And Lorenz Makes it 17


As Ink Spill visitors know there’s a terrific exhibit currently running at the Westport Historical Society

celebrating 16 New Yorker cover artists who lived and worked in the Westport (Connecticut) area.  Dorothy Curran of the Westport Historical Society Exhibits Committee has sent this email to Ink Spill about an important addition to the exhibit:

As you know, there is no “Directory of Home Addresses since 1925 of New Yorker Cover Artists.” With Sarah Geraghty Herndon’s heads-up, we (Westport Historical Society Exhibits Committee) now realize that we have to add Lee Lorenz as a 17th cover artist.  Looks like he did 6 covers (1 in 1973, 2 in 1988 and 3 in 1989) within our time-frame and “about a dozen” overall. He had a Westport home (weekends only, at first) for many years…


Below is Ink Spill‘s “New Yorker Cartoonists A- Z” entry for Mr. Lorenz, who continues to brighten the pages of The New Yorker with his wonderfully energetic work.

Lee Lorenz ( Pictured above. Photograph taken 1995 by Liza Donnelly) Born 1932, Hackensack, NJ. Lorenz was the art editor of The New Yorker from 1973 to 1993 and its cartoon editor until 1997. During his tenure, a new wave of New Yorker cartoonists began appearing in the magazine — cartoonists who no longer depended on idea men. Cartoon collections: Here It Comes (Bobbs-Merrrill Co., Inc. 1968) ; Now Look What You’ve Done! (Pantheon, 1977) ; The Golden Age of Trash ( Chronicle Books, 1987); The Essential series, all published by Workman: : Booth (pub: 1998), Barsotti ( pub: 1998), Ziegler (pub: 2001), The Art of The New Yorker 1925 -1995, (Knopf, 1995), The World of William Steig (Artisan, 1998). NYer work: 1958 – .


Edward Koren is Vermont’s new Cartoonist Laureate; Science & Sidney Harris



koren-2001_11_12From Vermont Public Radio, February 3, 2014, “Ed Koren To Be Vermont’s Next Cartoonist Laureate”

See some of Edward Koren’s New Yorker work here.

Visit Edward Koren’s website here.



















From Scienceline, January 31, 2014, “Science Cartoonist Sidney Harris doesn’t draw ‘funny style'”


Link here to see Mr. Harris’s New Yorker work.






Publisher Posts a Sneak Peek at Mankoff Memoir; Chast on 92nd St. & on Living in Connecticut



Publisher Henry Holt & Company has posted a short slide show of pages from the forthcoming memoir by New Yorker Cartoon Editor, Bob Mankoff. The website page also contains a one minute and fifteen second audio clip of Mr. Mankoff discussing his book. (How About Never — Is Never Good For You? is due March 24th)






















On May 29th, Roz Chast will speak at the 92nd Street Y. From the Y’s website:

Upon publication of her new memoir, Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?, Chast discusses her relationship with her aging parents as they shift from independence to dependence.


Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant? is due May 6th from Bloomsbury.

As a sort of spin-off to the Westport Show of New Yorker Cover Art, The New Yorker website has posted this short piece on Ms. Chast & living in Connecticut.