A Pile of Newspapers and a Magazine: John Lennon and The New Yorker

I‘ve a habit of examining photos for the little things in the background.  While browsing through the recent issue of Rolling Stone (with the John Lennon cover story) I paused to take a closer look at an Annie Leibovitz photo – one I’d seen before, but in a ever-so-slightly edited form.  The photograph was taken at The Dakota, December 8, 1980, the afternoon of the day John died.  John sits on a white stuffed chair in the “Morning Room” of his and Yoko Ono’s apartment.   John’s arms are stretched out over the back of the chair; an end table to the left holds a pile of newspapers. A glass bowl (an ashtray?) sits atop the pile, and peeking out from under the bowl is a copy of the December 1st, 1980  issue of The New Yorker. There’s not a lot of James Stevenson’s cover visible, just the final “R” of “YORKER” and a fallen leaf on the ground.

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