New Book: John Updike’s Early Years



Just out from Jack De Bellis, John Updike’s Early Years (Lehigh University Press).  The author is responsible for a number of books on Updike, including a two volume bibliography as well as The John Updike Encyclopedia.  As Updike fans likely know, he was intent on being a cartoonist in his younger days.

A Year’s Work


I’ve written before about the work folders I keep: subject folders, with headings such as Food, Dragons, Dogs, etc., but I don’t think I ever mentioned my other set: the monthly folders containing my day-to-day work.



Each monthly folder contains everything I worked on each day.  The saved pages contain a mixed bag of sentences, sentence fragments, drawing fragments, or complete drawings – there’s no order to any of it, except that it all fits on a piece of 81/2 x 11” cheap paper. Above is an example of a page — this one plucked from the February 2012 folder.



In the above photo you see the monthly folders for 2012, stacked up:  a year’s work.


Below: the habit continues.



Shanahan’s Daily; Roberts Mankoffed


The New Yorker’s Daily Cartoonist now features Danny Shanahan. Also of interest,  Shanahan-wise, is his new Facebook page “Danny Shanahan — New Yorker Cartoonist.”  It’s only a few days old but is already nicely overflowing with cartoons and photographs.


Victoria Roberts new book, After the Fall has received two notices: What We’re Reading and New Yorker Cartoon Editor Bob Mankoff’s blog, The Cartoon Bureau