone what he did. He eventually began publishing his own cartoons and covers as well as a ground-breaking Talk of the Town pieces (ground breaking in that the pieces were illustrated). His contributions to the magazine number over 2000. Key collections: Sorry Lady — This Beach is Private! ( MacMillan, 1963), Let’s Boogie ( Dodd, Mead, 1978). Stevenson has long been a children’s book author, with roughly one hundred titles to his credit. He is a frequent contributor to the Op-Ed page of The New York Times, under the heading Lost and Found New York. Stevenson’s recent book, published in 2013, The Life, Loves and Laughs of Frank Modell, is essential.


Bob Eckstein’s Daily News Op-ed

The ever-energetic Bob Eckstein has an op-ed piece in today’s Daily News, “Bookstores, the Amazon resistance” Read it here.

Mr. Eckstein’s latest book is the New York Times Best Seller, Footnotes From the World’s Greatest Bookstores (Clarkson Potter, 2016).


Book/Artist of Interest: Aaron Sopher

Here’s an obscure title I ran across: a handsome book of work by Aaron Sopher, who, as you’ll see below by his Ink Spill A-Z entry had a very brief association with The New Yorker.  Here’s a website that tells you a little more about the book and the artist. 




Aaron Sopher  (Portrait above by Jacob Glushakow)  Born, East Baltimore, Maryland, December 16, 1905. Died, 1972, in Baltimore. New Yorker work: two drawings, June 15, 1929 & December 6, 1930 (this shown below).

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