Addams New Yorker Penguins Cover Sells for $30K

Charles Addams New Yorker cover for the September 12 1977 issue sold for $30,000 at last night’s Swann Galleries auction.  For a look at the art listed, go here.

Here’s the penguin cover as it appeared as a cover:

Here’s Mr. Addams’ entry on the Spill‘s A-Z:





Charles Addams (above) Born in Westfield, New Jersey, January  7, 1912. Died September 29, 1988, New York City. New Yorker work: 1932–1988 * the New Yorker has published his work posthumously. One of the giants of The New Yorker’s stable of artists.  Key cartoon collections: While all of Addams’ collections are worthwhile, here are three that are particular favorites; Homebodies (Simon & Schuster, 1954), The Groaning Board (Simon & Schuster, 1964), Creature Comforts (Simon & Schuster, 1981). In 1991 Knopf published The World of Chas Addams, a retrospective collection. Visit the Addams Foundation website for far more information :

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  1. Is Charles Addams the highest-selling cartoonist for The New Yorker? I’ve seen original cartoons by Arno, Thurber, Steinberg and even Sam Gross sell for thousands, but 30K may be the highest price paid for a single cartoon or drawing. Does anyone know of a higher bid for a New Yorker cartoon?

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