Matthew Diffee speaking; Roz Chast spoke; Joe Dator to speak

diffee_barber_show_categoryFrom artshound, March 6, 2014, “An Evening with Matthew Diffee” — very late word on this event, happening shortly (in Texas).  Info here.

See Mr. Diffee’s New Yorker work here.

Matthew Diffee’s website






From The Daily Orange, March 6, 2014, “Cartoonist discusses art, personal experiences” — a piece on a talk by Roz Chast at Syracuse University.

Roz Chast’s work in The New Yorker

Ms. Chast’s website




Dator: magically

According to the Dead Darlings Facebook page, Joe Dator (seen in the cereal bowl, back row, right) will be “serving up cut, rejected, dead-on-the-desktop GOLD!” 

The event takes place March 12, 2014 at the Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Sq. South. Doors open @7:30 pm, show begins @8:00pm

Check out the “Dead Darlings: Magically Delicious Edition!” Facebook page for more information, including bios of the other participants.


Joe Dator’s website.