Gahan Wilson’s Retirement Announced

A screen grab of Gahan Wilson from a recent video

¬†Gahan Wilson‘s step-son, Paul Winters announced in a Facebook post that Mr. Wilson has retired. Mr. Wilson, a star cartoonist for Playboy and National Lampoon, began contributing to The New Yorker in 1976.

Here’s the announcement:

“It is with great sadness that I inform all of you who love Gahan Wilson, that he is retiring. After 60 plus years as one of the greatest cartoonists ever, he is hanging up his pens and brushes…

As his stepson, it makes me so sad to announce this. I grew up watching him create the classics. He had boundless energy, and wit, and a unique view on life. He is, indeed, a genius.

Paul Winters

For more on Gahan Wilson, link here to his Wikipedia page, and don’t forget to check out Steven Charles-Jaffee’s great documentary, Born Dead, Still Weird.

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