A Look at Mischa Richter’s Strip “Strictly Richter”

MischaFrom Comics Kingdom, August 11, 2016, “Ask the Archivist: Strictly Richter” –a look at the late Mischa Richter’s long running strip.












Here’s Mr. Richter’s entry on Ink Spill‘s “New Yorker Cartoonists A-Z”:



images-1Mischa Richter (photo courtesy of Sarah Geraghty Herndon) Born, Kharkov, Russia, 1910. Died, March 23, 2001. NYer work: January 10, 1942 – January 20, 2003 ; Key books: This One’s On Me! (McGraw-Hill, 1945) , The Cartoonist’s Muse, co-authored by Harald Bakken (Contemporary Books, 1992). )



And: here’s his Wikipedia page





Also: a related collection, published in 1963 RICHTER3

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