Fave Photos of the Day: Pat Byrnes & David Borchart, George Saunders & Liza Donnelly

Here are two fun pix from two coasts including a grand total of three New Yorker cartoonists and one New Yorker writer.

From the east coastPat Byrnes and David Borchart taken during a congregation of cartoonists in Manhattan this morning that included Bob Eckstein (who took the photo and graciously allowed its use here), Evan Forsch, and Robert Leighton.

Byrnes & Borchart NYC, 3:8:16
















From the west coast: George Saunders, and Liza Donnelly (both attended last night’s  Narrative Magazine‘s Narrative Night San Francisco.  Mr. Saunders was honored & spoke; Ms. Donnelly live tweet-drew the event).

Saunders, Donnelly 3:7:16 SF, CASaunders by Donnelly

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