The Talk of The Town’s Tom Bachtell is Pencilled; Liza Donnelly: “Cartooning the New President”; From the Spill’s Library: Another Spot Artist

Tom Bachtell, whose wonderful spot drawings are featured weekly in the New Yorker‘s Talk of The Town section is the subject of Jane Mattimoe’s Case For Pencils this week.  Check it out here.


Liza Donnelly on drawing the new President (with a selection of her latest cartoons). See it here




As long as the subject of New Yorker Spot artists has come up  (with Mr. Bachtell’s work) here’s a little something from the Spill‘s archives:  Suzanne Suba was one of the very few  New Yorker spot artists to have her work collected in book form.  Below is an example of her art from the lovely little (4″x5″) book titled, Spots by Suba: From The New Yorker (E.P. Dutton & Co. 1944).  Ms. Suba passed away in  2012



Cartoons & Politics Mix

img-20170105-132631_3_orig-300x300From The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, “Exclusive Interview: Francoise Mouly and Nadja Spiegelman Resist!” Resist will be  distributed, free of charge,  on the day of the Women’s March on Washington in these cities:  Washington, D.C., New York City, Des Moines,, Portland, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  It includes work by comic artists from abroad and the United States, including a number of New Yorker artists.



From dnainfo, January, 13, 2017: “Artists Respond to Election in Hairpin Arts Center’s Newest Series”New Yorker artist Tom Bachtell‘s work appears (among others) in this Chicago exhibit.


Vassar James Palmer GalleryComing soon to Vassar College’s James Palmer Gallery, “The World After January 20, 2017: Works By Contemporary Artists and Poets, February 2-16, 2017” — the exhibit features work by a number of artists (several New Yorker cartoonists are represented, including Liza Donnelly, and Peter Steiner)

More Mankoff; Tom Bachtell Interview(s); Liana Finck in conversation with Liza Donnelly

images-1Here’re a few recent pieces on the New Yorker‘s current cartoon editor, Bob Mankoff, as he ranges far and wide in support of his new book, How About Never — Is Never Good For You?


From The Boston Globe, April 15, “Editor Bob Mankoff on the evolution of New Yorker cartoons”


From The Buffalo News, April 15, 2014, “How About Never — Is Never Good For You?”

From the BBC, April 10, 2014, this piece with video,   “New Yorker cartoons: Editor Bob Mankoff on what’s funny”





The New Yorker‘s Talk of Town section is illustrator Tom Bachtell’s playground, graphically speaking (Bachtell’s Philip Roth appears to the left).  Here’s a recent interview with him as well as a video from 2011:

From Frail Friend, April 2014,  “Big Interview — Tom Bachtell”

From, “Talking Pictures”

Link here to Tom Bachtell’s website.




finckdonnely_eventThis coming Friday, April 18, Liza Donnelly will be in conversation with Liana Finck at Brooklyn’s  Book Court. The event celebrates the release of Ms. Finck’s new book, A Bintel Brief. Here’s all the information.

Link to Liza Donnelly’s New Yorker work.

Link to Liana Finck’s New Yorker work.