One More Drawing Added to the Society of Illustrators Upcoming New Yorker Cartoon Exhibit



It gives me great pleasure to note that an original  New Yorker cartoon by Anatol Kovarsky has just been added to the upcoming exhibit at The Society of Illustrators. Mr. Kovarsky, who was profiled this past summer on Ink Spill as well as on the New Yorker’s website, contributed cartoons and covers  to The New Yorker from 1947 through 1969.

With the addition of Mr. Kovarsky’s drawing, the exhibit now includes the work of 46 New Yorker cartoonists.

Society of Illustrators Exhibits Work by 45 New Yorker Artists






As promised a few days ago, below is a list of New Yorker artists whose work appears in an upcoming exhibit at The Society of Illustrators. The artists included span the entire history of The New Yorker, beginning with early masters, Helen Hokinson, Peter Arno and Gluyas Williams right up through many of today’s most exciting and incredibly funny contributors.



Ed Arno, Peter Arno, Charles Barsotti, David Borchart, John Caldwell, Roz Chast, Richard Cline, Joe Dator, Drew Dernavich, Matthew Diffee, Liza Donnelly, Bob Eckstein, Dana Fradon, Felipe Galindo, Sam Gross, Larry Hat, Helen Hokinson, Zachary Kanin, Nurit Karlin, Farley Katz, Robert Leighton, Bob Mankoff, Marisa Marchetto, Michael Maslin, Richard McCallister, Warren Miller, Roxie Munro, Paul Noth, John O’Brien, Danny Shanahan, Michael Shaw, Barbara Shermund, Barbara Smaller, Edward Sorel, Peter Steiner, Mick Stevens, Julia Suits, P.C.Vey, Liam Walsh, Kim Warp, Robert Weber, Christopher Weyant, Gluyas Williams, Bill Woodman, Jack Ziegler


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Over on, “Turning Life Into Cartoons” — autobiographical cartoons by 21 New Yorker cartoonists.


From BoingBoing, a reprint of a July 2013 article from The Magazine, “Everybody Knows You’re a Dog”  — another look at Peter Steiner‘s famous internet/dog drawing.


New One Club Member: Neil Sessa

One Club icon

Sessa, Neil photo



The newest member of Ink Spill‘s “One Club” is Neil Sessa, whose one drawing in The New Yorker appeared May 14, 1938. One Club membership is limited to those who contributed but one drawing to the magazine in their careers.  Mr. Sessa is the 128th member admitted. I’ve been unable to find anything on Mr. Sessa other than he was an animator who worked in the Fleishman Studios. Any further information would be appreciated.

Peter Steiner’s Scholastic appearance in ’57; Schwartz & Walsh team up again









From The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, October 15, 2013, “Meet an Alumnus: Peter Steiner”

Visit Peter Steiner’s website here

See some of Peter Steiner’s New Yorker work here.









capt america


From, October 15, 2013, “What Does Captain America Think  of the Government Shutdown?” — Ben Schwartz and Liam Walsh report graphically from the recent Comic Con in New York City.