Latest American Bystander Arrives; Profiled/Interviewed: Lars Kenseth

Moments after a pdf of the brand new American Bystander (AB #6, to be exact) landed in my inbox last night, I  flipped through its pages with the enthusiasm I had when I was 10 and had just brought home the latest issue of MAD.  I’ve said it before: if you are a devotee of New Yorker cartoons, this is the publication for you.  It is loaded with New Yorker contributors, beginning with the cover artist, the great Arnold Roth.  Beyond the cartoons, and the humor pieces, it’s a graphic treat (i.e., a blast to look at).

Inside are the following New Yorker contributors (in no particular order): George Booth, Sam Gross, John Cuneo, Liza Donnelly, Roz Chast, M.K. Brown, Drew Friedman, Nick Downes, Lars Kenseth, R.O. Blechman, Charles Barsotti, Tom Toro, Peter Kuper, Rich Sparks, Ken Krimstein, Mimi Pond, Sara Lautman, Tom Hachtman, Liana Finck, Farley Katz, Joe Duffy, P.S. Mueller, and Charlie Hankin. 

Link here to the Bystander‘s website, where you can subscribe, or order a copy. 


Profile/Interview of Interest: Lars Kenseth

Mr. Kenseth (his self portrait appears above) is the subject of a piece in the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, “Comic Relief: Lars Kenseth ’04 Makes His Mark at The New Yorker” —  Check it out here!  (Related: Mr. Kenseth was the subject of a Spill piece this past August).




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