Rarely Seen Arno Inspired Play, “The New Yorkers” Coming to City Center in 2017; A New Case For Pencils Post

In what is surely the surprise of the day (for me), next year City Center will put on a limited run of the 1930 play The New Yorkers.  The play, with music by Cole Porter as well as Jimmy Durante, was based on “a seed of an idea” [NYTs] by …Peter Arno. 

Below: sheet music cover art by Arno. Details on the revival here

(You can find much more on the play in my biography of Arno in the chapter “Up Broadway…and Down” )












Jake Goldwasser, one of the half-score of brand new cartoonists debuting in the New Yorker (so far) this year, is the subject of Jane Mattimoe’s latest blog post on A Case For Pencils. See it here!


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