Gus Mager Gets His Due; Pat Byrnes Pencilled

From The Comics Journal, May 18, 2016,  this lengthy informative piece by Paul Tumey, “The Screwball Comics of Gus Mager: Hippos, Monks and Sherlock Holmes” —  Read it here.

Ink Spill’s New Yorker Cartoonists A-Z entry for Gus Mager:

  Born, 1878, Newark, New Jersey. Died, July 17, 1956, Murrysville, Penn.

New Yorker work: 5 cartoons, March – July of 1925. It should be noted that a character named “Groucho” in Mr. Mager’s “Monk Family” comic strip was the inspiration for Julius Marx’s stage name, “Groucho.” Read more about it here


pat B

Pat Byrnes joins the ever expanding list of New Yorker cartoonists sharing their tools of the trade on Jane Mattimoe’s blog, A Case For Pencils. See Mr. Byrnes entry here.


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