New Cat at The Algonquin; Bob Mankoff at Rutgers; Interview: Kate Beaton; Interview: Marcellus Hall; Roz Chast speaks

From The Wall Street Journal, this video profiling Matilda III, the latest of a long line of in-house cats residing at The Algonquin Hotel.

From, April 4, 2011, this article –“Rutgers presents free April 7 program on Yiddish, Jewish Cartooning” (with The New Yorker’s Cartoon Editor, Bob Mankoff).

From Sequential Tart, April 4, 2011, this interview with Kate Beaton.

From David-Wasting-Paper’s continuing Cartoonist/Artist survey (#217 in the series), this interview with illustrator/musician Marcellus Hall.

If you’re out on the west coast, you might want to check out this evening’s talk by Roz Chast at Campbell Hall at The University of California,  Santa Barbara.  Info here.

And here’s a related piece from the Santa Barbara Independent, April 1, 2011, “New Yorker Cartoonist Roz Chast gives Slide Lecture”

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