American Bystander #3 Ready to Go; Liam Walsh’s 7 Things

























Here’s Drew Friedman’s cover for American Bystander #3.  If you saw the first two issues, you know what fun awaits you.  If you haven’t seen those issues, well now’s the time to catch up. Go here to Mr. Friedman’s site to see more on the cover, a short video about issue #3 and #4,  and a link to the Bystander‘s  Kickstarter campaign. A few of the cartoonists appearing in issue #3: M.K. Brown, Gahan Wilson and George Booth.


And looking ahead to issue #4, it will feature an R.O. Blechman cover and drawings by, among others,  Charles Barsotti, P.S. Mueller, and Liza Donnelly.


51eebe163e412.preview-620From Writer’s Digest, September 23, 2016, “7 things I’ve Learned So Far” Liam Walsh shares.

Link to Mr. Walsh’s website.

R.O. Blechman Podcast: “A Lot of Artists Are Insecure.”

R.O. AmHere’s an interesting and long (close to an hour) podcast featuring the great R.O. Blechman, recorded at the most recent MoCCA [Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art] Festival.  The conversation covers a wide range of Mr. Blechman’s pursuits, including filmmaking, advertising, cartoons, New Yorker covers, and illustration. Here’s a snippet of Blechman talking about advertising:

What I didn’t like about advertising: Hey, I’m for sale. I hated that.”


(Left: Mr. Blechman’s latest book and below: a recent collection)

R.O. Talking
























(r-o-blechman-the-new-yorker-cover-october-1-1979_i-G-61-6120-KBMF100ZLeft: Blechman’s October 1, 1979 New Yorker cover; in my opinion, one of the magazine’s greatest covers. Below: his must-read 1980 book, Behind the Lines)


R.O. Behind t Lines

An Ann Tenna Event; More Spills with Chast, Blechman & Others











Check out this upcoming event (Wednesday, October 21st) for Ann TennaMarisa Acocella Marchetto‘s  New York Times Bestseller.

Link to Ms. Marchetto’s New Yorker work.

Link to her website here.


More Spills Icon Edited






…A possible record number (4) of new cartoonists debuted in the October 19th issue of The New Yorker (they are: Andrew Hamm, Dan Abromowitz, Eli Dreyfus, and Brian McLachlan)

…and in the same issue, the great R.O. Blechman provides the Spot drawings (link here to his website)

…Roz Chast will be in Michigan next week

David Sipress will be moderating in D.C


R.O. Blechman Retrospective at SVA; Chicago Trib Printers Row includes Barry, Brunetti, Spiegelman, Ware






















From, June 3, 2013, “Advertising Legend, Illustrator, Children’s Book Author, Cartoonist, Animator R.O. Blechman Has First Major Retrospective at 25th Annual SVA Masters Series”

Here’s a chance to see an incredible body of work by one of the greats (it’s somewhat amusing that the prweb headline (above in pink) is so lengthy for an artist whose forte is simplicity. But never mind).

There’re a number of R.O. Blechman New Yorker covers that would make it to an Ink Spill top ten list of all-time great New Yorker covers. One favorite — it adorned the issue of October 1, 1979 — appears above. His very first New Yorker cover appeared on the April 29, 1974 issue.

Link to Mr. Blechman’s website here




From Drawn & Quarterly, June 4, 2013, “D+Q in Chicago part 1: Printers Row Lit Fest”

with word of appearances by Lynda Barry, Art Spiegelman, Chris Ware, Ivan Brunetti, and others.



According to the release:

“The Masters Series: R.O Blechman” is the first major retrospective representing all three genres of the artist’s work: illustrations and editorial cartoons, animations and graphic novels. The exhibition is on view from October 2 through November 2 at the Visual Arts Gallery, 601 West 26 Street, New York City. Admission is free and open to the public.


Donnelly’s World Ink; R.O.Blechman Speaks; Twohy goes Daily










Liza Donnelly’s World Ink, which was once part of the website, Dscriber, is now stand alone. Ink Spill asked Ms. Donnelly to talk for a moment about her site:

World Ink is a non-profit site that publishes political cartoons from around the world — countries such as Sweden, Switzerland, Nigeria, Algeria, France, Japan, China, and more. The mission of World Ink is to showcase cartoon artists in other countries as well as the U.S. and show what they think of world events, and what they think about events in their own countries.  I started the site out of love for political cartoons from abroad and with a belief that cartoon art can bring some understanding and foster dialogue about world events.


In a related story, here’s Donnelly’s latest Forbes column “Women’s Rights in Global Cartoons” (with a slideshow of cartoons)




From The Comics Journal, May 22, 2013, “Norman Rockwell and R.O. Blechman” —  Mr. Blechman’s remarks at the opening of his retrospective, The Inquiring Line,  currently at the Rockwell Museum.

(to the left: R.O.Blechman’s “Eustacia Tilley” cover for The New Yorker’s 1996 anniversary cover. In an unusual move, the anniversary issue was themed (“The Women’s Issue”) and Eustace Tilley was given the year off.



and even more…


Chris Weyant, who’s drawn the past 63 Daily Cartoons for The New Yorker has announced on Facebook that he’s rolled his chair back from the Daily Cartoonist desk. Long-time New Yorker cartoonist (his first drawing appeared in the magazine, July 21, 1980), Mike Twohy will be rolling his chair in.