Danny Shanahan’s Anthony Bourdain Drawings

Back in 2006 Danny Shanahan was enlisted to draw promotional drawings for Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations”  — the ad drawings eventually ran in the New Yorker’s April 4th “Journeys” special edition.

Mr. Shanahan was kind enough to share a few of the drawings here along with the interesting notation that Mr. Bourdain himself suggested, in an email, a number of ideas for the campaign:“Just some basic things I see in one form or another that might be good starting points for a cartoonist to riff on.” 

How the drawing looked in the magazine:

Here are a few of Mr. Bourdain’s thoughts, with a finished Shanahan cartoon inspired by one of the suggestions:

Me sitting on a camel, or petting a dog, saying, “I don’t care what you’ve heard about me…You’ve got nothing to worry about.”

This will make you strong.” as man offers up some  (usually alive or hideous concoction).

The ‘sick pool’ we have on the road — where we all bet on who gets food poisoned first.

  Well…as you know, plumbing is always a concern on the road– and nothing like a good toilet joke.


— The Spill thanks Mr. Shanahan for all of this material.


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