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This morning while searching obituaries in The Complete New Yorker database I came across the very first New Yorker contributor obituary.  Written by Katharine White, it appeared in the issue of April 23, 1927. The subject was a New Yorker cartoonist and cover artist, Andre De Schaub, who contributed one cartoon and five covers.

Until today, I confess, I’d never heard of Mr. De Schaub. A search in the New York Times turned up no additional information, nor did a series of Google searches ( other than a plethora of sites offering De Schaub prints).

His New Yorker obituary is, however, chock full of interesting information, such as his birth place (Petrograd, in 1898) and that he was:

..the grandson of an architect attached to the Russian Court. He studied one year at the Beaux Arts, which he left to enter the war as an officer in one of the Czar’s Guard regiments. During the Revolution he fought against the Reds and subsequently was condemned to death three times because of his being an officer and a nobleman. Finally, he escaped to Germany, whence he came to the United States four years ago.  Here he made his profession…

Four of his five covers can be found at the New Yorker’s Conde Nast Store. They’re quite beautiful.  With kind permission of The New Yorker, I’ve posted his one cartoon, published October 16, 1926 (it is, of course, copyrighted by The New Yorker).

If anyone out there has additional information to add to De Schaub’s slim, but extremely colorful biography, please contact me (using the contact button along the right side of the page).  A photograph would be especially welcome.



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