New Yorker Editor on “Where the Readers Are”; More Spills with Woodman & BEK

David-RFrom The Guardian, this interesting interview with The New Yorker‘s current editor, David Remnick. A former New Yorker editor, Tina Brown, chimes in as well.  [photo: Laura Barisonzi]

note: in the paragraph excerpted below  you’ll notice the mention of “Gadd” cartoons. The word should be “gag”

It would be wrong to see the circulation success as the triumph of seriousness. “The formula of the New Yorker is too complicated to just be called serious … you’re reading a 10,000-word piece on the war in Sudan and speckled within it are Gadd cartoons about talking dogs and desert islands,” he says. “It’s a magical formula.”



More Spills Icon Edited







An exhibition of Bill Woodman’s Cartoons and Paintings in Portland, Maine

Bruce Eric Kaplan to speak in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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