Book of Interest: Robert Gottlieb’s Memoir

GootliebHere’s a memoir that’ll sure to be added to Ink Spill‘s library: Robert Gottlieb’s Avid Reader: A Life (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, September 13, 2016).

Anyone following The New Yorker‘s history will no doubt remember the hoopla surrounding Mr. Gottlieb’s appointment as editor of The New Yorker way back in 1987 (he in turn was replaced by Tina Brown in 1992.  She left The New Yorker in 1998, and was replaced by David Remnick).

Here are a few tip of the iceberg cartoon-related snippets from the book. The first concerns his relationship with the then long-time Art/Cartoon editor, Lee Lorenz:

“Cartoonists, like most humorists, are sensitive plants, and Lee had to juggle their needs and feelings in tandem with mine.”

And another where he talks about helping Ms. Brown transition to The New Yorker:

“Once Tina was on the premises, she and her camp setting up camp on another floor from mine, I showed her what ropes she wanted to be shown.  For instance, it didn’t make sense for me to be commissioning cartoons that she might not find funny when they came in finished, so I invited her to join my weekly art meetings with Lee Lorenz and to speak up.  She hardly did, although once she looked at a finished piece of art and asked, “Is it funny?” She wasn’t being sarcastic, she just wanted to know.”




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