Happy Birthday Sam Gross!; Donnelly & Maslin Norman Rockwell Museum Conversation Archived

The Spill wishes the great cartoonist Sam Gross a very very Happy Birthday!

Here’s Mr. Gross’s Spill A-Z entry:

Sam Gross Born 1933, Bronx, NY. New Yorker work: August 23, 1969 –. Other than his work in The New Yorker Gross is probably best known for his work in National Lampoon. He’s edited a large number of collections, including Dogs Dogs Dogs, Cats Cats Cats, Food Food Food: A Feast of Great Cartoons (originally published as All You Can Eat: A Feast of Great Cartoons); Golf Golf Golf, Ho! Ho! Ho!, Movies Movies Movies. Key collections: I Am Blind and My Dog is Dead (Avon, 1978), An Elephant is Soft and Mushy (Avon, 1982)

Color Photo above  of Mr. Gross looking at a copy of Peter Arno’s Parade.  Spill headquarters, 2017.


The Norman Rockwell Museum has archived the conversation between Liza Donnelly & myself streamed live last Wednesday. You can see it here. (it runs close to an hour and a half…gasp!)




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