The Tilley Watch: Emma Allen’s First Week

It is the rare moment when a new cartoon editor begins their first day on the job at the New Yorker.   The last time it happened was in the summer of 1997, and before that it was in 1973 (when the title of cartoon editor was wrapped up within the title of art editor), and before that, in 1939 (there was no one with the title of art editor before then;  editing the cartoons was mostly in the realm of the fiction editor with assistance from Rea Irvin, the art supervisor, and with major input and  final decisions made by Harold Ross). 

Today is Emma Allen’s first day as the magazine’s cartoon editor, and Ink Spill wishes her all the best as thousands upon thousands of cartoons head her way via email, and untold numbers more show up, the old fashioned way, on paper at her desk at 1 World Trade Center. Next week Ms. Allen will “slide open [her] door” for her first Look Day as cartoon editor, continuing on the decades long tradition so valued by many of the magazine’s cartoonists.

Onward and upward, Ms. Allen!  Onward and upward, New Yorker cartoons and cartoonists!

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