On The Market: Alice Harvey’s Home; Today’s New Yorker Daily Cartoonist: Julia Suits; Another Cartoon-Covered Scarf; Yet More Gerberg; Profile Of The Cartoonists Friend, Karen Green

The Spill isn’t in the business of listing real estate, but every so often there’s an exception. Alice Harvey’s home in Connecticut is now up for grabs — here’s the info.

And here’s Ms. Harvey’s entry on the Spill‘s A-Z:

Alice Harvey  (above) Born 1894, Austin, Illinois. Died, 1983. New Yorker work: Oct. 17th, 1925 – May 1, 1943. An illustration by Ms. Harvey accompanied Ellin Mackay’s celebrated November 28, 1925 New Yorker article, “Why We Go To Cabarets”  — the piece often credited with helping boost the fledgling New Yorker’s circulation.

Above: Alice Harvey’s first captioned New Yorker cartoon, published October 24, 1925


Today’s Daily Cartoon

Today’s Daily cartoon, centered around a podium, is by Julia Suits. Ms. Suits began contributing to The New Yorker in 2006. (eagle-eyed observers will have noticed there was no Daily cartoon yesterday).


Another Cartoon-Covered Scarf

A section of Otto Soglow’s scarf from Attempted Bloggery

Attempted Bloggery continues its look at cartoon-covered scarves. This one’s by Otto “The Little King” Soglow. See it here.


Yet More Gerberg

From The Gothamist, February 19, 2019, more coverage of Mr. Gerberg’s current NYC exhibit.


Profile of Interest: Karen Green

From The Columbia Spectator, February 19, 2019, here’s a nice profile of the cartoonists friend, Karen Green.

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