From Ink Spill’s Archives: An Early Cartoon Bank Brochure

As we rapidly approach the end of Bob Mankoff’s tenure as the New Yorker‘s cartoon editor, Ink Spill takes a quick look back to the mid 1990s (before Mr. Mankoff was appointed by Tina Brown to that position) when he founded something called the Cartoon Bank. The CB (as it came to be called in the cartoon community) was eventually sold to Conde Nast.

Mr. Mankoff wrote in his memoir, How About Never — Is Never Good For You: “I agreed to sell the Cartoon Bank [to Conde Nast] as long as two conditions were met: (1) I would continue to be its president and (2) I would also become cartoon editor.”

  Here’s a brochure cover from those pre-Conde Nast Cartoon Bank days and a page out of the brochure describing the “birth of the Cartoon Bank”:


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