Blast From the Past: A New Yorker Olympics Cover and Cartoon From 1960

Kovarsky olympics


















The New Yorker has published a number of Olympic themed covers and drawings in its lifetime (the issue currently on the newsstands is the most recent example with its Olympics cover and spot drawings ). Here’s Anatol Kovarsky’s beautiful New Yorker cover celebrating the 1960 Summer Olympics.  And inside the magazine, this Charles Martin (CEM) drawing:

CEM olympics




Ink Spill’s “New Yorker Cartoonists A-Z” entries for Mr. Kovarsky and Mr. Martin:

Anatol Kovarsky (photo above, NYC, 2013.  By Liza Donnelly) Born, Moscow. Died, June 1, 2016, NYC.  Collection: Kovarsky’s World (Knopf, 1956) NYer work: 1947 -1969. Link to Ink Spill’s Anatol Kovarsky appreciation 

Charles E. Martin (CEM) (photo above from Think Small, a cartoon collection produced by Volkswagon) Born in Chelsie, Mass., 1910, died June 18, 1995, Portland, Maine. NYer work: Nearly 200 covers and over 400 cartoons, 1938 – 1987.

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