The New Yorker Cartoonists A-Z

What follows is a work in progress — it isn’t a complete list of The New Yorker’s cartoonists, and probably never will be. A complete list is likely impossible as The New Yorker itself has not been able to identify a number of early contributors.

Each name carries some bare-bones biographical information (if available), indicating when a cartoonist began contributing to the magazine (and, when it applies, when their contributions came to an end). Additions, corrections, advice always welcome.

As many of you know, sometimes New Yorker cartoonists are also New Yorker cover artists (Charles Saxon is an example), and the reverse is true: sometimes cover artists have contributed cartoons (Arthur Getz is an example). and then there are cover artists who’ve remained strictly cover artists. The A-Z has slowly started to add these folks.


For dates of when a cartoonist began (and where it applies, ceased) contributing to The New Yorker, I’ve cross checked dates using the discs accompanying The Complete Cartoons of The New Yorker , the discs accompanying The Complete New Yorker, The search feature on the’s site, and where applicable, obituaries, usually in The New York Times. In some cases, the cartoonists themselves have supplied the date. The New Yorker’s library has also supplied information, and/or confirmation.

For biographical information: In many cases the cartoonists themselves have supplied this information to me. Other sources include obituaries in The New York Times ( and elsewhere), and numerous cartoon anthologies which contain biographical information. Among the most helpful: Colliers Collects Its Wits (Harcourt, Brace & Co., 1941), Meet The Artist (M.H. deYoung Memorial Museum, 1943) The World Encyclopedia of Cartoons (Chelsea House, 1980), The Best Cartoons of The Year 1943, Crown Publishers, 1943), The National Cartoonists Society Album 1996 ( NCS, 1996). I’ve also relied on biographical information from individual websites operated by cartoonists. As above, The New Yorker’s library has in some cases supplied, and/or confirmed information.

Entries in red with this icon attached are members of the One Club. That is, their work appeared just once in The New Yorker. Membership is limited to cartoonists whose work has not appeared in the magazine in 30 or more years. To read a little more on this exclusive club please visit the entry “Just Once” in the Posted Notes section. Scroll down to March 31, 2008.

More Housekeeping: the date given for when an artist began contributing to The New Yorker refers to when their work began appearing in the print magazine. If an artist was contributing solely to a (i.e., online) feature for weeks, months, or years before being published in the magazine, that beginning date is not given.

The Spill’s New Yorker Cartoonists A-Z

Pat Achilles (above. Photo courtesy of the artist). New Yorker work: October 1, 2018 –. Website.

Jon Adams (above. Photo courtesy of the artist). New Yorker work: October 2, 2017 –. Website:

Lucas Adams New Yorker work: July 20, 2020 —

Charles Addams (Born in Westfield, New Jersey, January 7, 1912. Died September 29, 1988, New York City. New Yorker work: 1932 – 1988 * the New Yorker has published his work posthumously. One of the giants of The New Yorker’s stable of artists. Key cartoon collections: While all of Addams’ collections are worthwhile, here are three that are particular favorites; Homebodies (Simon & Schuster, 1954), The Groaning Board (Simon & Schuster, 1964), Creature Comforts (Simon & Schuster, 1981). In 1991 Knopf published The World of Chas Addams, a retrospective collection. A biography, Charles Addams: A Cartoonist’s Life, by Linda Davis, was published in 2006 by Random House. Visit the Addams Foundation website for far more information :




Jon Agee New Yorker work: Three drawings: Sept. 18, 1995, Nov. 6, 1995, April 7, 1997. Website:

Sarah Akinterinwa New Yorker work: August 24, 2020 –.


Daniel Alain Born Daniel Brustlein in Alsatian town of Mulhouse, 1904. Died in Paris, July 14, 1996. New Yorker work: 1931 -1965. Key collection: Alain’s Steeplechase ( Simon & Schuster, 1957). Mr. Brustlein’s Wikipedia entry:


Constantin Alajalov Born Constantin Aladjalov, 1900, Rostov-on-the-Don, Russia. Died Oct., 1987, Amenia, New York. New Yorker work: !926 -1960. Perhaps best known for his New Yorker covers ( he also supplied cover art to other publications). Key collection: Conversation Pieces (The Studio Publications Inc., 1942) w/ commentary by Janet Flanner. A profile from The Saturday Evening Post:

Emma Allen (above). Born, New York City. Ms. Allen is the current cartoon editor of The New Yorker, appointed by the magazine’s editor, David Remnick in May of 2017. Like one of her predecessors, James Geraghty, (who served as art editor from 1939 through 1973) she is not a cartoonist, and like Mr. Geraghty she came to the job with a humor background, editing the New Yorker’s Daily Shouts. She began at The New Yorker as an assistant to articles editor, Susan Morrison, before editing and sometimes contributing pieces to The Talk of The Town. Ms. Allen’s New Yorker contributors profile:




Kendra Allenby above courtesy of the artist). Born, New Jersey, 1987. Kendra is also a storyboard artist; she lives in Brooklyn, NY. New Yorker work: August 22, 2016 –. Website:



Edward H. Allison New Yorker work: one drawing, Jan. 24, 2000


Gideon Amichay ( photo above courtesy of Mr. Amichay) New Yorker work: January 16, 1995 – . Website:

C.W. Anderson ( above) Born, Wahoo, Nebraska, 1891. Died 1971. New Yorker work: Dec. 26, 1926 – July 1, 1933. Anderson went on to author the popular Billy and Blaze books for young readers.


George Annand (above) New Yorker work: One drawing, July 12, 1952. Born, June 9, 1890, Croswell, Michigan. Died, September, 1980. More info


Henry Anton (see Steig, Henry Anton). Born, 1906. Died, 1973. New Yorker work (cartoons and fiction): October 22, 1932 –May 10, 1941. Brother of William Steig.


Ed Arno (photo above, NYC, 1984) Born July 17, 1916 in Czernowitz (Austro-Hungarian monarchy), died, NY, 2008. New Yorker work: 1969 – 2008. Collection: Ed Arno’s Most Wanted ( Turtle Point Press, 1998).

Peter Arno (Pictured above. Source: Look, 1938) Born Curtis Arnoux Peters, Jr., January 8, 1904, New York City. Died February 22, 1968, Port Chester, NY. New Yorker work: 1925 -1968. Key collection: Ladies & Gentlemen (Simon & Schuster, 1951) The Foreword is by Arno. For far more on Arno please check out my biography of him, Peter Arno: The Mad Mad World of The New Yorker’s Greatest Cartoonist (Regan Arts, 2016).


Andrea Arroyo (pictured above) New Yorker work: October 26, 1992 -.

Jose Arroyo New Yorker work: April 28, 2008 – .

Jose Aruego (above) New Yorker work: one drawing, January 9, 1971. Born in the Philippines, 1932. Died, New York, August 9, 2012. More info




Niculae Asciu (above) Born April 5, 1942, Cerna Voda, Romania. Died, March 3, 2013, Queens, New York. New Yorker work: 3 covers and 23 cartoons from 1974 thru 1990. See his New York Times obit (March 17, 2013) for more information.


Lila Ash New Yorker work: December 10, 2018 –. Website.

T. K. Atherton Born 1952, Chicago. New Yorker work: 1980 -.

Kasia Babis New Yorker work: May 20, 2019 —

Aaron Bacall (self portrait, above, courtesy of Mr. Bacall) Born, 1939. Died, June 9, 2015. New Yorker work: one drawing, Oct 20, 1997.




Tom Bachtell Mr. Bachtell’ s caricatures and drawings appear regularly in the New Yorker’s Talk of the Town section. New Yorker work: November 18, 2004 – . Website:



Peggy Bacon ( Self portrait above from Faces & Facts, 1937) Born May 2, 1895, Ridgefield, Ct.. Died January 4, 1987, Kennebunk, Maine. New Yorker work: 1927 -1950, included poetry, and fiction as well as cartoons. Key collection: Off With Their Heads! (Robert M. McBride & Co. 1934).


Howard Baer (photo above from Esquire Cartoon Album, 1957) Born 1906, Finleyville, Pa.. Died, New York, 1986. New Yorker work: 1933 -1937

Bruce Bairnsfather (photo above) New Yorker work: 1929 – 1931. Mark Warby’s site dedicated to Bairnsfather’s career:

Ernest Hamlin Baker New Yorker work: one drawing, June 25, 1927. Born, Essex, New York, 1889. Died, Norton, Massachusetts, November 17, 1975. According to a website devoted to his work he is sometimes referred to as the “Father of Time Magazine portraiture” having produced over 300 for that magazine. More info.

Cyrus Baldridge (self portrait above).Born, 1899. Died, 1977. New Yorker work: one drawing, November 10, 1951. An exhibition of his work was held by The University of Chicago in 2016. For more information go here to their site, and scroll down.

Perry Barlow ( photo above from Born 1892, McKinney, Texas. Died, Westport, Connecticut, December 26,1977. NYer work: 1926 -1974, with 1,574 drawings and 135 covers. According to Barlow’s obit in The New York Times (Dec. 27, 1977) William Shawn called him “one of the gentlest and most humane of all comic artists…he was also one of our three or four most prolific people.” In the same piece, James Geraghty (The New Yorker’s Art editor from 1939 thru 1973) said “he often tried to interest Mr. Barlow in publishing a book of his drawings ‘but he was halfhearted about it.'” Mr. Barlow’s wife, Dorothy Hope Smith, played a role in his work: she colored-in his covers because her husband was partly color blind.

Bob Barnes New Yorker work: 1 drawing: March 6, 1948

H. Barnes New Yorker work: 1 drawing: February 2, 1929

Becky Barnicoat New Yorker work: April 22, 2019 –.

Mat Barton & Adam Cooper. Mat Barton: Born, October 19, 1980; Adam Cooper, born December 30, 1981. Known collectively as “CAB”. NYer work: October 6, 2014 –. Website:

Charles Barsotti (photo above) Born, San Marcos, Texas, September 28, 1933. Died, Kansas City, Mo., June 16, 2014. Mr. Barsotti was briefly the cartoon editor of The Saturday Evening Post (from 1968 until its demise in 1969). The New York Times review of his 1981 collection “Kings Don’t Carry Money” led with the following:”Thurber lives, in Kansas City under the name of Charles Barsotti.” His deceptively simple line drawings of pups and kings, and businessmen have been a presence in The New Yorker for over fifty years. It is likely that Mr. Barsotti is the only New Yorker cartoonist to have ever run for Congress (an unsuccessful bid, in 1972, in Kansas). New Yorker work: 1962 – . Key collections: Kings Don’t Carry Money (Dodd, Mead, 1981), and The Essential Charles Barsotti, Compiled and Edited by Lee Lorenz (Workman, 1998). Website:

Link to Ink Spill’s Charles Barsotti appreciation


Ralph Barton (photo above) Born August 14, 1891, Kansas City, Mo. Committed suicide on May 2oth, 1931 in NYC. New Yorker work: 3rd issue of The New Yorker, March 7th 1925 — May 23, 1931. Key book: Ralph Barton: The Last Dandy (University of Missouri Press, 1991) by
Bruce Kellner

Donna Barstow New Yorker work: March 17, 2003 — .




Donald Barthelme Born, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1931. died, Houston, Texas, 1989. NYer work (cartoons): a four page spread, January 12, 1976. Link to the University of Texas at Dallas Barthelme bio


H.M. Bateman (above) Born, Sutton Forest, New South Wales, Australia, February 15, 1887. Died, 1970. New Yorker work: one (full page) drawing, October 13, 1928





Ross Bateup (above) New Yorker work (four drawings): 1971 -1973. Bio:

Roland Baum (above. Photograph courtesy of the Baum family). Born, 1905. Died, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1972. NYer work: four drawings: July 13, 1929, August 30, 1930, October 18, 1930, and June 25, 1932





Glen Baxter New Yorker work: May 8, 1989 – . For much much more on Mr. Baxter, visit his website:





Ben Hur Baz Born in Mexico, 1906. Died, 2003. Primarily known for his pin-up girl work, much of which appeared in Esquire. New Yorker work: 1928 -1929.


Kate Beaton New Yorker work: June 7, 2010 -. See Wikipedia for a bio.


Franklin (Frank) Beaven (self-portrait above, from Colliers Collects Its Wits, 1941) Born, Lebanon, Indiana, c. 1905. Died, Allendale, New Jersey, 1975. NYer work: May 20, 1933 – March 2, 1946. Beaven also wrote articles for the old Life , and Judge. Besides The New Yorker, his cartoons appeared in Colliers, The Saturday Evening Post, Country Gentleman, and others.

Suzy Becker: New Yorker work: May 25, 2020 —

Darrin Bell Born: Los Angeles, California. January 27, 1975. New Yorker work: March 7, 2016 –. Website:




Ludwig Bemelmans (above) Born, April 27, 1898. Died, October 1, 1962. New Yorker work: contributed six cartoons and thirty-two covers as well written pieces in a New Yorker career that began in October of 1937 and lasted until August 1962. He achieved lasting fame with his Madeline childrens books.

Keith Bendis (above) New Yorker work: August 23, 2004 -. Website:

Nora Benjamin (above) Born, New York City, January 4, 1899. Died, Connecticut, September 8, 1988. New Yorker work: Five drawings between May 12, 1928 – April 12, 1930. More info.

Jim Benton New Yorker work: March 6, 2017 —

Bill Berg Born, Tacoma, Washington, 1918. Died March 2. 2002, San Juan Capistrano, California. Mr. Berg was primarily a Disney Studio artist. Read his L.A. Times obit here. New Yorker work: one drawing, January 26, 1946.

Erik Bergstrom New Yorker work: one cartoon February 6, 2012.

Julia Bernhard New Yorker work: January 1, 2018 –.

Emily Bernstein New Yorker work: July 1. 2019 –.

Oren Bernstein New Yorker work: May 18, 2020 –.




Mike Berry (above, from Mike Lynch’s blog) New Yorker work: five drawings: September 7, 1935 — March 23, 1940

Daniel Beyer Born, June 4, 1968, Elkhorn, Wisconsin. New Yorker work: August 25, 2008 – .

Michael Biddle New Yorker work: three drawings, September 30, 1961, November 4, 1961, February 24, 1962.




Reginald Birch (above) Born, May 2, 1856, London, England. Died, June 17, 1943, Bronx, New York. A founding member of The Society of Illustrators, Birch came to prominence with his illustrations for Frances Hodgson Burnett’s 1886 “Little Lord Fauntleroy.” A book celebrating his long career “Reginald Birch — His Book” was published in 1938 by Harcourt, Brace & Co. According to his New York Times obit (June 18, 1943) his work appeared in nearly 200 publications . New Yorker work: one drawing, November 17, 1928


Cyril Kenneth Bird  Born, London, December 17, 1887. Died, 1965. NYer work: 1 cartoon, March 28, 1925. Known professionally under the name Fougasse, Bird became art editor of Punch in 1937, and assumed the title of editor in 1949. Key book: The Good-Tempered Pencil, A Survey of Modern British and American Humorous Art (Max Reinhardt, 1956).


Abe Birnbaum (above) Born, New York City, 1899. Died June 19, 1966, New York City. New Yorker work: 1929 -1974. Mr. Birnbaum began at the New Yorker as a cartoonist, contributing a handful before switching to cover work, of which he produced 141. He also provided spot drawings and illustrations. According to Mr. Birnbaum’s New York Times obit, his work was exhibited at The Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Carnegie Institute.


Ellie Black New Yorker work: February 11, 2019 –. Website.

Mahlon Blaine (his self portrait above, 1928) Born 1894, died 1969 (?). NYer work: three drawings, March 20 1926, May 15, 1926 & June 26 1926 Link to more about Mr. Blaine:

R.O. Blechman (photo: Hillsdale, NY, 2017. photo by Elwood Smith ). Born, New York, 1930. New Yorker work: Mr. Blechman is, among many other editorial and commercial pursuits, a cover artist for The New Yorker, with his first appearing on the issue of April 29, 1974. His last cover, titled “Eustacia Tilley” appeared on the magazine’s anniversary issue of February 26, 1996. It was inspired by the magazine’s inaugural issue featuring Eustace Tilley. Website:

Harry Bliss New Yorker work: Jan. 5, 1998 – .Website:




Barry Blitt Born in Montreal. New Yorker work: January 10, 1994 -. His first contribution to the magazine was a cover, one of many to come for the magazine. His cover, “Politics of Fear” for the issue of July 21, 2008 was and remains a cause celebre. His first cartoon appeared December 18, 2006. Website: Mr. Blitt’s Wikipedia entry (with personal and professional history).


A. Bloomberg New Yorker work: 1 drawing, September 20, 1930


Victor Bobritsky (Vladimir Bobri) Born, May 13, 1898. Died, Rosendale, New York, November 3, 1986. New Yorker work: one drawing, May 15, 1926. Seven covers. Link to his Wikipedia entry.


Simon Bond Born, August 19, 1947, New York City; Died: June 22, 2011, Northamptonshire, England. New Yorker work, five drawings, August 6, 1979 through April 25, 1988 . Key collection: 101 Uses For a Dead Cat ( Three Rivers Press, 1988)

George Booth (photo above taken in NYC 2016, courtesy of Liza Donnelly) Born June 28, 1926, Cainesville, MO. New Yorker work: June 14, 1969 – . Key collections: Think Good Thoughts About A Pussycat (Dodd, Mead, 1975), Rehearsal’s Off! (Dodd, Mead, 1976), Omnibooth: The Best of George Booth ( Congdon & Weed, 1984), The Essential George Booth, Compiled and Edited by Lee Lorenz ( Workman, 1998).




David Borchart (above) Born, St. Louis, Mo. February 7, 1956. New Yorker work: September 24, 2007 -. Website


Douglas Borgstedt Born, January 3, 1911. Died, February 6, 2001. New Yorker work: 1937 -1943.


Brooke Bourgeois (above) New Yorker work: April 15, 2019 –.

Herb Breneman New Yorker work: one drawing, June 22, 1929

Wayne Bressler New Yorker work: September 24, 1990 –.

Robert “Buck” Brown Born, Morrison, Tennessee, February 3, 1936; Died, July 2, 2007. Chicago. NYer work: 1 drawing: August 19, 1996. Known primarily for his work in Playboy, his association with that magazine began in 1961. A biography:

M.K. Brown Born in Connecticut. New Yorker work: July 13, 1998 – .

Johan Bull (photograph above, dated 1934, courtesy of the Bull family) Born c. 1894, Oslo. Died Stowe, Vermont, Sept. 1945. New Yorker work (cartoons): July 4, 1925 – Oct. 22, 1927 *his NYTs obit says he contributed to The New Yorker until 1930, perhaps the last three years he contributed spot drawings(?)

Gilbert Bundy Born, Centralia, Illinois, 1911. Died, 1955. New Yorker work: 1932 -1937.

Loy Byrnes Born, !906, Jersey City, New Jersey. Died, November 20, 1945, New York City. More about him by Alex Jay on the Stripper’s Guide. New Yorker work: one drawing, September 14, 1929.




Pat Byrnes New Yorker work: 1998 – . Website:


CAB See Mat Barton & Adam Cooper





John Caldwell Born, Cohoes, NY, 1946. Died, 2016. New Yorker work: 1999 – 2002 . Read the Ink Spill Appreciation of Mr. Caldwell here. Website:

Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell New Yorker work: November 20, 2017 —


E. Simms Campbell (photo above) Born, 1906. Died, 1971. New Yorker work: 1932 -1942. Key collections: Cuties in Arms (1943) – the earliest published collection of cartoons by an African-American cartoonist); More Cuties in Arms (also 1943); and Chorus of Cuties (1953)

Jerry Capa NYer work: one drawing, April 26, 1976

D. T. Carlisle NYer work: one drawing, July 23, 1938

Joseph R. Carroll Born June 7, 1919, New York City. Died, December 30, 2010. NYer work: one drawing, January 16, 1984. Mr. Carroll began working at the New Yorker in 1936, eventually rising to become Editorial Production Director, responsible for laying out every issue of the magazine. He also oversaw production of numerous New Yorker Albums (the magazine’s cartoon collections).

Caitlin Cass (above) New Yorker work: August 27, 2018 –. Website:

Chris Cater New Yorker work: August 18, 2014 –.

H.H. Caviedes New Yorker work: one drawing, May 28, 1938

Robert Censoni New Yorker work: February 16, 1963 – August 26, 1972.

Oscar Cesare (self portrait above) Born, Linkoping, Sweden, October 7, 1883. Died, July 25, 1948, Stamford, Connecticut. His Wikipedia page has lots more info. New Yorker work: 1 drawing, April 11, 1925


Tom Chalkley New Yorker work: February 1, 1999 – . Website:

P. Chapman New Yorker work: one drawing, April 10, 1926

H. M. Charleton New Yorker work: December 21, 1929

Roz Chast (pictured above. Photo by Bill Franzen) Born, Brooklyn, NY. New Yorker work: 1978 – . Key collections: Unscientific Americans (Dolphin/Doubleday, 1982), Theories of Everything ( Bloomsbury, 2006) Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?: A Memoir (Bloomsbury, 2014). Website:



Jason Chatfield (above) Born, Perth, Australia, 1984. New Yorker work: July 10, 2017 — . Website:





Tom Cheney (self portrait, above) Born 1954, Norfolk, Virginia. New Yorker work: 1978 – Wikipedia link:



Alice Cheng New Yorker work: February 7, 2017 —

David Christianson New Yorker work: 1975 -1978.

Tom Chitty (pictured above) New Yorker work: October 13, 2014 –. Website:

Robert Churchill New Yorker work: five drawings between 1949 & 1952

Richard Cline (photo above, NYC, 1984) New Yorker work: 1981 -.

Roger Clouse New Yorker work: one drawing, May 10, 1958

Sam Cobean (pictured above. Source: Sam Cobean’s World. See link to site below) Born, December 28, 1913, Gettysburgh, Penn. Died, July 2, 1951, Watkins Glen, New York. NYer work: 1944 -1951. Collections: Cobean’s Naked Eye (Harper Bros.,1950), the Cartoons of Cobean (Harper & Bros.,1952). Cobean’s Estate set up a terrific website in his honor. It includes a lengthy biography, with photographs, as well as a detailed listing of all Cobean’s published work. Website: Sam Cobean’s World

Lloyd Coe Born, Edgartown, Massachusetts, 1899. Died, Glouster, Massachusetts, October, 1976. According to his obit in the New York Times (October 12, 1976) Mr. Coe “illustrated more than 40 books for teenagers, mostly on American history.” NYer work: one drawing, May 18, 1935

Jonny Cohen New Yorker work: Nov. 11, 2002 – .

Mr. Colby New Yorker work: one drawing, June 13, 1936

Nate Collier New Yorker work: 1 drawing, March 14, 1925. A profile here on the Stripper’s Guide.

Raul Colon New Yorker work: one drawing, June 11, 1938

Lydia Conklin New Yorker work : June 10, 2019–

J.S. Cook New Yorker work: two drawings, April 30, 1927 & May 28, 1927

Adam Cooper (with Mat Baron) New Yorker work: October 6, 2014 –.

John Corcoran New Yorker work; 1967 –.




Jon Cornin aka Corka (self portrait from Best Cartoons: 1945). Born NYC, March 24, 1905. Died March 12, 1992, Oakland California. According to the self-penned(?) bio in Best Cartoons , Cornin and his wife Zena Kavin worked as a team. New Yorker work: seven drawings, October 27, 1951 through March 24, 1956.

Frank Cotham Born 1948, Jacksonville, Florida. New Yorker work: 1993 –.





Miguel Covarrubias Born, 1904, Mexico City, Mexico. Died, February 4, 1957, Mexico City. New Yorker work: 1925 — 2nd issue through June of ’25. More information.


Dave Coverly New Yorker work: April 23, 2007 -.


A. Cramer New Yorker work: 2 drawings. September 27, 1947/ July 19, 1952.




Michael Crawford Born, Oswego, NY., 1941. Died, July 12, 2016, Kingston, NY. New Yorker work: 1984 – 2016 . Ink Spill’s Appreciation. at the moment). Mr. Crawford Edited and wrote the Introduction to The New Yorker Book of Baseball Cartoons.

Aline Kominsky-Crumb New Yorker work: 1998 – .

R. Crumb New Yorker work: 1994 – . Website:

Leo Cullum (photo above, NYC, 1997) Born January 11, 1942. Died, October 23, 2010, Los Angeles, Ca. New Yorker work: 1976 -2010. See the New York Times obit, as well as the Ink Spill appreciation, Oct 25, 2010.

John Cuneo Born January 4, 1957, New Jersey. New Yorker work: Mr. Cuneo is primarily a New Yorker cover artist. A recent collection of his work: Not Waving But Drawing: Dark Thoughts Lightly Rendered was published in 2017 by Fantagraphics. Website:

Kate Curtis New Yorker work: January 25, 2016 –.

Maddie Dai New Yorker work: June 5, 2017 –. Website:

Gregory d’Alessio (Photo above from College Humor, 1938) Born Sept. 25, 1904, NYC. New Yorker work: 1934 -1940.

Chad Darbyshire aka C. Covert Darbyshire (photo above) New Yorker work: July 2, 2001 -.

Whitney Darrow, Jr. (photo above) Born August 22, 1909, Princeton, NJ. Died August, 1999, Burlington, Vermont. New Yorker work: 1933 -1982. Quote (Darrow writing of himself in the third person): …in 1931 he moved to New York City, undecided between law school and doing cartoons as a profession. The fact that the [New Yorker’s] magazine offices were only a few blocks away decided him…” (Quote from catalogue, Meet the Artist, 1943)

Jeanne Darst ( photo above courtesy of Ms. Darst) NYer work: September 8, 2014 — Ms. Darst’s first drawing in the magazine is co-credited with Andrew Swift. Website:





Joe Dator (above) New Yorker work: August 28, 2006 — . Website:





James Daugherty ( aka Jimmie-the-Ink) (above) Born, Ashville, North Carolina, 1890. Died, February 21, 1974, Boston, Mass. According to his NYTs obit (Feb 22, 1974) Daugherty was “an early nonobjective artist of the synchromist school, which structured paintings by means of flat planes and discs of brilliant colors…” He was also an acclaimed children’s book author, who received The Newberry Medal in 1940 for his book “Daniel Boone”. He contributed 19 drawings and two covers to The New Yorker, from August 1, 1925 through April 10, 1926. More information:

Sal Davenport New Yorker work: one drawing, May 23, 1931

Baron Davis New Yorker work; 3 drawings: Sept 11, 1937 / Jan 8, 1938 / Dec 10, 1938

Susan Davis (above) Born, Montclair, New Jersey, 1948. Died, December 20, 1999, Silver Spring, Maryland. New Yorker work: 1982-1983. Ms. Davis was a cover artist for the magazine (The Spill has begun to add artists to the A-Z who solely contributed covers). Her website:


Chon Day (Photo from This Week anthology, 1954; self portrait above from Collier’s Collects Its Wits) Born April 6, 1907, Chatham , NJ. Died January 1, 2000, Rhode Island. New Yorker work: 1931 – 1998. Collection: I Could Be Dreaming (Robert M. McBride & Co., 1945)

Robert Day (photo from This Week anthology, 1954) Born, 1900, San Bernardino, California. Died, February, 1985, Gravette, Arkansas. New Yorker work: 1931 -1976. Collection: All Out For the Sack Race! (Random House, 1945)


Abner Dean Born, New York City, March 18, 1910. Died, June 30, 1982, NYC. According to his New York Times obit (July 1, 1982) Dean “started his career at the National Academy of Design and went to Dartmouth College, where he graduated in 1931.” He published numerous collections of his work, including It’s A Long Way to Heaven (Farrar & Rinehart, 1945) and Wake Me When It’s Over (Simon & Schuster, 1955). Although primarily a cover artist for The New Yorker (he contributed five, all in the 1930s), he did publish one drawing in the magazine: January 2, 1960.

Richard Decker (pictured above) Born, Philadelphia, Penn. May 6, 1907. Died, November 1, 1988. NYer work, 1931 – 1969, over 900 drawings, and four covers.

Eldon Dedini ( Pictured above. Source: Esquire Cartoon Album, 1957) Born 1921, King City, Calif. Died Jan.12, 2006, Carmel, Calif. NYer work: 1950 – 2003. Collection: The Dedini Gallery ( Holt, Rhinehart and Winston, 1961)

D’ Egville, Alan Hervey Born, Surbiton, North Surrey, England. 1891. Died 1951. NYer work; one drawing, May 16, 1925

Paul Degen NYer work: June 3, 1974 –.

Adolf Dehn (Born, Minnesota, Nov. 22, 1895; died, New York City, May 19. 1968. Primarily a lithographer, Dehn’s work is said to be collected by 20 museums, including The Smithsonian and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY. NYer work: three drawings, Sept. 6. 1930; June 15, 1935; May 23, 1936. A bio from the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art:



William de la Torre NYer work: Feb 19, 1944 – August 15, 1953

Julian de Miskey Born 1898, died 1976. NYer work: 1925 – 1962. The New Yorker’s database indicates he contributed 82 cartoons and 62 covers. His first published New Yorker piece was a cover for the issue of May 23, 1925. The following information from de Miskey’s bio on the Papillion Gallery site: born in Hungry, came to the United States in 1914. After attending the NYC’s Art Students League, he began contributing to various publications, eventually contributing to the New Yorker in its first year of publication.

Harold Denison Born, 1876. Died, 1940. NYer work: July 31, 1926 – July 25, 1931

Victor De Pauw (Photo above, 1924) Born, Belgium, 1902. Died, 1971. NYer work: 1928 -1948. Photo above from website:


Olivia de Recat New Yorker work: February 5, 2018 — . Website:


Drew Dernavich ( Photo above by Liza Donnelly) NYer work: September 2002 – . Website:

Rodney de Sarro NYer work: 3 drawings, December 11, 1943 – May 13, 1944

Andre De Schaub Born, Petrograd, 1898; Died, February, 1927. NYer work: 5 covers ( Oct. 23, 1926, Nov. 20, 1926, Jan. 22, 1927, April 23, 1927, Dec. 24, 1927) , 1 cartoon (October 16, 1926). His was the very first contributor obituary appearing in The New Yorker. Dated April 23, 1927, it was written by Katharine White.

Matthew Diffee (Photo above by Liza Donnelly, 2007) Born, Denton, Texas, Jan. 7 1970. NYer work: Jan. 18,1999 – . Edited The Rejection Collection: Cartoons You Never Saw, and Never Will See, in The New Yorker. Website:

Johnny DiNapoli New Yorker work: June 6, 2019 — . Website:


Liza Donnelly (pictured above) Born, Washington, D.C. New Yorker work: June 21, 1982 – Key book: Funny Ladies: The New Yorker’s Greatest Women Cartoonists and Their Cartoons (Prometheus, 2005). Edited: Sex & Sensibility: Ten Women Examine the Lunacy of Modern Love…in 200 Cartoons ( Twelve, 2008). Co-authored with Michael Maslin: Husbands & Wives ( Ballantine 1995), Call Me When You Reach Nirvana ( Andrew & McMeel, 1995), Cartoon Marriage ( with Michael Maslin) (Random House, 2009), When Do They Serve the Wine?( Chronicle, 2010). Women On Men (Narrative Library, 2013). Donnelly also wrote and illustrated a popular series of dinosaur books for children ( Dinosaur Day, Dinosaur Beach, Dinosaur Halloween, etc.) all published by Scholastic. She is the CBS News Resident Cartoonist. Website:


John Donohue (above) New Yorker work: October 18, 2004 – . Mr. Donohue a former editor of The New Yorker’s Goings On About Town section, is the author of Man With A Pan, and All the Restaurants In New York. Website:

Joseph Dottino New Yorker work: October 16, 2017 –. Website:

Leonard Dove Born 1906, Great Yarmouth, England. Died, New York City, January , 1972. New Yorker work: Dec. 17, 1927 – Jan. 18, 1964

Nick Downes Born: June 13, 1952, Boston, MA. Collections: Big Science, 1992, AAAS Press, Whatever Happened to “Eureka”?, 1994, Rutgers University Press. New Yorker work: 1998 -.

Boris Drucker (photo above by Liza Donnelly, Washington, D.C., early 1980s) NYer work: 1967 – . Born, Philadelphia, Pa., May 22, 1921; died, Philadelphia, Pa., January, 2009. Key collection: Don’t Pay Any Attention To Him, He’s 90% Water : The Cartooning Career of Boris Drucker ( Syracuse University Press, 2006).

John Drummond NYer work: one cartoon, October 2, 1965. Here’s a link to a fairly good short bio of Mr. Drummond from an upstate New York historical societynewsletter dated 2005.

Steve Duenes NYer work: April 23, 2001 – .



J.C. Duffy (above) New Yorker work: November 9, 1998 –


Gerald Dumas (above, photo from the National Cartoonists Society Album, 1996). Born, Detroit, Michigan, 1930. Died, November 2016. NYer work: August 27, 1960 – July 12, 1976

Alan Dunn (self portrait above from Meet the Artist) Born in Belmar, New Jersey, August 11, 1900, died in New York City, 1975. NYer work: 1926 – 1974 Key collections: Rejections (Knopf, 1931), Who’s Paying For This Cab? (Simon & Schuster, 1945), A Portfolio of Social Cartoons ( Simon & Schuster, 1968). One of the most published New Yorker cartoonists (1,906 cartoons) , Mr. Dunn was married to Mary Petty — together they lived and worked at 12 East 88th Street, where, according to the NYTs, Alan worked “seated in a small chair at a card table, drawing in charcoal and grease pencil.”

Roger Duvoisin (photo above) Born August 28, 1904, Geneva, Switzerland. Died, 1980. Primarily a cover artist for The New Yorker — he published 32 — with five cartoons in a career that began in the issue of February 2, 1935 and lasted until the issue of August 1, 1959. He became most famous as a children’s book author, winning a Caldecott in 1947.

Caroline Dworin Born, London England. NYer work: April 16, 2007 – .

William Dwyer NYer work: two drawings, March 14, 1931, and April 4, 1931. Here’s a short

E. K. Easton NYer work: one drawing, April 27, 1929

Bob Eckstein (photo above courtesy of the artist) Born, New York, NY, Feb. 27 1963. NYer work: July 2007 Author of The History of the Snowman (Simon & Schuster, 2007) and Footnotes From the World’s Greatest Bookstores: True Tales and Lost Moments From Book Buyers, Booksellers, and Book Lovers (Penguin Random House, 2016). New Yorker work: 2007 -. Website:

Isaac Littlejohn Eddy Born April 23, 1979, central Vermont. Eddy’s non-fiction cartoons have appeared in the New York Times online, and Time online. A single panel series “Littlejohn” appears in the Herald of Randolph, an independent weekly Vermont newspaper. He also performs full time as a Blue Man at the Astor Place Theater in NYC. Nyer work: March 8, 2010 – . Website:

Curtis Edwards New Yorker work: September 25, 2017 –. Website:

K.R. Edwards New Yorker work: one drawing, April 3, 1926

E. J. Ellison New Yorker work: one drawing, July 22, 1933




Walter J. Enright (above, photo from The Stripper’s Guide profile of Mr. Enright) Born Chicago, Illinois, 1879, died, Delray Beach, Florida, January, 1969 NYer work: one drawing, September 3, 1927. According to his obit in The New York Times (January 20, 1969), Mr. Enright studied at the Art Institute of Chicago before becoming a cartoonist for The New York Evening World in the 1920s, The New York American in the early 1930s, The Miami Herald from 1933 – 1943 and the Palm Beach Post from 1943 – 1948.

Benita Epstein NYer work: 1999 – . Website:

Eric Ericson Born, February 14, 1914, East Orange, New Jersey. Attended the Art Student’s League; sold his first drawing to Collier’s. NYer work: 22 drawings, June 9, 1945 — January 18, 1958. (biographical source: Best Cartoons of 1943)

Alden Erikson Born November 5, 1928, Waltham, Massachusetts. NYer work: 1983 -.

Rob Esmay NYer work: November 28, 2005 – .

Jaro Fabry Born, 1912, died Yonkers, NY, February, 1952NYer work: one drawing, March 2, 1935. According to his NYTs obit(February 19, 1952), Mr. Fabry attended Yale and later the Art Students League. Key collection: Jaro Fabry: The Art of Fashion, Style, and Hollywood in THe 1930s -1940s

Graham Falk NYer work: 2 drawings: May 31, 1976, April 25, 1983

Joseph Fannel NYer work: 3 drawings, Aug. 29, 1925 / Nov 7, 1925 / Nov 14, 1925

Mitra Farmand (picture above) NYer work: June 22, 2015 –.

Joseph Farris ( photo above by Liza Donnelly, NYC, 1997) Born May 30, 1924, Newark, NJ. Died January 28, 2015, Bethel, Connecticut. New Yorker work: 1956 – 2010. Collections include: Just A Cog In The Wheel ( Bob Adams, Inc., 1989). Special mention: Mr. Farris’s memoir, A Soldier’s Sketchbook (National Geographic, 2012)




Nancy Fay (above) Born Mabel Augusta Brigg, Homer, New York, 1893. Died, c.1930, France. New Yorker work: July 7, 1928 – June 27,1931.

Jules Feiffer New Yorker work: 1992 – Website:

Rich Feldmann New Yorker work: one cartoon February 6, 2012.

Alan Ferguson New Yorker work: 1 drawing, February 14, 1942.

Alberto Fermuro New Yorker work: two drawings: August 13, 1960 & September 24, 1960.

Tadhg Ferry (above) New Yorker work: September 19, 2016–.




Michael ffolkes (above) Born Brian Davis, London, c.1925. Died, London, 1988. New Yorker work: 10 drawings from February 26, 1979 – June 8, 1987. According to his NYTs obit (Oct.26, 1988), Ffolkes “chose the pseudonym…out of Burke’s Peerage, telling colleagues with typical wryness that it connoted illegitimacy.”

Liana Finck ( Pictured above. Photo: John Madere) Born in 1986. Studied at Cooper Union College, 2004 – 2008. Fulbright Fellowship to Brussels, 2009. Her graphic novel A Bintel Brief was published by Ecco Press in the winter of 2013. New Yorker work: February 25, 2013 -. Website.

Ed Fisher ( Pictured above, mid 1980s. Photograph by Liza Donnelly) Born, Bronx, New York, October 24,1926. Died, 2013. New Yorker work: 1951 – 2000. Key collections: Ed Fisher’s First Folio (Macmillan, 1959), Ed Fisher’s Domesday Book ( St. Martin’s, 1961)




Emily Flake (above) New Yorker work: September 15, 2008 – . Website


Seth Fleishman New Yorker work: April 4, 2016 –.

Floherty, Jr. New Yorker work: 4 drawings, between April 18, 1931 – Feb. 9, 1935.

Douglas Florian Born, New York City, 1955. First published cartoons and covers in The New Yorker in 1977. He has also created more than fifty children’s books including the national bestseller insectlopedia (Harcourt, 1998), Comets, Stars, the Moon, and Mars (Harcourt, 2007), Dinothesaurus (Simon & Schuster, 2009), and Poetrees (Simon & Schuster, 2010). His abstract paintings have been exhibited at many galleries and museums. NYer work: 1977- .Website: Blog:

Evan Forsch NYer work: Oct. 30, 2006 -. Website:

Fougasse see Bird, Cyril Kenneth

Dana Fradon (photo: 1978). Born, Chicago, Illinois, 1922. Died, October 3, 2019, Woodstock, NY. Studied at the Art Institute of Chicago prior to service in the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II. Following his service, he attended the Art Students League of New York, New Yorker work: May 1, 1948 – April 21, 2003. Collection: Insincerely Yours (Scribners, 1978) To read Ink Spill’s 2013 interview with Mr. Fradon, “Harold Ross’s Last Cartoonist” link here.



Arnoldo Franchioni (pictured above) Born Buenos Aires, 1928. Died, November, 2012. New Yorker work: two drawings, April 4, 1994 & May 27, 1996.




Ed Frascino (above) Born, Bronx, NY. (“near the zoo”). New Yorker work: 1965 – . Collection: Avocado Is Not Your Color and Other Scenes of Married Bliss ( Penguin Books, 1983)


Andre Francois (photo: 1978) Birth/death information from his New York Times obit of April 15, 2005: Born Andre Farkas, 1915, Timisoara. Died, April, 2005, Grisy-les-Platres, France.

Known primarily for his New Yorker covers, of which there were 54, he also contributed two illustrations (his illustration of May 7, 2001, accompanying an article on mussels was his last published piece in the New Yorker). He also contributed one drawing. It appeared in the issue of December 19, 1964.



Ian Frazier (above) Born 1951, Cleveland, Ohio. New Yorker work (cartoons) : 1978 -.

Margaret Freeman NYer work: one drawing, February 18, 1928


Andy Friedman aka Larry Hat. New Yorker work: April 23, 2001 -. Mr. Friedman was also at one time an assistant in the magazine’s cartoon department. Website:

Al Frueh (pictured above) Born, Lima, Ohio 1880; died, Sharon, Connecticut, 1968. NYer work: 1925 – 1962. Here’s a good piece about Mr. Frueh’s life.

Tom Funk (photo above) NYer work: 1 drawing, July 20, 1946. Though Mr. Funk had only one cartoon published in The New Yorker, and thus a shoe-in for the One Club, went on to contribute illustrations and seemingly hundreds of spot drawings to the magazine.

J.H. Fyfe NYer work: eighteen drawings from January 15, 1927 through October 13, 1928.

W.C. Galbraith NYer work: 1929 – 1940.

D.W. Gale NYer work: one drawing, April 23, 1927

Felipe Galindo (above) Born, Cuernavaca, Mexico. Mr. Galindo uses “Feggo” as his professional name. NYer work: October 28, 2002 – . Website:

Robert Gallivan (pictured above. Photograph courtesy of his sister, Mary Gallivan) Born, Chicago, illinois, March 13, 1914. Died, December 19, 2009, age 95. Attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts before beginning a long career contributing to such magazines as The Saturday Evening Post, Colliers, American Boy, and Esquire. NYer work: July 20, 1940 – May 4, 1946. For a fuller bio go to:

P.G. Garetto New Yorker work: one drawing. September 3, 1938.


Eli Garson NYer work: August 12, 1933 – August 17, 1940

Mary Gauerke (photo above) Died, 1989. According to a March 21, 2020 piece in the Finger Lake Times by John Marks, Ms. Gauerke was published in numerous magazines and newspapers, including The National Review, Gourmet, The Wall Street Journal, Family Circle, The New York Times, True, and Playboy. New Yorker work: three drawings: November 17, 1956 / April 13, 1963 / October 16, 1965. The article also states that Ms. Gaurerke provided cartoon ideas to The New Yorker before seeing her first drawing in print there.

Arthur Geisert New Yorker work: September 19, 2005 – .

Thurston Gentry Born, Dallas, Texas, 1905. (Photograph, above, of Mr. Gentry courtesy of his family; self portrait, above, from Colliers Collects Its Wits) NYer work: one drawing, December 4, 1937. Ink Spill post on Gentry, with additional biographical information


James Geraghty * (photo: Geraghty in his office at The New Yorker, 25 West 43rd St., 1948. Used with permission of Sarah Geraghty Herndon). Born Spokane, Washington, 1904. died Venice, Florida, January, 1983. While not a cartoonist, Geraghty’s contribution to the art of the New Yorker was substantial. He contributed material to cartoonists before and during his association with The New Yorker, where he served as art editor from 1939 until 1973, when the title passed to Lee Lorenz. In Geraghty’s NYTs obit (Jan 20, 1983), William Shawn said: “Along with Harold Ross, who was the first editor of the magazine, Geraghty set the magazine’s comic art on its course and he helped determine the direction in which the comic art would go and is still going.”


Mort Gerberg (above) Born, March 11, 1931, New York, NY. New Yorker work: April 10, 1965 – . Co-edited, with Ron Wolin & Ed Fisher, The Art in Cartooning: Seventy-five Years of American Magazine Cartoons ( Charles Scribner & Son, 1975). Essential reading… Mort Gerberg On The Scene: A 50-Year Cartoon Chronicle (Fantagraphics, 2019).

Arthur Getz Born, Passaic, New Jersey, 1913; died, 1996. NYer work: 1938 -1988. Primarily a cover artist, he had one cartoon published: March 15, 1958. (You might say his career was a mirror image of George Price’s, who was one of the most prolific cartoonists, with over 1200 published, and one cover). According to the official Getz website, he was the most prolific of all New Yorker cover artists, having 213 appear during the fifty years he contributed to the magazine. The official Getz website, containing his biography:

Mary Gibson (self portrait above from Best Cartoons of the Year 1947) New Yorker work: eight drawings, June 26, 1943 – April 29 1950

Mimi Gnoli New Yorker work: June 15, 1992 –. Six drawings, with the last published April 26, 1993.

Heidi Goennel 16 New Yorker covers: February 15, 1982 — April 6, 1992.

Herbert Goldberg New Yorker work: August 29, 1953 – June 28, 1979

Walter Goldstein New Yorker work: 2 drawings: 1 in May 22, 1948 ; 1 in Nov. 8, 1952.

Jake Goldwasser New Yorker work: October 13, 2014 —

Bud Grace Born 1945 Chester, Pennsylvania. . NYer work: 1 drawing, March 1, 1982

Martha Gradisher New Yorker work: 2006 – .

Alex S. Graham (above) Born, Glasgow, Scotland, 1917; died, Dec.3, 1991. Graham was responsible for a single panel series called “The Eavesdropper” —a man overhears passersby conversation and imagines something (in a thought bubble) most likely entirely unrelated to the conversation. Very funny. NYer work: 15 drawings, 1953-1961. See his Wikipedia entry for more information.

Greasley New Yorker work: one drawing, January 8, 1927

Gerald Green Born 1928, Omaha, Nebraska. New Yorker work: 2 drawings: January 23, 1937, March 13, 1937.

William Green New Yorker work: one drawing, August 14, 1937

Yael Green New Yorker work: October 14, 2019 –.

Alex Gregory New Yorker work: 1999 – .

William Gropper (Self portrait, above from The Business of Cartooning, 1939) Born, December 3, 1897, NYC. Died, January 6, 1977, Manhasset, NY. 1 drawing, April 11, 1942. Quote:”I owe a great deal to the east side of New York. I was hit on the head with a rock in a gangfight…that’s how I became an artist.” [Quote from catalogue, Meet the Artist, 1943]. For a brief bio of Gropper “the workingman’s protector” visit:

Milton Gross (photo above) Born March 4, 1895, Bronx, NY. Died, November 28, 1953. NYer work: one drawing, March 30, 1929. Milt Gross’ papers at UCLA:

Sam Gross Born 1933, Bronx, NY. New Yorker work: August 23, 1969 -. Other than his work in The New Yorker Gross is probably best known for his work in National Lampoon. He’s edited a large number of collections, including Dogs Dogs Dogs, Cats Cats Cats, Food Food Food: A Feast of Great Cartoons (originally published as All You Can Eat: A Feast of Great Cartoons); Golf Golf Golf, Ho! Ho! Ho!, Movies Movies Movies. Key collections: I Am Blind and My Dog is Dead (Avon, 1978), An Elephant is Soft and Mushy (Avon, 1982)

Robert Grossman New Yorker work: 1962 – . Mr. Grossman was, at one time, an assistant to the New Yorker’s art editor, James Geraghty. Website:

John Groth ( Self portrait above, from The Business of Cartooning, 1939 ) NYer work: 1940 -1945.

Pia Guerra (above) New Yorker work: December 18, 2017 –. Website:

Tom Hachtman Born, Rockville Centre, New York. New Yorker work: December 13, 1993 – . More information:

William Haefeli Born, 1953, Philadelphia, Pa. NYer work: 1998 – .

Harry W. Haenigsen Born July 14, 1901/ or 1900, New York City, died May 29, 1991, Warminster, Penn. NYer work: 1931-1939

Kaamran Hafeez (photo courtesy of Mr. Hafeez) Following a Bachelor’s degree in music from the University of British Columbia in 1991, Mr. Hafeez moved to New York to study visual arts. After a year at Parson’s School of Design, he transferred to the architecture program at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and while there, wrote and illustrated the editorial cartoon for the university’s newspaper, The Michigan Daily. Kaamran’s cartoons have been published in The New Yorker, Barron’s, Reader’s Digest, Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, Saturday Evening Post, and Medical Economics. New Yorker work: 2010 –. website:

Tim Hamilton (above, photo courtesy of Mr. Hamilton) New Yorker work: February 1, 2016 –. website:

Tom Hamilton: New Yorker work: October 5, 2015 –.

William Hamilton (above) Born 1939, Palo Alto, Ca. Died, Lexington, Kentucky, April 8, 2016. NYer work: April 3, 1965 – March 25, 2013. Collections of his work include: The Antisocial Register (1974), Terribly Nice People (1975), Money Should Be Fun (1979) and The Men Will Fear You, and the Women Will Adore You (1986).

Andrew Hamm New Yorker work: 2015 –.

Malcolm Hancock Born May 20, 1936, Erie, Co. NYer work: 1974 – .

J.B. Handelsman (above, early 1980s. Photo by Liza Donnelly) Born, Bronx, NY, Feb. 5, 1922. Died, June, 2008, Southampton, NY. Attended the Arts Students League and NYU. According to his New York Times obit, written by Margalit Fox, (June 26, 2007) Mr. Handelsman moved to England in 1963 “where he began drawing for Punch; for 11 years, he wrote and illustrated a weekly feature called ‘Freaky Fables’ for the magazine. He returned to the United States in 1982.” New Yorker work: 5 covers, and close to 950 cartoons, from 1961 – 2007.

Frank Hanely New Yorker work: six drawings, March 28, 1925 – June 27, 1925

Charlie Hankin (photo above, courtesy of Mr. Hankin) New Yorker work: August 2013 -. Website: Link to Mr. Hankin’s webseries (with Matt Porter)


Lillie Harris (photo above, courtesy of Mx. Harris). New Yorker work: August 31, 2020. Lillie Harris is a cartoonist and illustrator from Clinton, Maryland.  Website.





Sidney Harris (above) Born, May 8, 1933. New Yorker work: May 6, 1961– . Harris is well known for his science themed cartoons, of which there are numerous collections. His website:






Alice Harvey (above) Born 1894, Austin, Illinois. Died, 1983. New Yorker work: Oct. 17th, 1925 – May 1, 1943. An illustration by Ms. Harvey accompanied Ellin Mackay’s celebrated November 28, 1925 New Yorker article, “Why We Go To Cabarets” — the piece often credited with helping boost the fledgling New Yorker’s circulation.

Larry Hat see Andy Friedman

Brian Hawes & Seth Roberts (in that order, l-r in the photo above) A cartoonist duo, based in San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Hawes takes care of the caption writing and Mr. Roberts handles the drawing. New Yorker work: July 1, 2019 –. See their work on Instagram @hawes_roberts




William Heaslip (above) Born, Toronto, Canada , 1898. Died, Morristown, New Jersey, 1970. New Yorker work: one drawing, July 16., 1932. More information.

Piet Hein NYer work: one drawing, March 17, 1951

W. E. Heitland NYer work: 1 drawing, March 21, 1925

John Held Jr (Pictured above. Source: Sketchbook of American Humorists, 1938) Born, January 10, 1889, Salt Lake City, Utah. Died, 1958, Belmar, New Jersey. NYer work: April 11, 1925 – Sept. 17, 1932.

O. Herford NYer work: two drawings: one in 1928, one in 1929

Justin Herman Born, Philadelphia, 1907. Died, Dec. 3, 1983, Solebury Township, Penn. NYer: 3 drawings: September 10, 1927 / August 31, 1929 / December 21, 1929. Following those three drawings he went on to contribut fiction and poetry to The New Yorker until April 9, 1938.

Don Herold Born, Bloomfield, Indiana, 1889. Died, Vero Beach, Florida, Jun1, 1966. NYer work (which included contributing fiction pieces) June 1, 1929 – April 7, 1934.

Leo Herschfield NYer work: one drawing, January 15, 1938

Erik Hilgerdt NYer work: October 13, 2003- .

Ned Hilton Born 1904, Alhambra, California. Died, NYC, August, 1967. According to his obit in the NYTs (Aug 18, 1967) Hilton was a cartoonist since age 14 when the San Francisco Chronicle began running his work. Besides The New Yorker, Hilton’s work appeared in Esquire, Life and and Look magazines. NYer work: May 19, 1934 — June 15, 1957

Trevor Hoey NYer work: October 12, 2009 –

Syd Hoff ( Pictured above. Source: Esquire Cartoon album, 1957) Born 1912, New York City, died May 12, 2004, Miami Beach, Florida. New Yorker work: 1931 – 1975. Website:

H.O. Hofman New Yorker work: April 18, 1925 – October 22, 1927.

Helen Hokinson (above) Born, Illinois,1893; died, Washington, D.C., 1949. New Yorker work: 1925 -1949, with some work published posthumously. All of Hokinson’s collections are wonderful, but here are two favorites. Her first collection: So You’re Going To Buy A Book! (Minton, Balch & Co, 1931) and what was billed as “the final Hokinson collection”: The Hokinson Festival (Dutton & Co., 1956). According to a New Yorker document produced during Harold Ross’s editorship (1925-1951) rating their artists, Ms. Hokinson and Peter Arno occupied a special category unto themselves above all others.

Tom Holloway New Yorker work: 2 drawings in 1936

Bernard Hollowood (above) New Yorker work: two drawings: one in 1952, one in 1957. According to the British Cartoon Archive, Mr. Hollowood was born in Burslem Staffordshire, June 3, 1910. He died in Guildford, Surrey, 28 March 28, 1981. He was the editor of Punch from 1957 through 1968.

Pete Holmes NYer work: December 25, 2006 – .

Ellison Hoover Born, Cleveland, Ohio 1890 or 91; died NYC, March 1955. NYer work: 1 drawing, May 16, 1925.

Emily Sanders Hopkins (formerly Emily Richards) New Yorker work: 2004 – . Born, Boston, Massachusetts, 1970. Grew up in Oregon, Hawaii, West Virginia, and Virginia. Attended Williams College and West Virginia University. Received a masters degree at Johns Hopkins University. Worked, initially, as a New Yorker fact checker before becoming a New Yorker cartoonist. When Ms. Richards married New Yorker cartoonist Marshall Hopkins they became the third married New Yorker cartoonist couple in the magazine’s history (Mary Petty & Alan Dunn were the first, Liza Donnelly & Michael Maslin were the second). Ms. Richards (Hopkins) is the first known black female New Yorker cartoonist.




Marshall Hopkins (above) Began at The New Yorker as an assistant to the magazine’s Cartoon Editor, Bob Mankoff. New Yorker work: 2004 – . Website:

Madeline Horwath New Yorker work: July 15, 2019 —

Oscar Howard Born 1888; died Conn., Jan 7, 1942. New Yorker work: 1st issue of The New Yorker through Nov. 10, 1934.

Luke Kruger-Howard New Yorker work: November 4, 2019 —

E. F. Hubbard New Yorker work: two drawings: October 30, 1926, November 6, 1926. Mr. Hubbard provided the cover art (above) for E.B. White’s first book, The Lady is Cold ( Harper & Bros., 1929).

Albert Hubbell (photo above, taken in the early 1960s) Born, Duluth, Minnesota, 1908. Died, 1994, Fairfield, Connecticut. After spending time at The Art Students League in New York, and some time studying in Paris, Mr. Hubbell worked for a short time as Book Editor for both Time and Newsweek. He worked briefly at The Chicago Sun before joining the New Yorker where he began contributing to Notes & Comment (his first contribution was in the issue of January 16, 1943), as well as fiction. In the April 22, 1944 issue, he contributed a cartoon (run full page) — his only cartoon to appear in the magazine. During his last twenty years at the magazine, his contributions were mostly covers – nineteen of them appeared between 1964 and 1985. His distinctive spot drawings also appeared in the magazine for many years. Seemingly foreshadowing his run of covers, he told a reporter from the Wilton (Connecticut) Bulletin in 1961 that “I’ve been trying — and succeeding — in enlarging the spot drawings. Now I’m doing bigger ones and getting away with it.”

Mr. Hubbell holds a unique position as the only temporary Art Editor in The New Yorker’s history, filling in for James Geraghty, the magazine’s Art Editor from 1939 thru 1973. Hubbell held the temporary position for the first four months of 1943 while Geraghty was away participating in classes for the Volunteer Officer Corps.

It’s not difficult to imagine Mr. Hubbell was thinking of his own work when he wrote the following in his introduction to William Steig’s 1990 collection, Our Miserable Life:

“…graphic art is best dealt with on its own terms — lines and hatchings and smears and smudges put down on paper to convey a thought about something, or just to create a drawing, like Steig’s of a rainy day, for its own sweet sake.”

NYer work: January 16, 1943 – June 24, 1985

David Huffine (pen & ink self portrait from Best Cartoons of the Year 1943. Photo (April 1965) and portrait (by John H. Striebel) courtesy the family of David Huffine). Born Knoxville, Tenn., 1911; died at the age of 61 on April 13, 1973. Huffine lived in New York City before moving to Woodstock, NY in the early 1940s. His work appeared in numerous magazines as well in the Best Cartoons of Year series from 1943 through 1956 (with the exception of 1954). NYer work: 4 drawings: 1 in 1940, 1 in 1941, 1 in 1942 , and 1 in 1945.

Emma Hunsinger (photo above by Perri Hofmann) New Yorker work: November 27, 2017 –. Website:

Stan Hunt (self portrait above from Best Cartoons of the Year 1947) Born February 6, 1912. NYer work: August 11, 1956 – May 28, 1990.

Phil Hustis NYer work: one drawing, July 6, 1946

E.F. Hynes NYer work: one drawing, December 20, 1930.

Amy Hwang (above) Born, Arlington, Texas, 1978. New Yorker work: November 8, 2010 – Website:



Rea Irvin (pictured above. Self portrait above from Meet the Artist) *Born, San Francisco, 1881; died in the Virgin Islands,1972. Irvin was the cover artist for the New Yorker’s first issue, February 21, 1925. He was the magazine’s first art editor, holding the position from 1925 until 1939 when James Geraghty assumed the title. Irvin became art director and remained in that position until William Shawn succeeded Harold Ross. Irvin’s last original work for the magazine was the magazine’s cover of July 12, 1958. The February 21, 1925 Eustace Tilley cover had been reproduced every year on the magazine’s anniversary until 1994, when R. Crumb’s Tilley-inspired cover appeared. Tilley has since reappeared, with other artists substituting from time-to-time.

David Jacobson NYer work: September 25, 1989 –

Louis Jamme ( Pictured above. Photograph courtesy of the artist’s family), Born 1913, Chicago, Illinois; died, April, 1949, Garden City, NY. NYer work: 1938 -1943 (includes Spot work). Besides The New Yorker, Jamme’s work was published in over 16 magazines and newspapers, including The Saturday Evening Post, Esquire, and Colliers. He attended the California School of Arts and Crafts in Oakland from 1928 to 1931. He was in the 2500th Army Air Force Base Unit during WWII that painted murals on government buildings, designed camouflage and drew posters. Key collections: Collier’s Collects Its Wits ( Harcourt Brace & co., 1941), The 1942 New Yorker Album (Random house, 1941), and The Esquire Cartoon Album ( Doubleday, 1957).

Carolita Johnson New Yorker work: October 20, 2003 – .

Sophie Lucido Johnson with Sammi Skolmoski: New Yorker work: June 1, 2020 –.

Sewell Johnson NYer work: one drawing, January 24, 1931

John Jonik (photo above, NYC, 1984) Born, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1942. New Yorker work since 1975; editorial cartoons also, since 1995. Website:

Zoran Jovanovic (above) born August 25, 1938, Novi Sad. New Yorker work: 1975 — .

Ham Kahn   New Yorker work: one drawing February 22, 1999

John Kane Place and year of birth: NA. Died, March 10, 2010. New Yorker work: November 24, 2003 — .

Zachary Kanin Began at The New Yorker as an assistant to the magazine’s Cartoon Editor, Bob Mankoff before becoming a staff cartoonist. Mr. Kanin has written for the television , including Saturday Night Live. New Yorker work: 2005 – .

Bruce Eric Kaplan New Yorker work: 1991 – . Mr. Kaplan is also a television producer and writer. His writing and cartoon lives blended perfectly together in the classic Seinfeld episode, “The Cartoon” ; Here’s his Wikipedia entry: and his website:

Paul Karasik (above) NYer work: 1999 – . Link to his Wikipedia entry:

Ilonka Karasz (photo above by Nickolas Muray) Born, Budapest, July 13, 1893. Died, Warwick, New York, May 26, 1981. New Yorker work: Ms. Karasz was a prolific New Yorker cover artist, with 185 published. Her first appeared on the issue of April 4, 1925; her last appeared on the issue of October 22, 1973. Her Wikipedia entry


Nurit Karlin (above. Photo taken at a Playboy holiday party, NYC, early 1990s). Born in Jerusalem, 1940. Died, Tel Aviv, April, 2019. New Yorker work: 1974 – 1988. Collection: No Comment (Scribner, 1978). For more on Karlin see pp 124 -130 of Liza Donnelly’s Funny Ladies : The New Yorker’s Greatest Women Cartoonists and Their Cartoons (Prometheus Books, 2005).

Miriam Katin New Yorker work: April 29, 2019 —


Farley Katz (above) Began at The New Yorker as an assistant to the magazine’s Cartoon Editor, Bob Mankoff. New Yorker work: 2007 – . Website

Jason Adam Katzenstein (above) New Yorker work: November 17, 2014 —. More info:

Al Kaufman ( self portrait, above. According to his son, that’s Mr. Kaufman’s family popping up out of his head. Photo courtesy of Debra Ziss, Mr. Kaufman’s niece.). Born Alfred Kaufman, New York City, 1918. Died, age 59, May 1, 1977, Long Branch, New Jersey. Kaufman studied at the City College of New York before moving to the Jersey shore in 1954. During WWII, he served in the Navy, stationed in the Philippines. He became a full-time professional cartoonist in 1946 ( while working as the manager of a grocery store, he practiced cartooning in his off-hours). A member of The National Cartoonists Guild and The International Cartoonists Society, he contributed to such magazines as The Saturday Evening Post, Collier’s, The Ladies Home Journal, This Week, King Features Syndicate, The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, Esquire, Look, and American Legion Magazine [ this information culled from two NJ newspapers: The Daily Register, and The Red Bank Register as well as an article “They Make You Laugh: Al Kaufman,” The Saturday Evening Post, July 29, 1961] New Yorker work: ten drawings, December 13, 1947 through July 10, 1978

Jeff Kaufman NYer work: One drawing, February 28, 1977

John Kaunus (self portrait above from Colliers Collects Its Wits, 1941) NYer work: April 24. 1937 — May 6, 1944.

Jeff Keate (self portrait above from Best Cartoons of the Year, 1943) Born, Vancouver, Columbia. Attended Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. New Yorker work: one drawing, April 16, 1938

Robert Keith New Yorker work, one drawing, September 26, 1925

Eldon Kelley New Yorker work: March 21, 1925 – June 17, 1961

Jim Kelly New Yorker work: one drawing, July 7, 1934

T.E. Kennedy New Yorker work: one drawing, June 17, 1933

Lars Kenseth (photo above and bio courtesy of Mr. Kenseth): New Yorker work: November 14, 2016 –. Lars is a cartoonist whose lumpy people have appeared in The New Yorker, Barron’s and Food And Wine’s FWx. With a heavy background in animation, Lars has spent the last decade drawing and writing for Fox, Disney, Mondo, Maker, MTV and, most recently, Adult Swim. He’s a 2016 Sundance Institute Fellow, a Dartmouth graduate and a long suffering acolyte of the New York Jets. A New England native, Lars wisely lives in Los Angeles with his wife Liz and their two feline dependents, Omelet and Honeybear. NYer work: November 14, 2016 –. Website:

Gilbert Kerlin New Yorker work: 3 drawings, February 6, 1978, April 24, 1978, October 9, 1978

Hank Ketchum Born, March 14, 1920, Seattle, Washington. Died, June 1, 2001, Pebble Beach, California. New Yorker work: 3 drawings: January 10, 1948, September 25, 1948 & November 12, 1949. Mr. Ketchum invented Dennis the Menace.



Ted Key New Yorker work: one drawing, March 5, 1938

Ham Khan New Yorker work: 1 drawing, published February 22 1999.

Roch King New Yorker work: 2 drawings: January 12, 1929 / February 2, 1929

David L. Kingman NYer work: one drawing, August 5, 1933

Rollin Kirby (pictured above) Born, September 4, 1875, Galva, Illinois. Died, May 8, 1952, NYC. According to his entry in The Encyclopedia Brittanica, Mr. Kirby was a “political cartoonist who gave modern cartooning decisive impetus in the direction of graphic simplicity and high symbolic value.” Mr. Kirby was awarded three Pulitzer Prizes while working for the New York World. NYer work: two drawings, both in 1929.

Tom Kleh (above, from LinkedIn) According to his LinkedIn page Mr. Kleh has “contributed cartoons and illustrations to more than 40 publications in the US, Great Britain, and France, including “The Wall Street Journal,” “The New Yorker,” and “The Spectator” (UK). He is also an actor, writer and composer. New Yorker work: June 23, 1975 — November 13, 2000.

I. (“Izzy”) Klein (pictured above) Born Isidore Klein, Newark, New Jersey, October 12,1897. Died, 1986. His papers can be found at Syracuse University. New Yorker work, over 200 drawings from 1925 through 1937.

B.(Bernard) Kliban Born, Norwalk, Connecticut, January 1, 1935. Died, August 12, 1990, San Francisco, California. New Yorker work: 1 drawing, November 30, 1963. B. Kliban became very well known following the publication of his 1975 book, Cat. His Wikipedia page.

John Klossner Born, Utica, NY., 1960. New Yorker work: October 27, 2008 – Website:

Clayton Knight born March 30, 1891, rochester, NY. Died, Danbury Connecticut, July, 1969 New Yorker work: May 23, 1925 — January 24, 1948. One cartoon, and one cover. Contributed to Comment. Mr. Knight is technically qualified to be a One Club member, as he only contributed one drawing, but as you can see, he delivered far more in his time at the magazine. Link here to a site with further information.

H.H. Knight New Yorker work: six drawings, all in 1926

Leo Kober Born, 1876. Died Sept. 1931, NY. New Yorker work: 1 drawing, September 26, 1925. Was a staff artist for The Sunday World, as well as a writer )

Aline Kominsky (Crumb) New Yorker work: September 28, 1998 – .

Edward Koren ( photo above, Fall 2016, courtesy of Gil Roth) Born, 1935. New Yorker work: May 26, 1962 — . Key collections: Do You Want To Talk About It? ( Pantheon, 1976), Well, There’s Your Problem (Pantheon, 1980), Caution: Small Ensembles (Pantheon, 1983), What About Me? (Pantheon Books, 1989). Website:


Anatol Kovarsky (photo above, NYC, 2013. By Liza Donnelly) Born, Moscow. Died, June 1, 2016, NYC. Collection: Kovarsky’s World (Knopf, 1956) NYer work: 1947 -1969. Link to Ink Spill’s 2013 piece, “Anatol Kovarsky at 94: Still Drawing After All These Years”

Fernando Krahn NYer work: 2 drawings, 1963 / 1964.

Krakusin NYer work: 1 drawing: March 22, 1930.




Robert Kraus (above) Born June 21, 1925, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; died, Kent, Connecticut, 2001. In 1966 he founded Windmill Books, which published children’s books by such New Yorker artists as Steig, Darrow, and Addams. New Yorker work: Sept. 6, 1947 – Jan. 25, 1969. More information.

John Kreuttner New Yorker work: four drawings with the years: 1932, 1936, 1938.

Ken Krimstein (Pictured above, photograph and bio courtesy of the cartoonist) Born, Chicago, Illinois. Raised in Deerfield Illinois. Began drawing at age one. Graduated from Grinnel College and Northwestern University. His work has appeared in “Punch,” “The National Lampoon,” “,” several cartoon anthologies edited by Sam Gross and in others assembled by King Features “New Breed.” As a writer, he has published in, “The New York Observer,” and has read work as part of “Trumpet Fiction” at KGB bar in New York. Krimstein lives with his wife and three children in Chicago. New Yorker work: August 7, 2000 – . Clarkson Potter published a collection, Kvetch As Kvetch Can, in October of 2010. Website:


Peter Kuper (above) Born, 1958, Summit, New Jersey. New Yorker work: June 6, 2011 – . Website: For more biographical information, visit his Wikipedia page.




Amy Kurzweil (above) New Yorker work: April 4, 2016 –.

Ralph Lane NYer work: one drawing, November 25, 1933

David Langdon (above) born, London, February 24, 1914. His work is perhaps most identified with Punch, where he contributed from 1937 through 1992, when Punch ceased to publish. He was elected to the Punch Table in 1958. NYer work: 1945 -1973. Key book: Langdon At Large ( Wingate, 1958)

Lapchek New Yorker work: three drawings witihn the years 1932 -1934.



Maggie Larson (above) New Yorker work: July 10/17, 2017 –. Website



Sara Lautman (above) New Yorker work: March 21, 2016 –. Website:


Mary Lawton (above. Photo courtesy of Ms. Lawton). Born in Farmingdale NY, 1958. Grew up in Stony Brook, NY. Began cartooning in the 1980’s. Widely published in books, newspapers and magazines for three decades. Syndicated with King Features. First New Yorker cartoon published online in The Daily Cartoon, July 27, 2017. Instagram account is marstoonz. New Yorker (print) work: December 11, 2017–.

Carol Lay (above) New Yorker work: 1994 –. Website:

Pierre Le-Tan Born, Neuilly-sur-seine, France, 1950. Died, September 17, 2019. New Yorker work: one drawing, June 14, 1976. Although his one cartoon technically qualifies him as a member of the One Club, Mr. Le-Tan contributed 18 New Yorker covers between February 14, 1970 through April 27, 1987.

John Leavitt Born, 1984, California. NYer work: 2005 – . Co-founder of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School. Website:

Frederico ( Rico ) LeBrun (above) Born, Naples, 1900. Died, May 9, 1964, Malibu, California. An artist known for his paintings, murals ( New York City Post Office), sculptures and drawings, especially his work in an edition of Dante’s “Inferno”. His work appeared in The New Yorker once, in the issue of July 30, 1927. More info:

Bill Lee New Yorker work: May 20, 1974 — .

Suerynn Lee New Yorker work: March 25, 2019 –.

Stuart Leeds (photo above) Born, February 7, 1939. Baseball was a passion outside of his love of art. He founded the New York Giants (baseball) Appreciation Society. NYer work: 67 cartoons. His first cartoon appeared in The Yorker, April 27, 1981. His work can be found in the New Yorker Album 1975-1985, as well as the New Yorker 75th Anniversary Cartoon Collection, and The Complete Cartoons of The New Yorker.

Alfred Leete (photo above) Born at Thorpe Church, Northamptonshire, England, August 28, 1882; Died in London, June 17, 1933. The son of a farmer, Leete had no formal art training. According to his obit in The Times of London, June 6. 1933: “…his work early showed a keen sense of humour and a bold technique, and was welcomed by the principal illustrated weekly papers and magazines.” NYer work: appeared in the very first issue of The New Yorker, February 21, 1925. Mr. Leete is uncredited in The New Yorker’s database (listed only as “unidentified”). As of February 27, 2013, he’s been identified (with the assistance of colleagues, Rick Marschall, Mike Lynch and Brian Moore). A website bio

Julia Leigh (and Phillip Day)  New Yorker work: August 31, 2020. The Aug 31st debut credited to both.




Robert Leighton (above) Born May 23, 1960, Long Island, NY. A puzzle writer as well as a cartoonist, Leighton is one of three partners who founded the puzzle-writing company, Puzzability. See: The New Yorker Book of Cartoon Puzzles and Games (Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, 2006), authored by Puzzability, with introductions by Will Shortz, and Bob Mankoff. Leighton’s New Yorker work: 2002 – . Website:

Glen Le Lievre NYer work: 2004 – .

Robert Lennen NYer work: one drawing, May 27, 1933

Monroe Leung NYer work: one drawing, January 22, 1949. Born, 1915, Los Angeles, California. Died 2004, Los Angeles. According to his daughter, Mr. Leung was one of the first published Chinese American cartoonists. Mr. Leung served in WWII in the 360th Army Air Force Band (as a drummer) and assigned to the 18th Army Air Force Base Unit, the First Motion Picture Unit in Hollywood to draw cartoons for the Air Force. He went on to a profession of architectural rendering (in watercolor) for several advertising companies in Los Angeles. Mr. Leung’s method for submitting cartoons: “As soon as I draw up a few cartoons, I show my dear wife, Rosie. If she laughs, I send them to the magazines. If she thinks they’re lousy, I send them anyway.” (all information as well as the photo courtesy of Mr. Leung’s daughter).




Arnie Levin (above) Born 1938, Brooklyn, NY. Collection: I’ll Skip the Appetizer — I Ate the Flowers (Plume, 1980). New Yorker work: 1974 –.



Sharon Levy New Yorker work: July 10/17, 2017 –.

Eric Lewis (above) New Yorker work: September 18, 2000 — .

Evan Lian (above) New Yorker work: May 6, 2019 –.


Hartley Lin New Yorker work: January 21, 2019 –. Website.

Peter Lippman NYer work: one drawing, October 7, 1972

Brendan Loper (above) New Yorker work: March 28, 2016 –.

Lee Lorenz ( Pictured above. Photograph taken 1995 by Liza Donnelly) *Born 1932, Hackensack, NJ. Lorenz was the art editor of The New Yorker from 1973 to 1993 and its cartoon editor until 1997. During his tenure, a new wave of New Yorker cartoonists began appearing in the magazine — cartoonists who no longer depended on idea men. Cartoon collections: Here It Comes (Bobbs-Merrrill Co., Inc. 1968) ; Now Look What You’ve Done! (Pantheon, 1977) ; The Golden Age of Trash ( Chronicle Books, 1987); The Essential series, all published by Workman: : Booth (pub: 1998), Barsotti ( pub: 1998), Ziegler (pub: 2001), The Art of The New Yorker 1925 -1995, (Knopf, 1995), The World of William Steig (Artisan, 1998). New Yorker work: 1958 –.

Robert Love NYer work: one drawing, October 4, 1930

Joseph Low Born Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, 1911. Died, February 12, 2007, Edgartown, Massachusetts. 16 New Yorker covers : May 25, 1940 – May 7, 1984. Mr. Low was the father of another New Yorker cover artist, Jenni Oliver.

Christian Lowe NYer work: February 22, 2016 – .

Cliff C. Lozell NYer work: 3 drawings within the years 1927 through 1939.

Fred Lundy Born, Bottineau, North Dakota, September 1, 1902; died, Daly City, California, January 16, 1989. Studied at The University of Oregon. Worked for The Oakland Tribune (1928 – 1935) & The San Francisco Examiner (1935 – 1976). Work appeared in numerous publications, including The Saturday Evening Post, Collier’s, Esquire. Source : Artists in California 1786 -1940 by Edan Hughes. NYer work: March 31, 1945 – July 16, 1955.

Roberta MacDonald (pictured above. Photo courtesy of Ms. MacDonald’s daughter) Born, San Francisco, 1917. Died, Santa Rosa, California, 1999. NYer work: One hundred and three drawings, from May 4, 1940 – July 19, 1952. Besides contributing to The New Yorker, Ms. MacDonald also illustrated numerous humor books and children’s books.

A.E. Macon (Edwin Macon) NYer work: one drawing, July 27, 1929

Steve Macone NYer work: October 18, 2010 – .

Gus Mager (photo above) Born, 1878, Newark, New Jersey. Died, July 17, 1956, Murrysville, Penn. NYer work: 5 cartoons, March – July of 1925. It should be noted that a character named “Groucho” in Mr. Mager’s “Monk Family” comic strip was the inspiration for Julius Marx’s stage name, “Groucho.” Read more about it here

Navied Mahdavian New Yorker work: February 26, 2018





Kenneth Mahood (photo above) Born, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1930. New Yorker work: 1951 -1996). Key collection: Not A Word To A Soul. London: Hammond Hammond & Co., 1958

Henry Major (self portrait above) Born, 1889 in Hungary. Died, 1948. Major moved to the United States after a career as a caricaturist in Vienna and London. He became well known throughout the 1920’s for traveling around the country caricaturing local politicians, businessmen and actors. He devoted his later years to painting. (self portrait and biography courtesy of Zach Trenholm). NYer work: four drawings between September 3, 1927 & July 28, 1934.

Christina Malman (photo above). Born, Southampton, England, December 2, 1912. Died, January 14, 1949, New York. Ms. Malman was a New Yorker cover artist (she also contributed “spot” drawings). Her 24 covers appeared from 1937 through 1956. More info here.

Robert Malone NYer work: one drawing, April 10, 1926

Robert Mankoff * New Yorker work: 1977 –. Was the magazine’s cartoon editor from August 1997 – April 2017. Cartoon collection of note: Elementary: The Cartoonist Did It ( Avon, 1980). Website:




Marisa Acocella Marchetto (above) Born, Elizabeth, New Jersey, 1960. NYer work: 1998 – . Key book: Cancer Vixen: A True Story (Knopf, 2006)

Jerry Marcus (photo from via Don Ulsh’s “New York Cartoon News”) Born, Brooklyn NY, June 27, 1924. Died, July 22, 2005, Waterbury, Ct. NYer work: four cartoons, April 28, 1962, May 5, 1962, October 13, 1962, September 23, 1991. Link to an informative obit:

Jack Markow (Self portrait above. Source: Best Cartoons of the Year 1943) Born, London, England 1905. Died, Manasquan, NJ, 1986. NYer work: 1927 -1943. According to his daughter’s website, A Cartoonist’s Daughter, Markow was also a painter, lithographer, writer and teacher.




Sam Marlow (self portrait above courtesy of Mr. Marlow) . New Yorker work: May 9, 2016 –. Sam Marlow is an animator and background designer. He works for Titmouse, an animation studio based in New York. Since 2014, he’s worked on shows for Adult Swim, Nickelodeon, Netflix, and Amazon. His Tumblr:




Reginald Marsh (above) Born in Paris, March 14, 1898, died in 1954: New Yorker work: 1925 -1944. More information:


Huguette Martel (above) Born, Paris, 1938. New Yorker work: August 6, 1990 – .


Charles E. Martin ( CEM) (photo left above from Think Small, a cartoon collection produced by Volkswagon. Photo right, courtesy of Roxie Munro) Born in Chelsie, Mass., 1910, died June 18, 1995, Portland, Maine. NYer work: 1938 – 1987.

Henry Martin ( Pictured above. Photograph taken 1984) Born 1925, Louisville, Kentucky. Died, June 30, 2020, Newtown, Pennsylvania. New Yorker work: 1964 – 1999 . Collections: Good News / Bad News ( Scribners, 1977), Yak! Yak! Yak! Blah! Blah! Blah! (Scribners, 1977). Martin has illustrated a number of books, as well as writing and illustrating children’s books. Ink Spill’s Henry Martin Appreciation

Michael Maslin New Yorker work: 1977 – . Link to my bio (or click on the “Bio” button to the left of the screen).


R.J. Matson New Yorker work: one drawing, August 9, 1999. Website here.

Doris Matthews (above, at the Algonquin, c.2003. Photo by Liza Donnelly) Born, Spartanburg, South Carolina. New Yorker work: October 27, 1951 – November 14, 1959.

Bill Mauldin (above) New Yorker work: one drawing, April 1, 1950. Born, Mountain Park, New Mexico., Oct 1929, 1921. Died, Newport Beach, California, 2003. Mr. Mauldin is best known for his cartoons — as originally published in Stars & Stripes –during WW2 (his work earned him a Pulitzer Prize). For far more information, here’s his Wikipedia entry

Ernest Maxwell New Yorker work: four drawings between 1936 & 1942

Richard McCallister Born 1909, Baltimore, Maryland. Died: 1995. New Yorker work: 1939 – 1993.

Ann McCarthy (photo above courtesy of Katie Weisman) Born, New York, January 9, 1939. Died, March 15, 2017. New Yorker work: May 30, 1988 – December 1992. Ms. McCarthy contributed six covers and 22 drawings. Her Ink Spill appreciation here.

McCoy, T.S. see Surreal McCoy, The

F. McIntosh New Yorker work: 4 drawings, March 27, 1926 through December 5, 1931

William McIntyre New Yorker work: 3 drawings: February 15, 1947, September 27, 1947, and September 20, 1958.

Dorothy McKay ( Self portrait above from Meet the Artist, 1943; Photo from Cartoon Humor, 1938) Born c.1904, died June, 1974 New York City. New Yorker work: 1934 -1936.

Donald McKee New Yorker work: March 14, 1925 – April 10, 1926

Patrick McKelvie New Yorker work: July 6&11, 2020 (a double issue) — .

Elisabeth McNair New Yorker work: July 30, 2018 —

John McNamee New Yorker work: June 20, 2016 —

E. McNerney New Yorker work: March 20, 1926 – April 23, 1932. Went on to do at least two comic strips in the 1940s: Jill & Judy, and Kit Cabot.

Will McPhail (above) New Yorker work: December 22, 2014 –.Website:

Charles McVicker (TAGGART) One drawing: April 4, 1983

Ihrie Means New Yorker work: May 14, 2007 –.

Sam Means New Yorker work: 2005 – .

Christine Mi New Yorker work: December 23/31, 2018 —

Roland Michaud New Yorker work: one drawing, July 16, 1973

Mario Micossi New Yorker work: one drawing, October 10, 1964. While technically a One Club member for his one cartoon, Mr. Micossi did contribute four covers to the magazine.




Eugene Mihaesco (above) Born 1937, Bucharest, Romania. New Yorker work: Oct 14, 1972 – .

Frank Miller New Yorker work: May 13, 1967 (a cover), then a drawing and “comic strip” in the 1990s.

Warren Miller (photo above by Liza Donnelly, NYC, Sept. 1997) Born 1936, Chicago, Ill. The following biographical information comes from The Phoenix Gallery site which hosted a group exhibit of NYer cartoonists work (Lorenz, Harris, Modell, and Miller) in 2007: “Warren Miller studied commercial and fine art at the American Academy of Art, Chicago. He started selling cartoons to Playboy and The New Yorker in 1961 and moved to New York City later that year. Miller’s work has also appeared in Esquire, Punch, Rolling Stone, Audubon, Harvard Business Review, Barrons, Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, and the London Sunday Times. Mr. Miller is a painter and a sculptor as well. He has exhibited his work in a number of shows in the New York area and in the Midwest.” Key collections: All Thumbs (Bobbs-Merrill,1967); Prince and Mrs. Charming (Bobbs-Merril, 1970). New Yorker work: 1959 -.

John Milligan New Yorker work: five drawings, from May 13, 1939 through November 16, 1940

Lonnie Millsap New Yorker work: November 19, 2018 —

Robert Minter Born 1922, Durham, NC. New Yorker work: 1968 -1979

Joseph Mirachi Born May 25, 1919, New York City; died March, 1991, Dover, NJ. New Yorker work: 1954 -1992 ; 2 drawings published posthumously

Frank Modell (Pictured above, photograph taken early 1990s) Born, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 6, 1917. Died, May 27, 2016, Guilford, Connecticut. NYer work: 1946 – 1997. Mr. Modell began his New Yorker career as assistant to the Art Editor, James Geraghty. He soon began contributing his cartoons (and cartoon ideas for others), with his first drawing appearing July 20, 1946. Besides his work for The New Yorker, he was a children’s book author and an actor (he appeared, most notably, in Woody Allen’s 1980 film, Stardust Memories). Key collection: Stop Trying To Cheer Me Up! (Dodd, Mead, 1978).

Ariel Molvig Born, Wisconsin, 1978. New Yorker work: October, 2005 -.


Liz Montague New Yorker work: March 11, 2019–. Born December 15, 1995, attended University of Richmond class of 2018, former D1 track & field athlete, as of 2019 works as a digital storyteller at the Aga Khan Foundation in Washington, D.C. amplifying underrepresented narratives- Website:

Guy Montone NYer work: one drawing, August 31, 1963

Wallace Morgan Born, New York City, 1873; Died, May 1948. From a NYTs article, Jan 27, 1949 “Trio of Exhibitions Marks Week in Art”: “Morgan made his fame especially with his reporting for The New York Herald, with his popular ‘Fluffy Ruffles,’ his illustrations for Harper’s, Scribner’s and The Century; his Saturday Evening Post illustrations of P.G. Wodehouse.” NYer work: 1st issue, February 21, 1925 – 1946. Link to Morgan’s Society of Illustrator’s 1977 Hall of Fame Inductee page:–Wallace-Morgan.aspx Morgan’s Wikipedia page: (the Soc of illustrators and the Wiki post disagree on his birthdate)

Jack Moscowitz NYer work: one drawing, September 19, 1925

Robert Muccio (pictured above. Photo courtesy of the Muccio family) Born 1931, New York, NY. Died, Morgantown, Pa., October, 2015. NYer work: one drawing, October 10, 1964. Was also an idea man who had over 50 ideas published in The New Yorker from 1962 through 1970. Besides The New Yorker, his work appeared in Mad Magazine, Boys Life, and The Saturday Review. Other work: greeting cards for Norcross, Gibson, and Hallmark

P.S. Mueller (above, photo and bio courtesy of Mr. Mueller). P.S. Mueller sold his first cartoon in 1967 for, like, five bucks, man. Over the course of endless decades, Mueller’s cartoons have appeared in dozens of magazines and scores of alternative news weeklies. His cartoons and stories have been published in several collections and anthologies, including The Rejection Collection Volumes 1 and 2, and more out of print books than can be listed here.

Mueller has also appeared in a couple of pretty awful movies and has co-written and provided the voice for Onion Radio News anchor Doyle Redland since 1999. Today he is the creator/writer/anchor of the all new Stanley Douglas with News of the Great Re-Depression at He is married to one wife and two cats, and lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

As a child he was once frightened half to death at meeting Roy Rogers. NYer work: December 21, 1998 – .

Maggie Mull New Yorker work: December 11, 2017 —

James Mulligan Born 1920, Jamaica, NY. New Yorker work: 1952 – 1987. Link here to Anne Hall Elser’s photographs of New Yorker cartoonists to see a photo of Mr. Mulligan, among others.




Lou Myers Born 1915, Paris, France, died 2005. New Yorker work: 1975 – 1989. Key cartoon collection: Absent and Accounted For (Workman, 1980).

Ruth Nash NYer work: five drawings, from February 23, 1946 through May 18, 1946





Fred Neher (above) Born, Indiana, 1903. Died, Boulder, Colorado, 2001. New Yorker work: 1 drawing, January 21, 1933. More information

Ralph Newman NYer work: one drawing, September 21, 1946


Jeremy Nguyen (above) New Yorker work: February 7, 2017 –. Website:

Louis Nitka NYer work: three drawings (further research to be done on Mr. Nitka)

Ed Nofziger ( Self portrait above from Best Cartoons of the Year 1943) Born 1913, California. Died, Ojai, California, October 16, 2000. His work appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, The Saturday Review and Parade, among others. As well as being a comic strip artist he also worked in animation, and as an illustrator. New Yorker work: November 14, 1936 — December 7, 1940.

Alfonse Normandia NYer work: three drawings: December 28, 1957/ June 28, 1958 / December 5, 1959

John Norment ( photos above courtesy of John Norment’s niece, Mandy Teare) Born, Lebanon, Tennessee, 1911. Died, Westport, Connecticut, 1988. NYer work: fourteen drawings and two covers, between 1969 and 1982. Mr. Norment had a long, wide ranging career, working as assistant art director for Esquire, an an editor of 1000 Jokes Magazine and For Laughing Out Loud at Dell. Later, one issue of a magazine called A Million Laughs. He was very instrumental publishing Gahan Wilson’s early work.* More information about his life and work can be found here:

*My thanks to Dick Buchanan for the biographical information concerning Mr. Norment’s work outside of The New Yorker






Paul Noth (above) New Yorker work: 2004 – . Noth is a writer and artist whose cartoons appear regularly in The New Yorker and occasionally in other publications, including The Wall Street Journal. He was a regular guest writer for “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” for which he created the cartoon “Pale Force.” He has also written for CBS’s “The Late Late Show” and other television programs.

William O’Brian NYer work: August 16, 1952 – August 16, 1976.




John O’Brien (above) Born, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1953. New Yorker work: August 3, 1987 – . Website:

Mark O’Donnell Born, Cleveland, Ohio, July 19, 1954. Died, New York, NY, August 6, 2012. NYer work: two drawings: June 1, 1992, July 6, 1992. A Tony Award winning writer (Hairspray) , as well as a contributor of humor pieces to The New Yorker.

Charles O’Glass NYer work: 12 drawings, April 23, 1960 – August 17, 1968

Richard Oldden Born May 4, 1931, Indio, California. New Yorker work: July 23, 1966 – .

George Olden New Yorker work: two drawings: December 9, 1944 & December 8, 1945

Jessica Olien (above) New Yorker work: May 28, 2018 — . Website:

Jenni Oliver Born November 9, 1944, Bloomington, Indiana. Died, October 29, 2015, Edgartown, Massachusetts. 28 New Yorker covers: September 1, 1975 — April 20, 1992. An obit here from The Vineyard Gazette, Nov. 5, 2015. Ms. Oliver was the daughter of another New Yorker cover artist, Joseph Low.

Everett Opie Born, Chicago, Ill. 1930. Died, New York, NY, June 11, 2004. Collection: Dress Up That Line! In and Out of Step with Opie (Charles E. Tuttle Co., 1959).

Robert Orr NYer work: 3 drawings: March 13, 1926 / May 7, 1927 / April 19, 1930

David Ostow New Yorker work: November 12, 2018 —. Website

Palmer NYer work: one drawing, November 17, 1928

Drew Panckeri New Yorker work: April 13, 2015 —.

Corey Pandolph New Yorker work: October 17, 2011 Website:

Robert Paplow New Yorker work: three drawings: August 18, 1951 / September 15, 1951 / August 29, 1953

Virgil Partch ( VIP) (pictured above) Born, St. Paul Island, Alaska, 1917; died in a car crash on Interstate 5, north of Los Angeles. California, August 1984. New Yorker work: six drawings, beginning in November 21, 1942. His last appeared May 3, 1976.

W.B. Park Born, 1936, Florida. New Yorker work: 1981 –.

Teresa Burns Parkhurst New Yorker work: October 16, 2017 –.

David Pascal Born, 1918, New York, NY, died, March 3, 2003, NYC ; New Yorker work: 1954 -1990

Jason Patterson NYer work: August 30, 2004 – .

Augustus Peck NYer work: two drawings, September 7, 1929 & April 11, 1931

Ralph E. Pearson NYer work: 3 drawings: August 4, 1928 / May 4, 1929 / July 27, 1929

Ralph Pekor New Yorker work: 1 drawing, May 18, 1946

C.F. Peters New Yorker work: 1 drawing, December 26, 1925

Bruce Petty Born, Melbourne, Austrailia, 1929. New Yorker work: 1959 -1969.





Mary Petty Born, Hampton, New Jersey, April 29, 1899. Died, Paramus, New Jersey, March, 1976. NYer work: October 22,1927 – March 19,1966. Collection: This Petty Place ( Knopf, 1945) with a Preface by James Thurber.

Rina Piccolo NYer work: November 24, 2008 – . Website:

Ethel Plummer (above) Born, Brooklyn, NY, 1888. New Yorker work: Ms. Plummer has the dual distinction of being both the New Yorker’s first female cartoonist as well as having her work in the magazine’s very first issue, February 21, 1925. Ms. Plummer, whose married name was Mrs. Frederick E. Humphreys, died October 31, 1936, at her home, 33 Fifth Avenue, New York. More info on Ms. Plummer can be found here.

Jason Polan New Yorker work: March 6, 2006 –. Website:




Peter Porges (photo above, courtesy of Felipe Galindo) Born, Vienna, Austria, 1926. Died, December 2016. New Yorker work: July 3, 1965 – . Mr. Porges was a long time contributor to Mad magazine. Read the Ink Spill Appreciation here.

Garrett Price ( Pictured above. Source: Esquire Cartoon Album, 1957) Born, 1897, Bucyrus, Kansas. Died, April, 1979, Norwalk, Conn. Collection: Drawing Room Only / A Book of Cartoons (Coward -McCann, 1946). NYer work: 1925 -1974.

George Price (above) Born in Coytesville, New Jersey, June 9, 1901. Died January 12, 1995, Engelwood, New Jersey. New Yorker work: 1929 – 1991. Lee Lorenz, the New Yorker’s former Art/Cartoon editor, called Price one of the magazine’s great stylists (along with Peter Arno, Helen Hokinson, James Thurber, and William Steig. Of the many Price collections, here are two favorites: Browse At Your Own Risk (1977), and The World of George Price: A 55-Year Retrospective (1988)

John M. Price Born ( Pennsylvania?) February 5, 1918, died January 19, 2009, Radnor, Pennsylvania. New Yorker work: February 17, 1940, March 9, 1940, June 8, 1941, and August 30, 1941. His work appeared in many publications, including The Saturday Evening Post, Esquire, The Country Gentleman, and Colliers. Key collection (self published) Don’t Get Polite with Me.

Louis Priscilla NYer work: three drawings: January 28, 1933 / December 28, 1935 / August 22, 1936

Lee Purcell Born, Indiana, December 5, 1911. Died Los Angeles, California, 1983. New Yorker work: one drawing, August 14, 1943.

Pusey NYer work: one drawing, December 15, 1928

Radford NYer work: one drawing, April 14, 1928

Michael Rae-Grant New Yorker work: February 25, 2008 –.


Sarah Ransohoff (above) New Yorker work: November 5, 2018 –.Website.

Gardner Rea (self portrait above from Collier’s Collects Its Wits. Photo from Rea’s NYTs obit, 1966.) Born, Ironton, Ohio 1892. Died, 1966. Collections: The Gentleman Says It’s Pixies / Collier’s Cartoons by Gardner Rea (Robert McBride & Co. 1944), Gardner Rea’s Sideshow (Robert McBride & Co, 1945). NYer work: 1st issue (February 21, 1925) – 1965

Lillian Reed New Yorker work: one drawing, July 12, 1930

John Reehill New Yorker work: June 23, 1928 – February 10, 1934

Donald Reilly ( Pictured above in the mid 1980s. Photograph by Liza Donnelly) Born, Scranton, Pa. November 11, 1933; died, Wilton, Ct., June 18, 2006. Graduated from Muhlenberg College in 1955 with a bachelor’s degree in English; received a certificate in fine arts from Cooper Union in 1963. NYer work: 1964 -2006; 1,107 cartoons and 16 covers. Rumored to have been on the shortlist in consideration to succeed James Geraghty as The New Yorker’s Art Editor (Lee Lorenz, in his book The Art of The New Yorker 1925 -1995, said Reilly was “Geraghty’s choice” to succeed him). William Shawn eventually appointed Lee Lorenz to the position in 1973 [see Lorenz listing above]

Paul Reilly New Yorker work: 3 drawings: April 11, 1925 — May 16, 1925.

Harry Rein Born, New york City, February 13, 1908. Died, April 7, 1969. New Yorker work: one drawing, February 24, 1934

Doug Reina New Yorker work: Two drawings: March 6, 2000 & June 19, 2000. Website:

John Reynolds New Yorker work: Thirty-four drawings, from November 10, 1928 through December 13, 1930.


Larry Reynolds (Photo from I Feel Like A Cad, 1944; self portrait above right from Colliers Collects Its Wits, Harcourt Brace & Co., 1941) Born, Mt. Vernon, NY, c. 1912.  Died, March 4, 2002, Barnstable County, Massachusetts. New Yorker work: 3 drawings: Jan 7, 1939 / Feb 24, 1940 / April 6, 1940. Collection of Note: I Feel Like A Cad (drawings from Collier’s Weekly).  Link to Allan Holtz’s Reynold’s Stripper’s Guide Profile here.

Gaspano Ricca New Yorker work: two drawings: April 28, 1928 & October 6, 1928.

Emily Richards (Hopkins) See Emily Sanders Hopkins

Mischa Richter (photo above courtesy of Sarah Geraghty Herndon). Born, Kharkov, Russia, 1910. Died, March 23, 2001. New Yorker work: January 10, 1942 – January 20, 2003 ; Key books: This One’s On Me! (McGraw-Hill, 1945) , The Cartoonist’s Muse, co-authored by Harald Bakken (Contemporary Books, 1992). )

J.P. Rini New Yorker work: 1988 — .

Akeem Roberts New Yorker work: July 8, 2019 —

Cliff Roberts (photo above) Born, 1929. Died, 1999. New Yorker work: four drawings, from March 30, 1968 through June 20, 1970

Seth Roberts & Brian Hawes See Brian Hawes & Seth Roberts.

Victoria Roberts born, New York City, 1957. New Yorker work: September 5, 1988 – . Website:

Boardman Robinson (self portrait above from Meet the Artist) Born, Nova Scotia, Sept. 6, 1876. According to Maurice Horn’s World Encyclopedia of Cartoons (Chelsea House Publishers, 1980), Beginning in 1910, while working at the New York Tribune, Robinson “exerted more influence on his profession than almost any other cartoonist over the years. With Robert Minor of the Pulitzer papers, Robinson explored the use of lithographic crayon as a means of shading on paper for editorial cartoons…it remained a convention of editorial cartooning well into the 1960s.” NYer work : 1925 – 1926.

William Heath Robinson (photo above) Born, May 31, 1872; died, September, 1944. NYer work: 7 drawings, February 28, 1925 -May 30, 1942. Famous in England for his Rube Goldberg-like drawings of contraptions, Robinson published a number of collections in his lifetime, including an autobiography, My Life of Line ( Blackie & Sons, 1938). A brief web

Charles Rodrigues New Yorker work: Four drawings — Sept 20, 1969, April 22, 1972, Jan.6. 1973, Feb 3, 1973

Dan Roe New Yorker work: April 13, 2015 –.

Stephen Ronay New Yorker work: 2 drawings, September 16, 1933 & April 8, 1939

Carl Rose (photo above) Born, New York City; died, Rowayton, Ct., June 20, 1971, age 68. New Yorker work: 1925 – 1971. Collection; One Dozen Roses (Random House, 1946). Note: this collection contains essays by Rose on cartoon themes. Especially of interest is his essay concerning Harold Ross, “An Artist’s Best Friend is His Editor”. Carl Rose will forever be linked to E.B. White for the December 8, 1928 New Yorker cartoon of the mother saying to her child, “It’s broccoli, dear.” and the child responding, “I say it’s spinach, and I say the hell with it.” The drawing was by Rose, the caption was adapted by White from Rose’s original idea (for a slighty expanded explanation go here). Rose also had a Thurber connection. In 1932, Rose submitted a drawing captioned, “Touche!” of two fencers, one of whom has just cut off the head of the other. Harold Ross ( according to Thurber in The Years With Ross) thinking the Rose version “too bloody” suggested Thurber do the drawing because “Thurber’s people have no blood. You can put their heads back on and they’re as good as new.” The drawing appeared December 3, 1932.

Ellis Rosen (self portrait above, courtesy of Mr. Rosen) Born in New York, NY 1985. Currently lives in Brooklyn. Mr. Rosen illustrated a children’s chapter book, Woundabout (Little Brown, 2015) and contributed to Yiddishkeit (Abrams, 2011) and several other anthologies. New Yorker work: December 12, 2016 — Website:

Al Ross Born Al Roth, Vienna Austria, October 19, 1911. Died, March 23, 2012. One of four Roth brothers, all of them cartoonists ( Ben, Salo, and Irving are the other three). NYer work: 1937- 2002. Collections: Sexcapades – The Love Life of the Modern Homo Sapiens ( Stravon Publishers, 1953), Bums vs Billionaires (Dell, 1972).



Arnold Roth Born, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February 25, 1929. New Yorker work: November 16, 1992 –. Mr. Roth’s career is long and storied, his work associated with a number of magazines including Playboy, Esquire, TIME, and Punch. Read all about it on his website:

Also recommended is Gary Groth’s 2013 Comics Journal interview with Mr. Roth. Suggested reading: Arnold Roth: Freelance: A Fifty Year Retrospective

Herb Roth Born in San Francisco, Calif. 1887, died Oct 27, 1953, NYC. New Yorker work: 1st issue — issue of June 6th, 1925.

Lisa Rothstein New Yorker work: August 5, 2019 —

Julian Rowe New Yorker work: Oct 21, 2013 –. Website:

John Ruge (self portrait above from Collier’s Collects Its Wits) Born, Faribault, Minnesota, October 2, 1915. New Yorker work: 24 drawings, November 6, 1937 – May 21, 1966. Mr. Ruge has been credited as the author of the caption for Peter Arno’ s classic,”Well, back to the old drawing board.”

Ali Rushfield New Yorker work: September 15, 2014 —

Douglas Ryan New Yorker work: 1932 -1933.

William Sakren Born, 1902; died 1991. New Yorker work: two drawings: January 10, 1977, May 30, 1977.




Jacob Samuel (above) New Yorker work: July 28, 2014 —.

Charles Sauers Born July 18, 1922, Indianapolis, Indiana. New Yorker work: June 2, 1956 – April 4, 1988.




Jennifer Saura (above) Began at The New Yorker as an assistant to the magazine’s Cartoon Editor, Bob Mankoff. New Yorker work: January 3, 2011 — .


Brian Savage Born February 5, 1931, Cambridge, Massachusetts. New Yorker work: June 17, 1972 — . Mr. Savage’s work was primarily found in Playboy.


Charles Saxon (self portrait from Best Cartoons of the Year 1947) Born in Brooklyn, Nov 13, 1920, died in Stamford, Conn., Dec 6, 1988. New Yorker work: 1943 – 1991 (2 drawings published posthumously). Key collection: One Man’s Fancy ( Dodd, Mead, 1977). One of the giants of the New Yorker’s stable of artists. He could do it all: covers, spreads, single panels.


August J. Schallack NYer work: one drawing, March 1, 1930

Schaub New Yorker work: one drawing: October 16, 1926

Jim Schmalzried Born September 17, 1954; died November, 1983. New Yorker work: one drawing, June 30, 1980

Walter Schmidt New Yorker work: four drawings, from August 8, 1931 through December 9, 1933

Howard Schneider New Yorker work: two drawings, November 8, 1958 & April 20, 1963.


Bernard Schoenbaum Born, August 8, 1920, New York City. Died at home, Whitestone, Queens, NY, May 7, 2010. After receiving his art education at Parsons School of Design, he was a free-lance advertising illustrator for many years. Appearing in The New Yorker since 1974, he was a contract cartoonist there. His cartoons have been reprinted in books and periodicals worldwide and are also in many private collections. His other endeavors included teaching the figure, life drawing, portrait sketching, oil painting and water colors. These have also been privately collected. He lived ( with his wife, Rhoda, a retired librarian) in Whitestone, New York with a winter residence in West Palm Beach, Florida. His three grown daughters are a graphic designer, a computer technician, and a charter school principal. New Yorker work: 1974 – 2002. ( place and date of birth from NYTs obit, May 18, 2010)

Adolph Schus Born, c. 1908. Schus was editor of Pageant Magazine in 1945 (Source: autobiographical blurb, Best Cartoons of the Year, 1947). New Yorker work: one drawing March 19, 1938.




Benjamin Schwartz (above) Born, 1981, New York, New York. Raised in Westchester, New York. Always wanted to be either a doctor or a cartoonist. Finally settled on one circa 2009. New Yorker work: December 12, 2011- .

William Scully New Yorker work: two drawings, February 14, 1948 & March 6, 1948. Known for his long career as a Punch contributor.

Ronald Searle (pictured above) Born, Cambridge, England March 3, 1920. Died, December 30, 2011, Draguignan, France. Steven Heller, who wrote Searle’s obit for The New York Times (Jan 4, 2012) said Searle’s “outlandishly witty illustrations for books, magazine covers, newspaper editorial pages and advertisements helped define postwar graphic humor…”

NYer work (including covers and cartoons): November 12, 1966 – August 19, 2002. An interesting tribute site: Searle’s wiki entry:

J.J. Sempe Born, Bordeaux, France, August 17, 1932. New Yorker work: 1978 – .

Neil Sessa New Yorker work: one drawing, May 14, 1938.


Seth (above) Born Gregory Gallant, 1962, Clinton, Ontario. New Yorker work: 2002 -.

Burr Shafer New Yorker work: one drawing, May 27, 1944


Danny Shanahan (photo above, Rhinebeck, NY 2013, by Michael Maslin) Born, Brooklyn, NY. New Yorker work: 1988 – . Key collection: Lassie! Get Help! (Pantheon, 1990)

George V. Shanks New Yorker work: 16 drawings, March 7, 1925 – January 12, 1929




Michael Shaw (above) New Yorker work: 1999 – .


George Shellhase ( Self portrait above. Source: Best Cartoons of the Year 1943) Born, Philadelphia, 1885; Lived for many years in Greenwich, Connecticut. Died, age 93, in a nursing home, Ocean Ridge, Florida, December 1988. New Yorker work: 1927 – 1940. His New York Times (Dec. 16, 1988) obit reads, in part: Shellhase “briefly attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and The Art Students League in New York. His affectionate and gently comic illustrations of American life appeared in publications like The Saturday Evening Post, Collier’s, The New Yorker and The New York Times.”


Barbara Shermund (self portrait, above) Born, San Francisco. 1899. Studied at The California School of Fine Arts. Died, 1978, New Jersey. New Yorker work: June 13, 1925 thru September 16, 1944. 8 covers and 599 cartoons. Shermund’s post-New Yorker work was featured in Esquire. (See Liza Donnelly’s book, Funny Ladies — a history of The New Yorker’s women cartoonists — for more on Shermund’s life and work)


Vahan Shirvanian Born, Hackensack, New Jersey, 1925. Died, January 30, 2013, Mtn. Lakes, New Jersey. Won the National Cartoonists Society’s Best Gag Cartoonist of the Year Award in 1959. King Features Syndicate ran his “No Comment” in the 1970s & 80s. Worked for numerous publications, including Highlights for Children, The Harvard Business Review, and Playboy. New Yorker work: 44 drawings, from April 27, 1968 – Jan 12, 1987.

E. L. Shoemaker New Yorker work: one drawing, October 28, 1933

Zoe Si New Yorker work: February 17, 2020 –. Website.

Dink Siegel New Yorker work: March 24, 1962

L.H. Siggs New Yorker work: 1947, 1952

R. Sikoryak New Yorker work: Jan 24, 1994 –. One cartoon, Feb 22, 1999. Seven covers.

Andy Singer New Yorker work: March 9, 2020 –. Website

David Sipress New Yorker work: July 1998 –.

Stephanie Skalisky New Yorker work: September 18, 1989 –. Born, 1960, Sacramento, California.


Sammi Skolmoski with Sophie Lucido Johnson: New Yorker work — June 1, 2020

Barbara Smaller Born, Chicago, Ill. New Yorker work: 1996 –

Francis Smilby (above) Born Francis Wilford-Smith, Rugby, England, March, 1927. Died, Ledbury, Hertfordshire, December 4, 2009 New Yorker work: 1962 -1971

Claude Smith (photo above from Think Small, a cartoon collection published by Volkswagon) Born August 22, 193, Bellingham, Washington. NYer work: May 20, 1944 – April 19, 1976

F.E. Smith NYer work: one drawing, August 1, 1936

Francis Smith NYer work: thirteen drawings, from March 3, 1962 through January 9, 1971

Henry Holmes Smith Born 1909 ; died, 1986. NYer work: three drawings, August 25, 1928, November 10, 1928, January 18, 1930. Mr. Smith was also a writer and lecturer, who, according to The Cleveland Museum of Art, “expanded the study and critical debate of photography as art.”

J.K. Smith NYer work: one drawing, October 12, 1929


Ton Smits Born, February 18, 1921. Died, August 5, 1981. New Yorker work: 1954 -1980. Wikipedia entry here.

Karen Sneider New Yorker work: February 23, 2009 – .

David Snell NYer work: one drawing, August 16, 1952

Otto Soglow Born, Yorkville, NY, December 23, 1900. Died in NYC, April 1975. New Yorker work: 1925 -1974.Key collections: Pretty Pictures ( Farrar & Rinehart, 1931) and for fans of Soglow’s Little King; The Little King (Farrar & Rinehart, 1933) and The Little King ( John Martin’s House, Inc., 1945). The latter Little King is an illustrated storybook. Cartoon Monarch / Otto Soglow & The Little King (IDW, 2012) is an excellent compendium.

Ali Soloman New Yorker work: November 26, 2018 –.

Bishakh Som New Yorker work: March 19, 2018 –.



Aaron Sopher (Portrait above by Jacob Glushakow) Born, East Baltimore, Maryland, December 16, 1905. Died, 1972, in Baltimore. New Yorker work: two drawings, June 15, 1929 & December 6, 1930. More information.


Edward Sorel (self-portrait above from a strip appearing in The Nation following the death of Marlene Dietrich. Drawing used by permission of Mr. Sorel). Born 1929. New Yorker work: 1990 – . All of Mr. Sorel’s books are of great interest; Unauthorized Portraits (Alfred A. Knopf, 1997) is particularly essential. Website:

Leo Soretsky NYer work: one drawing, August 20, 1932


Rich Sparks (above) Born, Columbus, Ohio. New Yorker work: April 11, 2016 –. Website:

Trevor Spaulding (photo above, and bio courtesy of Mr. Spaulding) A cartoonist, writer, and artist based in Los Angeles, CA. NYer work: April 28, 2014 –. Website:


Art Spiegelman Born 1948. New Yorker work: 1992 –. Key book: Maus: A Survivor’s Tale (Pantheon, 1986).


Mark Alan Stamaty (above) New Yorker work: November 9, 1992 —

John Stanley (above) Born March 22, 1914; died, November 11, 1993. New Yorker work: one eight panel captionless drawing, March 15, 1947.

Leslie Starke (photo above from his collection, The Starke Parade) Born, Scotland, 1905. New Yorker work: 1947 -1977. Key collection: Starke Parade (Doubleday & Co., 1959).

Kemp Starrett New Yorker work: 1929 -1944. Profile here on Stripper’s Guide


Edward Steed (photo and self portrait above) Born in the town, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England, 1987. New Yorker work: March 4, 2013 -.




Henry Anton Steig (above) born, New York City, 1906. Died, 1973. New Yorker work: October 22, 1932 – May 10, 1941

William Steig (photo above) Born in Brooklyn, NY, Nov. 14, 1907, died in Boston, Mass., Oct. 3, 2003. In a New Yorker career that lasted well over half a century and a publishing history that contains more than a cart load of books, both children’s and otherwise, it’s impossible to sum up Steig’s influence here on Ink Spill. He was among the giants of the New Yorker cartoon world, along with James Thurber, Saul Steinberg, Charles Addams, Helen Hokinson and Peter Arno. Lee Lorenz’s World of William Steig (Artisan, 1998) is an excellent way to begin exploring Steig’s life and work. NYer work: 1930 -2003.



Avi Steinberg (above) New Yorker work: December 17, 2012 –.


Saul Steinberg Born, June 15, 1914, Ramnic-Sarat, Rumania. Died in 1999. New Yorker work: 1941 – (The New Yorker publishes his work posthumously). Steinberg is one of the giants of The New Yorker. Go here to visit the saulsteinbergfoundation where you’ll find much essential information and examples of his work.


Peter Steiner (above). Born, Cincinnati, 1940. New Yorker work: 1979 – . Collection: “I Didn’t Bite the Man, I Bit the Office” ( 1994). Mr. Steiner is responsible for one of the most famous (and most republished) New Yorker cartoons in modern times, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” (published July 5, 1993). An indication of its enduring popularity in our culture: a wikipedia page is devoted to it. He has also had novels published, as well as the limited edition “An Atheist in Heaven.”  Key cartoon collection: I Didn’t Bite The Man. I Bit The Office. Washington Times, 1994. Website:

Hans Stengel Born, Germany, 1894; Died, January 1928, suicide, 134 West 4th St., New York City. According to the January 29, 1928 New York Times story about his death, he was a “widely known artist” who was at one time the principal cartoonist for the Sunday Herald Tribune. New Yorker work: April 11, 1925 — February 12, 1927.

Mick Stevens Born March 11, 1942, Portland, Oregon. New Yorker work: December 17, 1979- . Key collections: If Ducks Carried Guns (Fireside/Simon & Schuster, 1988), A Mystery, Wrapped in an Enigma, Served on a Bed of Lettuce ( Fireside/Simon & Schuster, 1989 ), Things Not to Do Today ( Fireside/Simon & Schuster, 1989 ). Website:


James Stevenson Born, NYC, 1929. Died, February 17, 2017, Cos Cob, Connecticut. New Yorker work: March 10, 1956 -. Stevenson interned as an office boy at The New Yorker in the mid 1940s when he began supplying ideas for other New Yorker artists. Nine years later he was hired a full-time ideaman, given an office at the magazine and instructed not to tell anyone what he did. He eventually began publishing his own cartoons and covers as well as a ground-breaking Talk of the Town pieces (ground breaking in that the pieces were illustrated). His contributions to the magazine number over 2000. Key collections: Sorry Lady — This Beach is Private! ( MacMillan, 1963), Let’s Boogie ( Dodd, Mead, 1978). Stevenson was a children’s book author, with roughly one hundred titles to his credit. He was a frequent contributor to the Op-Ed page of The New York Times, under the heading Lost and Found New York. Stevenson’s The Life, Loves and Laughs of Frank Modell, published in 2013, is essential reading. Sally Williams’ 2019 documentary film, Stevenson Lost & Found is essential viewing.

Jack Stockwell New Yorker work: one drawing, December 5, 1953

Storm New Yorker work: one drawing, August 21, 1926


Susanne Suba Born Budapest, Hungary 1913. Died February, 2012, NYC. Ms. Suba contributed numerous “spot” drawings to The New Yorker, as well as five covers and one cartoon, published September 18, 1948. Her first cover appeared October 21, 1939, and her last, March 2, 1963. Besides her work for the magazine she was a prolific illustrator of children’s books. A collection of her spot drawings was published in 1944, Spots By Suba: From The New Yorker (E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc, NY).





Ed Subitzky (above) Born March, 1943. New Yorker work: one drawing, August 26, 1974.


Ed Suggs New Yorker work: two drawings, May 9, 1931 & December 5, 1931



Julia Suits (above) New Yorker work: 2006 – .


Surreal McCoy, The (aka T.S. McCoy) (the artist sent the Spill the above “photo of myself”) New Yorker work: August 15, 2014 –. Website:

Ward Sutton (Photo above by Liza Donnelly) Born, Edina, Minnesota. New Yorker work: October 22, 2007 – .Website:

Anthony Taber born September 8, 1944, New York City. New Yorker work: September 7, 1963 – November 11, 1991

Richard Taylor (self portrait from Meet the Artist) Born in Fort William, Ontario, Sept. 18, 1902. Died in 1970. NYer work: 1935 -1967. Collections: The Better Taylors ( Random House, 1944, and a reprint edition by World Publishing, 1945), Richard Taylor’s Wrong Bag (Simon & Schuster, 1961). Taylor also authored Introduction to Cartooning ( Watson -Guptill, 1947). From Taylor’s introduction: the “book is not intended to be a ‘course in cartooning’…instead, it attempts to outline a plan of study — something to be kept at the elbow to steer by.”

Eric Teitelbaum New Yorker work: August 1, 1988 – April 6, 1998

Raymond Thayer New Yorker work: 4 drawings, July 3, 1926 – September 17, 1932

Mark Thompson New Yorker work: June 28, 2010 –.

C. Throckmorton NewYorker work: one drawing, July 26, 1930

James Thurber Born, Columbus, Ohio, December 8, 1894. Died 1961, New York City. New Yorker work: 1927 -1961, with several pieces run posthumously. According to the New Yorker’s legendary editor, William Shawn, “In the early days, a small company of writers, artists, and editors — E.B. White, James Thurber, Peter Arno, and Katharine White among them — did more to make the magazine what it is than can be measured.”

Key cartoon collection: The Seal in the Bedroom and Other Predicaments (Harper & Bros., 1932). Key anthology (writings & drawings): The Thurber Carnival (Harper & Row, 1945). There have been a number of Thurber biographies. Burton Bernstein’s Thurber (Dodd, Mead, 1975) and Harrison Kinney’s James Thurber: His Life and Times (Henry Holt & Co., 1995) are essential. A short bio appears on the Thurber House website:


Tidden NYer work: one drawing, August 21, 1926


Jack Tippet Born Oct. 19, 1923, Texas. Died, October 14, 1994. New Yorker work: July 27, 1963 – May 20, 1972.

Barney Tobey (photo above from Think Small, a book of humor produced by Volkswagon) Born in New York City, July, 18, 1906, died March 27, 1989, New York. NYer work: 1929 -1986. Essential collection: B. Tobey of The New Yorker (Dodd Mead & Co., 1983)

Colin Tom New Yorker work: 2015 —

Tom Tomorrow (real name: Dan Perkins) NYer work: September 27, 1999 — Website:

Tom Toro (self portrait above courtesy of Mr. Toro) Born in Richmond, California on May 22, 1982. Graduated valedictorian from El Cerrito High School and matriculated to Yale. Edited cartoons for The Yale Herald and won a national championship in lightweight rowing in 2002, elected captain of the rowing team in 2004. Earned a degree cum laude in art history specializing in cinema studies. Attended NYU Film School for two years, shooting shorts and features that went to Sundance, Tribeca and Cannes. Began submitting cartoons to The New Yorker in 2007, first got published in 2010 – after the 610th try. Also a writer of literary fiction, short stories, screenplays and children’s picture books of the “unpublished” variety. [bio courtesy of Mr. Toro] NYer work: May 24, 2010 – .

Tousey New Yorker work: one drawing, November 27, 1926

Irwin Touster New Yorker work: one drawing. July 6, 1946

M. Towle New Yorker work: one drawing, November 21, 1925
S. Trachtenberg New Yorker work: one drawing, September 11, 1954

W.P. Trent New Yorker work: forty-three drawings, from May 1, 1926 through April 19, 1941

Larry Trepel New Yorker work: September 30, 2013 –.

Charles Tudor New Yorker work: three drawings, July 20, 1929 / August 17, 1929 / December 7, 1929





Buford Tune ( photo above and all biographical info from Alex Jay’s excellent Stripper’s Guide piece. Born, Eastland County, Texas on August 26, 1906. Died, May 21, 1989, Santa Ana, California. New Yorker work: one drawing, October 10, 1936



Mike Twohy (above) Born, San Francisco Bay area, California. New Yorker work: July 21, 1980 – .

Ed Umansky New Yorker work: one drawing, November 1, 1930

Eben A . Valentine New Yorker work: five drawings, from May 11, 1968 through January 1, 1979

Van Ass New Yorker work: two drawings, March 27, 1926 & July 24, 1926

R. Van Buren New Yorker work: 1928-1934



Hendrik W. van Loon (above) Born, January 14 1882. Died, March 11, 1942. New Yorker work:one drawing, May 14, 1932. More info here.

Bud Van Sickle New Yorker work: one drawing, June 18, 1966
M. Van Sort New Yorker work: one drawing, July 30, 1927

Victor Varnado New Yorker work: July 8, 2019 —

P.C.Vey (photo above by Michael Maslin, taken at The Museum of Comic and Caroon Art, NYC, 2008) NYer work: 1993 -.Website:



Dean Vietor (above) Born, 1931. Died, August 20, 2007, Phoenix, Arizona. NYer work: March 11, 1967 through August 20, 2001. A link to the Ink Spill obit:

Eugenia Viti New Yorker work: June 10, 2019 —

William Von Riegen NYer work: 1937 -1975

S. Wade NYer work: one drawing, October 21, 1939

T. Waldeyer NYer work: one drawing, February 12, 1927


Liam Walsh (above) Bio courtesy of Mr. Walsh: I was born and raised on a dairy farm in Wisconsin with lots of siblings and a pet crow. I fell under the spell of comic books and newspaper comic strips early on and I vividly remember coming across a collection of Charles Addams cartoons at my grandparents’ house at about age 7 (I specifically remember being fascinated by, but not “getting”, the famous drawing of the phantom skier.) In high school I was on the school newspaper and was the recipient of a number of State awards for editorial cartoons and editorial writing. I studied journalism at the UW Milwaukee, traveled broadly, and had my first cartoon published in the July 4, 2011 issue of The New Yorker after about 2 years, cumulatively, of submitting.

Dearing Ward Mainly a poet and fiction writer who contributed one cartoon to The New Yorker ( issue of Nov 26, 1927). NYer work: Oct. 9, 1927 – Nov. 6, 1937

Eric Monroe Ward NYer work: one drawing, July 14, 1934

Chris Ware Born, December 28, 1967, Omaha, Nebraska. New Yorker work: 1999– . More info

Kim Warp Born, April 27, 1959, Seattle, Washington. NYer work: 1999 – .

Sofia Warren New Yorker work: November 27, 2017 — .




Alex Noel Watson (above) Born, Airdrie, Lanarkshire, on 2 December 1929Died, 2017. New Yorker work: seven drawings: August 29, 1970 – April 28, 1997.

Arthur Watts NYer work: 1 drawing, April 18, 1925

Steve Way NYer work: November 22, 1999 -.

Paul Webb Born September 20, 1902, Towanda, Pennsylvania. Died, March 17, 1985. Perhaps best known for his syndicated strip The Mountain Boys. See Christopher Wheeler’s site for scans of Webb’s collections and more on Webb:
. NYer work: 41 drawings, from May 21, 1927 through October 8, 1932.

Robert Weber (Pictured above, mid 1980s. Photograph by Liza Donnelly) Born April 22, 1924, Los Angeles, California. Died, October 20, 2016, Branford Connecticut. NYer work: nearly 1500 cartoons, and close to a dozen covers since 1962. Read Ink Spill’s November 2016 Apreciation of Mr. Weber here.

Josh Wertz/Julia Wertz Credited Co-authors of one drawing: August 3, 2015

Christopher Weyant NYer work: 1998 – .

Shannon Wheeler NYer work: May 4, 2009 – . Key collection: I Thought You Would Be Funnier ( BOOM! Studios, 2010). Website:

Sophia Wiedeman New Yorker work: October 16, 2017 –.

Wiggins NYer work: one drawing, January 19, 1929

A.F. Wiles NYer work: 1 drawing, 1952

Fritz Wilkinson ( Self portrait above from Best Cartoons of the Year 1943) Born, California. NYer work: August 5, 1933 – February 17, 1940

Gilbert Wilkinson NYer work: eight drawings, April 4, 1925 — August 29, 1925

Garth Williams Born, New York City, April 16, 1912. Died at home, Guanajuato, Mexico, May 8, 1996. NYer work: seven drawings, December 12, 1943 – September 7, 1946. Among the many books Williams illustrated were E.B. White’s “Stuart Little” and “Charlotte’s Web.”

Gluyas Williams (above left undated; right:1 975) Born, San Francisco, 1888. Died, Boston, Mass., 1982. One of the pillars of Harold Ross’s stable of artists, and one of Ross’s favorite cartoonists. His beautiful full page drawings were a regular feature in the magazine. Mr. Williams illustrated a number of Robert Benchley’s collections, providing the cover art as well as illustrations. NYer work: March 13, 1926 – Aug 25, 1951. Key collections: The Gluyas Williams Book ( Doubleday, Doran & Co., 1929), The Gluyas Williams Gallery (Harper, 1956). Website:

Herb Williams NYer work: one drawing, September 8, 1945

Roy Williams NYer er work: June 3, 1944 – August 19, 1950

Wilton Williams NYer work: one drawing, March 28, 1925

Gahan Wilson (photo above, by Michael Maslin, taken at The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, NYC, 2008) Born (“dead)”, Evanston, Illinois, February 13, 1930. Died, November 21, 2019, Scottsdale, Arizona. New Yorker work: 1976 – . Mr. Wilson’s website:

George Wilson: NYer work: one drawing, November 29, 1930

Rowland B. Wilson Born, Dallas, Texas, August, 3, 1930; died, June 28, 2005, La Costa, California New Yorker work: 47 cartoons, from December 30, 1961 – June 1, 1981. Wikipedia page here.

Bernard Wiseman New Yorker work: April 19, 1947 – June 11. 1960. 197 Drawings.

Horace Wofford NYer work: one drawing, July 21, 1945

W. Wolfson NYer work: four drawings, from January 29, 1927 through March 24, 1928

Lawson Wood NYer work: one drawing, May 9, 1925

Paul Wood NYer work: one drawing, January 24, 2000


Bill Woodman Born October 30, 1939, Bangor, Maine. NYer work: November 10, 1975 – . Collection: Fish and Moose News ( Dodd, Mead, 1980). Website:

Denys Wortman NYer work: 1929 -1937

G. Wright NYer work: three drawings, all in 1929.

Richard Yardley Born, Baltimore Maryland, March 11, 1903 ; Died 1979. NYer work: 1 drawing, February 10, 1934

Art Young (above) Born January 14, 1866, Illinois. Died December 29, NYC @ The Hotel Irving. An online biography. 1943. NYer work: 1925 -1933. The Art Young Gallery

Crawford Young NYer work: six drawings, from March 7, 1931 through December 3, 1932

Bertrand Zadig NYer work: one drawing, December 5, 1925; one cover, July 11, 1925

Roz Zanengo NYer work: October 23, 1978 – September 1, 1986

Jack Ziegler (photo above, by Michael Maslin, taken at The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, NYC, 2008) Born, Brooklyn, NY July 13, 1942. Died, March 29, 2017. New Yorker work: 1974 – 2017. Key collections: all of Ziegler’s collections are must-haves. Here’re some favorites: Hamburger Madness (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1978), Filthy Little Things ( Doubleday/Dolphin, 1981) and The Essential Jack Ziegler, Complied and Edited by Lee Lorenz ( Workman, 2000). Link here for Ink Spill’s Jack Ziegler interview from late 2016.

The New Yorker Idea Writers A-Z

It occured to me recently that the folks who have contributed their work to The New Yorker primarily as writers for the artists (they’re often referred to as “gagwriters”) deserve their own category on Ink Spill. They should, in fact, have their very own A-Z. This list, making its debut in the summer of 2016, is very much a work in progress. To be clear about who makes this list: the person must primarily have made a career of submitting ideas for/to cartoonists. They can also have been cartoonists (or have had a separate career doing something else), but contributing ideas must weigh far greater than contributing their cartoons. Richard McCallister is the perfect example: he contributed eighty-nine cartoons to The New Yorker, but his ideas were published in the thousands. I’ll use myself as an example of someone who would not make the list. My cartoon contributions to the New Yorker outweigh the two ideas of mine drawn up by New Yorker cartoonists (one by Whitney Darrow, Jr., and one by Charles Addams). Biographical information to be added, and more Idea Writers added as I continue my education in the field.

Harald Bakken Born, Minneapolis. Died April 9, 1998, Massachusetts. Mr. Bakken contributed ideas to the likes of Chon Day and Mischa Richter, with whom he co-wrote a book, The Cartoonist’s Muse: A Guide to Generating and Developing Creative Ideas (Contemporary Books, 1992). According to his obit in The Boston Globe, Mr. Bakken was also an actor and playwright, as well as a professor at UMass. Speaking in October of 1995 to Joel Achenbach, a reporter for The Washington Post, Mr. Bakken had this to say: “…gimmicks help set up a joke by juxtaposing an exotic setting with a mundane sentiment. That’s sort of what humor is, a sudden and surprising clash of contexts.”

James Geraghty * (photo above, Geraghty in his office at The New Yorker, 25 West 43rd St., 1948. Used with permission of Sarah Geraghty Herndon). Born Spokane, Washington, 1904. died Venice, Florida, January, 1983. While not a cartoonist, Geraghty’s contribution to the art of the New Yorker was substantial. He contributed material to cartoonists before and during his association with The New Yorker, where he served as art editor from 1939 until 1973, when the title passed to Lee Lorenz. In Geraghty’s NYTs obit (Jan 20, 1983), William Shawn said: “Along with Harold Ross, who was the first editor of the magazine, Geraghty set the magazine’s comic art on its course and he helped determine the direction in which the comic art would go and is still going.”Mr. Geraghy’s contribution to the art of The New Yorker qualifies him to appear in both categories (The NYer Cartoonists A-Z, as well as The Idea Writers A-Z)

Richard McCallister Born 1909, Baltimore, Maryland. Died: 1995. NYer work: 89 cartoons, from 1939 through 1993. Called the “King of Gagwriters” Mr. McCallister supplied thousands of cartoon ideas to New Yorker artists. The list includes George Price and Peter Arno.

James Reid Parker Born Jersey City, New Jersey, June 2, 1909. Died, January, 1984, Hamden, Connecticut. From 1931 through 1959 he contributed fiction pieces to The New Yorker. Collections of his work include”Attorneys at Law” and ”Open House.” Mr. Parker makes the A-Z for his decades long professional association with Helen Hokinson as her idea writer. He wrote of her in The Hokinson Festival (a collection of her work published after her untimely death in a plane crash): “Helen herself was extremely good at thinking up subjects for the magazine covers she drew, but less so at devising situations with lines.”

Helene Parsons Ms. Parsons was the subject of an Ink Spill interview in July 2016, ” ‘Ideas For the Pictures’ : Gag Writer Helene Parsons Speaks” You can see it here. Ms. Parsons contributes ideas to such modern day New Yorker cartoonists as Kaamran Hafeez and Harry Bliss.

Daniel Asa Rose Mr. Rose is an acclaimed writer whose work has appeared in The New Yorker and elsewhere. His website:

Herbert Valen Besides his efforts as an idea writer (for Peter Arno, among others), we cartooniacs should be forever grateful to Mr. Valen for editing Think Small, a collection of cartoons and humourous writing published by Volkswagon in 1967. The writing and drawings are dedicated to the iconic VW Beetle. Mr. Valen included a good number of The New Yorker’s top artists, including Charles Addams, Anatol Kovarsky, George Price, and William Steig– and just as wonderful: there are photographs of each artist. Mr. Valen’s photo from the book appears above, as does the book’s cover (drawing by Mr. Addams).