Advertising Work by New Yorker Cartoonists, Pt. 18: (More) Whitney Darrow, Jr.; Chast in Chicago

Here are more ads by the great Whitney Darrow, Jr.  These ads, and all in this series, excepting the Absolut Vodka campaign ads, are courtesy of SPX’s Executive Director, Warren Bernard.

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One of Mr. Darrow’s graphic trademarks is action — his drawings almost always look like they’re in motion.  A lot of energy there no matter the situation (or product).  Dates of ads: Post Toasties, 1955; Chase & Sanborn, 1956; Windex, 1956; Murine, 1960s; Minute Tapioca, 1951.

Mr. Darrow’s entry on the Spill’s A-Z:

Whitney Darrow, Jr. (photo above) Born August 22, 1909, Princeton, New Jersey. Died August, 1999, Burlington, Vermont. New Yorker work: 1933 -1982. Quote (Darrow writing of himself in the third person): …in 1931 he moved to New York City, undecided between law school and doing cartoons as a profession. The fact that the [New Yorker’s] magazine offices were only a few blocks away decided him…” (Quote from catalogue, Meet the Artist, 1943)


Chast in Chicago

Ms. Chast will most certainly do a number of appearances promoting her upcoming   book, Going Into Town: A Love Letter to New York.  Here’s one coming up…in Chicago.

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