A New Yorker Cartoon Book Oddity

If you like things organized, then here’s another book for you, as odd as it is.  It contains a chronological listing of all the television-related cartoons in the New Yorker from 1950 through 1990, with a brief description of each cartoon. The book was published in the early days of the internet before this kind of information was as easily available as today (although I would argue that this information is actually still not as fully available on the internet). The search feature on the New Yorker‘s digital edition does not list work in this way (an example is shown below). You can go on to the magazine’s cartoon bank site and enter “television” into the search box; you’ll receive a truckload of cartoons related to television, but you will not receive a full accounting and the work will not be in chronological order . The book contains a Cartoonist Index as well as a Subject Index. If you want to know if there was a television-related cartoon about Dictators (and there was only one, according to the author) the Index points you to a Donald Reilly cartoon from May 11, 1981. 

An interesting footnote: reading through the Introduction, we learn that the author, who taught television criticism at Fordham University (and according to Fordham’s website, is currently Associate Vice President of Continuing Education and Professional Development), went to a cartoonists lunch with Jack Ziegler and a few other cartoonists. The only drawing in the book is one specially drawn for the book by Mr. Ziegler (it’s shown above). 

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