Biography of An Ink Spill One Clubber: John Stanley

Here’s something: a biography of John Stanley, a member of Ink Spill‘s One Club  (a club made up of cartoonists who had only one cartoon published in the New Yorker during their career. The icon shown here accompanies the entry on the Spill’s A-Z for every cartoonist in the club ). 

Mr. Stanley had a much larger career in the comic book world, as you’ll see when you link to this Comics Journal interview with Bill Schelly, the author of John Stanley: Giving Life to Little Lulu. If you scroll down  to the fourth question you’ll get right to Mr. Stanley’s association with the New Yorker, as well as see his one New Yorker cartoon.

Here’s john Stanley’s entry on Ink Spill’s A-Z:

John Stanley (pictured above) Born March 22, 1914; died, November 11, 1993. New Yorker work: one eight panel captionless drawing, March 15, 1947.

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