Monday Tilley Watch, The New Yorker Issue of September 24, 2020; Roxie Munro At The Eric Carle Museum

The Cover: You can read Francoise Mouly’s (The New Yorker art editor) very brief interview with Mr. Ware here.

The Cartoonists:

The Cartoons:

Thirteen cartoons, fifteen cartoonists in the issue (two contributed “Sketchpads”). A newbie: Millie von Platen, is the 17th new cartoonist added to the magazine’s stable this year, and the 70th new cartoonist brought aboard since Emma Allen was appointed cartoon editor in the Spring of 2017.

Several of this week’s drawings got my attention: first and foremost, veteran Mick Steven’s quicksand drawing (it’s on page 21): “Actually, I kind of wish it were quicker.”  I don’t know — and obviously never will know — if this drawing would’ve worked as well if we weren’t in the midst all sorts of craziness (political and pandemic-al), but it certainly works well now. It automatically ranks up there in the vicinity of my all-time favorite New Yorker quicksand drawing: Richard Taylor’s “Quicksand or not, Barclay, I’ve half a mind to struggle” from the issue of  August 29, 1942.

Another interesting drawing — and one with a teeny-tiny amount of Charles Addams DNA attached to it — is by Sofia Warren (it’s on page 63) of a very large bird transporting a couple (“What did you expect from a budget airline?”). The Addams drawing was referenced here not long ago (The Spill, August 24, 2020) while discussing A Ben Schwartz drawing. I’ll repeat that passage here as it applies to Ms. Warren’s drawing as well:

[it] vaguely recalls Charles Addams’s famous drawing of a woman running down the beach calling out,“George! George! Drop the keys!”  up to her husband who is being carried away by a large bird, seen only as a shadow on the beach (it was published in The New Yorker August 28, 1948…I’d show it to you but I don’t want to run afoul of the Addams estate).

Last on the hit parade this week is Lars Kenseth’s fab rabbits in a hat drawing (page 48). I’ve said it before  & I’ll certainly say it again: Mr. Kenseth’s work has for me the distinction of working before I get to the caption; his style falls well within Henry Martin’s category of cartoonists who draw funny. In this case, the caption is as funny as the drawing, which in the New Yorker cartoonists world, is exactly what we want.

You can see the above drawings, and all the drawings in the current issue (not including the two aforementioned Sketchbook pieces) here on the magazine’s slide show.

The Rea Irvin Talk Masthead Watch:

Below is what you won’t see in this issue, and what you haven’t seen since the Spring of 2017 when it was replaced by a redraw(!). Read more about it here.


Roxie Munro Dino Work to Be Exhibited

The Eric Carle Museum of Children’s Book Art (in Amherst, MA) is organizing a show of the original art (18 paintings), plus notes, storyboards, dummy, thumbnails, and pencil sketches for Inside-Outside Dinosaurs, published in 2009 by Marshall Cavendish (bought by Two Lions, Amazon Children’s Publishing). Show dates: Dec 12, 2020, to April 25, 2021. The Museum is currently open 5 days a week.

Here’s a short video of interest.

Below, a few favorite New Yorker covers by Ms. Munro (left: Jan. 18, 1988; right: Dec. 7, 1992)





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