New Yorker Cover Artist, Pierre Le-Tan: 1950-2019

This sad news via WWD, September 14, 2019: “Illustrator Pierre Le-Tan Dies”

To the left is Mr. Le-Tan’s first New Yorker cover. Below, his entry on the A-Z.

Pierre Le-Tan Born, Neuilly-sur-seine, France, 1950. Died, September 17, 2019.  New Yorker work: one drawing, June 14, 1976. Although his one cartoon technically qualifies him as a member of the Spill’s One Club, Mr. Le-Tan contributed 18 New Yorker covers between February 14, 1970 through April 27, 1987.

His one cartoon, a double page spread:

A New Yorker cover from April 9, 1979

Further Reading:

From Architectural Digest, September 20, 2019: “French Artist Pierre Le-Tan Leaves An Indelible Mark”

From  frenchculture. org, “In Memoriam: Pierre Le-Tan”

See his New Yorker covers here.

His Wikipedia entry here (translated).

The Monday Tilley Watch, The New Yorker Issue Of September 30, 2019

The Cover: Christoph Niemann returns for the Technology Issue.  Read Francoise Mouly’s Q&A with him about his cover.

The Cartoonists & Cartoons:

Electronically flipping through this new issue (appropriately enough for the Technology Issue) I was happy that the cartoons just kept-a-comin’; there are seventeen of them to be exact. All of them are placed well (i.e., they have plenty of breathing room, and sit well on the page).

Here are random thoughts about some of the cartoons in the new issue…

Joe Dator’s laundromat drawing (page 50): When asked why The New Yorker didn’t run color cartoons*, The New Yorker‘s founder and first editor, Harold Ross reportedly said, “What’s so funny about red?”  What he didn’t say was,“What’s so funny about beet red?”  Mr. Dators’ drawing, incorporating beet red, is hilarious.

I hovered over Victoria Roberts’ campers and bear drawing (p.46), enjoying the drawing itself. We’re used to seeing many of Ms. Roberts drawings set indoors — it’s fun to see her drawing of a tent, and a bear (or a man in a bear suit).

Jason Patterson’s ice cream trucks heading south for the winter  (p. 25) is also fun to linger on. Its concept seems out of the Jack Ziegler school of zany.  Such a good drawing.

Also of note, graphically, and otherwise-ly: Ellie Black’s little red riding hood drawing (p.78)…and Maggie Mull’s Beautiful Mind-ish drawing on page 70; nice to see it stretched out on the page.

Shannon Wheeler’s broccoli opera drawing on page 77.  Its execution is reminiscent of some of William Steig’s middle period work (check out Steig’s 1942 collection, The Lonely Ones).

And of note in a different department: the magazine’s assistant cartoon editor, Colin Stokes’ Shouts & Murmurs piece,“Running With Scissors” (p.33).

The Rea Irvin Talk Masthead Watch: Mr. Irvin’s classic masthead drawing (below) has yet to return.  Hope springs eternal here on The Spill. Read about it here.


*There were two color cartoons in Ross’s era, very early on in the magazine’s life; both appeared in the issue of December 12, 1925. A full page by Ralph Barton, and a double page spread by Rea Irvin. Mr. Barton did not use red in his drawing, Mr. Irvin did.



The Weekend Spill: Liana Finck At The Strand; Illustrated Narrative Of Interest: Marcellus Hall; The Tilley Watch Online, The Week Of September 16-20, 2019

Reminder: Liana Finck At The Strand Monday

Liana Finck’s book tour for her just-about-to-be-released Excuse Me: Cartoons, Complaints and Notes to Self  begins tomorrow at NYC’s legendary Strand bookstore. All the info here.

Ms. Finck began contributing to The New Yorker in 2013. Visit her website here.


From Attempted Bloggery Ms. Finck’s promotional postcards tied-in to the purchase of Excuse Me


Illustrated Narrative Of Interest: Marcellus Hall

Here’s a really terrific illustrated piece in The Guardian by New Yorker cover artist Marcellus Hall.  See it here.

You can also see Mr. Hall’s spot work in the current issue of The New Yorker (September 23, 2019).


The Tilley Watch Online, The Week Of September 16-20, 2019

A listing of New Yorker cartoonists who contributed this past week to the Daily Cartoon or Daily Shouts

The Daily Cartoon: Avi Steinberg, Teresa Burns Parkhurst, Maddie Dai, Robert Leighton, and  J.A.K.

Daily Shouts: Liana Finck

Today’s Daily Cartoonist & Cartoon; Lotsa Links; Some New Yorker Folks (Past & Present) At The Brooklyn Book Festival

Today’s Daily Cartoonist & Cartoon

Space & lattes, by Avi Steinberg who began contributing to The New Yorker in 2012




Lotsa Links

Here’s a link to Ryan Flanders links on The Comics Journal. Numerous New Yorker folks amid the lot.


Some New Yorker Folks (Past & Present) At The Brooklyn Book Fest

I noted the following while taking a quick tour through the Fest’s website:

Robert Gottlieb, Bill McKibben, Joyce Carol Oates, Mary Norris, and Mark Alan Stamaty.

There are likely more appearing at various publisher’s booths. Let me know if you’re one of them.

Mick Stevens’ “Instathing”; Profile Of Interest: Liz Montague; Today’s Daily Cartoonist & Cartoon; Today’s Daily Shouts…By Liana Finck

Mick Stevens’ “Instathing”

The long-time New Yorker contributor Mick Stevens (his cartoons began appearing there in December of 1979) has recently posted a goodly number of his drawings on Instagram under @secretlivesofthings In an email to The Spill, Mr. Steven’s called it an “Instathing” which I think is awfully catchy.

Here’s how Mr. Stevens introduces the work you’ll see:

Here’s Mr. Stevens’ entry on the A-Z:

Mick Stevens Born March 11, 1942, Portland, Oregon. New Yorker work: December 17, 1979- . Key collections: If Ducks Carried Guns (Fireside/Simon & Schuster, 1988), A Mystery, Wrapped in an Enigma, Served on a Bed of Lettuce ( Fireside/Simon & Schuster, 1989 ), Things Not to Do Today ( Fireside/Simon & Schuster, 1989 ). Website:


Profile Of Interest: Liz Montague

From Washington City Paper, September 19, 2019, “How Local Cartoonist Elizabeth Montague Creates Accesible, Reflective Art”.

Liz Montague began contributing to The New Yorker in March of this year.



Today’s Daily Cartoonist & Cartoon…

…is by Teresa Burns Parkhurst, who began contributing to The New Yorker in 2017.   Check it out here.


Today’s Daily Shouts

“Things I’ve ‘Liked’ For Men” by Liana Finck, who began contributing to The New Yorker in 2013.