Article & Audio & Video Of Interest: Barbara Shermund; A New Yorker State Of Mind Looks At The Issue Of April 18, 1931; Today’s Daily Cartoonist & Yesterday’s

Article & Audio & Video Of Interest: Barbara Shermund

From WOUB, Public Radio, May 8, 2020, “When Your Lost Relative Turns Out To Be A Monumental Artist” —  this piece, with accompanying audio and video features  about Amanda Gormley delving into the life and work of her aunt, the late very great Barbara Shermund.

Above left: A Shermund self-portrait. Right: Ms. Shermund’s first New Yorker appearance was as a cover artist for the issue of June 13, 1925. Her second appearance, October 3, 1925, was also as a cover artist. She then went on to contribute 599 cartoons, and six more covers.

Barbara Shermund’s entry on the Spill‘s A-Z:

Barbara Shermund  Born, San Francisco. 1899. Studied at The California School of Fine Arts. Died, 1978, New Jersey. New Yorker work: June 13, 1925 thru September 16, 1944. 8 covers and 599 cartoons. Shermund’s post-New Yorker work was featured in Esquire. (See Liza Donnelly’s book, Funny Ladies — a history of The New Yorker’s women cartoonists — for more on Shermund’s life and work).


A New Yorker State Of Mind Looks At The Issue Of April 13, 1931

From a Spill fave blog, A New Yorker State of Mind: Reading Every Issue Of The New Yorker, a look at the issue of April 18, 1931. This post features a generous segment on the magazine’s famed columnist, Lois Long (and a good deal of Peter Arno art).

Cover: Charles Donelan (if there was a Spill One Club of cover artists, Mr. Donelan would be a member).


Today’s Daily Cartoonist & Cartoon:

Hilary Allison gives us a desk salad cartoon.

Ms. Allison began contributing to last month.


and Yesterday’s Daily Cartoonist & Cartoon: Avi Steinberg with a desert island haircut.

Mr. Steinberg began contributing to The New Yorker in 2012


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