Welcome back Tilley; Paul Karasik on the 2011 Angouleme Comics Festival; Al Hirschfeld’s Pink Townhouse for sale

It’s great to see Eustace Tilley has returned to The New Yorker’s cover in  celebration of the magazine’s 86th birthday ( he made cameo appearances last year by way of Chris Ware, Adrian Tomine, Dan Clowes, and Ivan Brunetti ).  Click here to see “Tilley Over Time,” a piece contributed to The New Yorker’s blog in February of 2008 (above is the photo of my Tilley collection  that originally accompanied the New Yorker blog post — it no longer appears there).


Paul Karasik blogs about this year’s Angouleme comics festival Read here


Ink Spill sometimes wanders outside of The New Yorker cartoonist orbit…in this case for a story about the home of iconic illustrator, Al Hirschfeld:

Al Hirschfeld’s pink NYC townhouse is up for sale.  Read about it here. ( from Cartoon Brew, February 3, 2011, “Buy Al Hirschfeld’s Pink Manhattan Townhouse”)

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