Advertising work by New Yorker Cartoonists, Part 11: Richard Decker

In Part 11 of ad work by New Yorker cartoonists, we see a sample by Richard Decker, probably one of the lesser known well-published New Yorker contributors. He contributed over 900 cartoons in 38 years.  His Philadelphia Bulletin ads ran full-page in magazine (carrying as you see in one example , the notice “(Advertisement)” lest it be confused with one of the magazine’s drawings).

Dates of ads: Noilly Prat, 1948: Sir Walter Raleigh, 1945; Philadelphia Bulletin, 1949, 1952.















Mr. Decker’s too brief entry on the Spill’s A-Z:

Richard Decker (pictured above) Born, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,  May 6, 1907. Died, November 1, 1988. New Yorker work, 1931 – 1969, over 900 drawings, and four covers.

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