Cartoon Companion Rates the Latest New Yorker Cartoons; E. Simms Campbell Fest Rolls on at Attempted Bloggery; A Thurber Original On Ebay Offered For $20,000.00

The Cartoon Companion‘s “Max” and “Simon” point their critical spotlight on the cartoons in the latest New Yorker (the issue of  February 26, 2018).  Read it here!


 E. Simms Campbell Fest Rolls On at Attempted Bloggery

Stephen Nadler’s Attempted Bloggery continues to highlight work by the prolific cartoonist, E. Simms Campbell. See it here.

For more on Mr. Campbell, link here.

(above, Mr. Campbell’s The Blues, from Esquire, 1939)


A Thurber Original on Ebay Offered For $20,000.00

From the Dept. of Hey Big Spender: an original Thurber that appeared in The New Yorker, May 21, 1938, and was republished in Thurber’s collection, Men Women and Dogs (Harcourt, Brace & Co., 1943) is up for grabs on Ebay with the asking price of…$20,000.00.

  I’m almost certain the aforementioned Mr. Nadler of Attempted Bloggery will let us know how this auction turns out (his site specializes in examining auctioned New Yorker art). Below is what the drawing looked like in the magazine way way back when it was originally published.




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