Jason Polan “Living & Working” exhibit; Marcellus Hall guest edits; BEK & graduation speeches

Jason Polan, “Living & Working” at the Nicholas Robinson Gallery June 9 – July 30 2011. Info here. In an email about the exhibit, Polan says:

While in the space, I will work from a desk.  I will have the materials around me that I like to make work.  The exhibition will change daily as I produce things.  I will make drawings, paintings, sculptures, books, and more while I am in the space.  I will talk to visitors (if they would like to) and their presence will affect the exhibition in different ways. People will be invited back to the exhibition to see how it changes.   The art show will be different everyday.

Marcellus Hall will be guest editing The Magnet all this week.  His drawings will accompany his posts.  Visit here

From The Huffington Post, May 29, 2011, this post by BEK ( Bruce Eric Kaplan).

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