Recently while browsing through the Index of The Complete Book of Covers From The New Yorker 1925 -1989 my eye caught the following listing:

Jimmie-the-Ink; see Daugherty, James

As far as I know, James Daugherty is only one of two cartoonists whose cartoons have been published in The New Yorker using a “handle.” ( the other is the Illustrator and musician, Andy Friedman whose cartoons appear under the name Larry Hat). Cartoonists who worked under a pseudonym, such as Daniel Brustlein, whose cartoons were signed “Alain,”  are another story.

Daugherty, who died on February 21, 1974  (The New Yorker’s 50th anniversary) contributed nineteen cartoons to the magazine and two covers.  His New Yorker work was overshadowed by the fine art he produced for much of his life as well as his work in the Children’s Book field ( Daugherty received a Newberry in 1940 ). An online search produced this wonderful paper by Rebecca E. Lawton on Daugherty’s life and work.

Where to see his New Yorker work:

Besides the aforementioned Complete Covers of The New Yorker* you can see Daugherty’s two covers on The New Yorker’s Cartoon Bank site . Unfortunately none of his cartoons appear there. You can see all of his work (covers and cartoons) on Disc #8  of The Complete New Yorker, and see his cartoons on the discs that accompany The Complete Cartoons of The New Yorker.

* The Complete Book of Covers From The New Yorker (Knopf, 1989) is out of print but available, for a somewhat hefty price from private dealers listed on the usual online sources, such as ABEBooks.com. and Amazon.com.

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