Monday Tilley Watch: The New Yorker Issue Of June 28, 2021

The Monday Tilley Watch Takes A Glancing Look At The Art & Artists Of The Latest Issue Of The New Yorker



The Cover: makeup

The Cartoonists:

A dozen cartoons, and a baker’s dozen cartoonists (Barry Blitt has a Sketchbook). This week’s newbie is Rachel Ang, the 11th newest addition to the magazine’s stable of cartoonists, and the 89th newbie brought in under Emma Allen, the magazine’s cartoon editor since the Spring of 2017. 

Thirty-Eight Years Ago In The New Yorker

From time-to-time I enjoy browsing through back issues of the magazine. Often I randomly choose a week’s issue, similar in date, to the current issue. Here’s the line-up of artists from the issue of June 27, 1983, thirty-eight years ago this week.

I wish I could show you some of the cartoons in this issue. Represented are some of the greatest New Yorker cartoonists of William Shawn’s later years as editor (Lee Lorenz was the art editor, for both cartoons & covers). If you have access to the digital issue, I recommend checking it out — you’ll be in for a treat.

Oh what the heck –here’s just one, from the great cartoonist, Peter Steiner*

*Mr. Steiner’s entry on the Spill’s A-Z:

Peter Steiner  Born, Cincinnati, 1940. New Yorker work: July 9, 1979 – . Collection: “I Didn’t Bite the Man, I Bit the Office” ( 1994). Mr. Steiner is responsible for one of the most famous (and most republished) New Yorker cartoons in modern times, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” (published July 5, 1993). An indication of its enduring popularity in our culture: a wikipedia page is devoted to it. He has also had novels published, as well as the limited edition “An Atheist in Heaven.”  Key cartoon collection: I Didn’t Bite The Man. I Bit The Office. Washington Times, 1994. Website:

Mr. Steiner’s latest book is The Constant Man: A Willi Geismeier Thriller.

The Rea Irvin Masthead Watch:

Gone, but not forgotten

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