Finck’s Trio on The Toast; Attempted Bloggery’s Close Look at the 3rd New Yorker; Farley Katz on Pencils

LFCan’t get enough of Liana Finck’s wonderful drawings? Well now you can see three at once on The Toast.

Ms. Finck’s website



Attempted Bloggery continues its close look at The New Yorker’s earliest issues. Today it’s issue #3

(left: a glimpse of Rea Irvin’s cover for the third issue)





FKA Case For Pencils continues its look at the tools of the trade with Farley Katz — the 10th New Yorker cartoonist in the series.

Mr. Katz’s website


Bob Eckstein on A Case For Pencils blog; Video: PaleyFest LA:”Girls”( with Bruce Eric Kaplan aka BEK)

BEBob Eckstein is the latest New Yorker cartoonist to discuss tools of the trade on A Case For Pencils. Go see.

Bob Eckstein’s website.

Bob Eckstein’s New Yorker work


BEKThis video from PaleyFest LA.

Some of the “Girls” cast and crew appear, including producer Bruce Eric Kaplan, known to New Yorker readers as BEK.

Mr. Kaplan’s memoir, I Was A Child is due out April 15th. Screen shot 2014-08-31 at 4.50.41 PM












Bruce Kaplan’s New Yorker work