96th Anniversary Week (Cont’d): No Lightweights These Paperweights; Another New Addams; Eckstein on Wilson


As we celebrate The New Yorker‘s 96th anniversary this week (and draw ever closer to the big 100th birthday in 2025), I thought it would be fun to look at a Spill post celebrating, or at least centering around Eustace Tilley, the magazine’s unofficial mascot. From the summer of 2017, here’s a short piece on the above paperweight:

Finally, here’s one of my favorite objets d’Tilley: a paperweight sold some years back (still around on various online sites, including Etsy). For the completist, there’s another Tilley-related paperweight available: Eustacia Tilley, R. O. Blechman’s take on Rea Irvin’s creation for the New Yorker’s inaugural issue. Eustacia was the cover for the magazine’s “Women’s Issue” way back in 1996.

Back to 2021 now: this seems like the right time to make up for not showing the Eustacia Tilley paperweight:


Another New Addams







 Charles Addams’s “Addams Family” just keeps on giving. Coming from Netflix, an 8 episode live-action series, Wednesday, directed by Tim Burton. More here. Above right: Addams’s original Wednesday.

And… one more story here on the Netflix series.


Eckstein on Gahan Wilson

Bob Eckstein tips his hat to Gahan Wilson on what would have been Mr. Wilson’s 91st birthday (he passed away in November of 2019).

Further reading from 2019 on Gahan Wilson here and here.

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