P.S. Mueller joins NY/PDX Exhibit

The always entertaining P.S. Mueller has joined the NY/PDX exhibit (see the Ink Spill June 20th post, “New Yorker Cartoonists Exhibit Way Out West” ).

Above: yet another poster for the exhibit, this time featuring a drawing by Corey Pandolph

Danny Shanahan has a website; Media-League Softball: New York Times Magazine over The New Yorker

Long time New Yorker cartoonist, Danny Shanahan, now has a website  (currently in progress)…go visit!


The New York Times “6th Floor” has reported on its victory over The New Yorker this past week (“There’s No Crying in Media-League Softball,” June 28, 2012). Ink Spill asked The New Yorker’s softball co-coach (and cartoonist) Drew “Woodcut” Dernavich for his thoughts on the game:

When The New Yorker plays softball, we are always up against a variety of opponents: our own low turnout, our own high turnout, our talent, the weather, and the expectation that every play will be one of John Updike-like poignance. The New York Times Magazine was just one more enemy that we faced on Tuesday. If you are counting runs scored, they beat us in that category. If you count the newness of the uniforms, the amount of Big League Chew consumed, the quality of the *ahem* coaching, and our excellent post-game representation at the bar, we can more than hold our own. We’re working on the rest. As they say: it’s not a sprint, it’s a road trip with a lot of beer and Big League Chew.

Steinberg & Hitchcock

New Yorker cartoonist Liam Walsh brought this intersection of Steinberg and Alfred Hitchcock to my attention. From Hitchcock’s 1955 film, The Trouble with Harry, the opening credits.

Ink Spill visitors might remember that Liam also alerted this site to  another Hitchcock/New Yorker connection. In Hitchcock’s 1944 film, LifeboatEustace Tilley has a cameo at the 2:04 mark (sorry, you’ll have to find the Youtube clip).

New Yorker Cartoonists Exhibit Way Out West


 This promises to be an interesting exhibit (see the poster for all the pertinent information). According to the show’s promotional material: “Rejected works handpicked by each artist will be shown alongside originals that ran in the magazine.”  Keeping my fingers crossed that this exhibit makes its way east.

The poster above features a Bob Eckstein drawing.  Also circulating online are at least four other posters, two with drawings by Carolita Johnson, and solos by Emily Flake and Shannon Wheeler.  Collect them all!: