Monday Tilley Watch, The New Yorker Issue Of July 26, 2021

The Monday Tilley Watch Takes A Glancing Look At The Art & Artists Of The Latest Issue Of The New Yorker

The Cover: a person in a tree trying to retrieve a Frisbee(?). Ever-so-slightly reminds me of the old ABC game show, “Camouflage “(aired in 1962).

The Cartoonists:

Well let’s cut to the chase: three new cartoonists in this issue: Jimmy Craig, Dan Misdea, and Ivan Ehlers.* They are, respectively, the 94th, 95th, and 96th new cartoonists brought in under Emma Allen’s cartoon editorship (begun in the Spring of 2017), and the 13th,14th, and 15th newbies appearing this year. As were just mid-way through the year, it’s possible the record high of 26 newbies, in 2019, may be broken. We’ll see!

See all the cartoons in the issue here.

*I originally did not recognize Mr. Ehlers as having his first print cartoon in this issue.  His work has previously appeared online. Online and in print are two different animals.   –My thanks to Lars Kenseth for catching the omission.

The Rea Irvin Talk Masthead Watch

Mr. Irvin’s classic design (below) was shuffled off to Buffalo in early 2017, and replaced by (gasp!) a redraw. Read about it here.

Rea Irvin’s entry on the Spill‘s A-Z:

Rea Irvin (pictured above, along with his self portrait from Meet the Artist, and his cover for the very first issue of The New Yorker)

*Born, San Francisco, 1881; died in the Virgin Islands,1972. Irvin was the cover artist for the New Yorker’s first issue, February 21, 1925. He was the magazine’s first art editor, holding the position from 1925 until 1939 when James Geraghty assumed the title. Irvin became art director and remained in that position until William Shawn succeeded Harold Ross. Irvin’s last original work for the magazine was the magazine’s cover of July 12, 1958. The February 21, 1925 Eustace Tilley cover had been reproduced every year on the magazine’s anniversary until 1994, when R. Crumb’s Tilley-inspired cover appeared. Tilley has since reappeared, with other artists substituting from time-to-time.




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