The New Yorker War Cartoons









Alan Dunn, among the most prolific of all New Yorker cartoonists, contributed nine covers to the magazine, six of them related to war (WWII to be precise). I am reminded every Memorial Day weekend of his cover of August 11, 1945 which was chosen for the paperback publication, The New Yorker War Cartoons (not to be confused with The New Yorker War Album). Mr. Dunn used the Honor Roll again almost exactly one year later for the issue of July 27, 1946. 

For more on the various New Yorker war-related publications, please see my Spill post of 2012, New Yorker Cartoons  and War.

Here’s Mr. Dunn’s  “New Yorker Cartoonists A-Z” entry on the Spill:

Born in Belmar, New Jersey, August 11, 1900, died in New York City, 1975. NYer work: 1926 – 1974 Key collections: Rejections (Knopf, 1931), Who’s Paying For This Cab? (Simon & Schuster, 1945), A Portfolio of Social Cartoons ( Simon & Schuster, 1968). One of the most published New Yorker cartoonists (1,906 cartoons) , Mr. Dunn was married to Mary Petty — together they lived and worked at 12 East 88th Street, where, according to the NYTs, Alan worked “seated in a small chair at a card table, drawing in charcoal and grease pencil.”

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