New Jersey’s New Yorkers…an Ink Spill Map

Here’s a look at Garden State born New Yorker contributors (including its current editor) as well as New Yorker contributors (all cartoonists) not Jersey born, but currently living there. Also included: New Yorker contributors who, though not native-born,  grew up there and/or lived there for a good while. If anyone out there has others I’ve missed (and I’m sure I have) please contact me. (click on the map to enlarge).


Peter Arno…the Galley

Arno galleyFrom The Dept. of Self Promotion

Please forgive this moment of tooting my own galley.  It’s an odd and interesting thing finally seeing Arno’s biography closing in on publication.  Just another month or so until it’s finished,  and then off it goes out into the world (Pub date: April 19th)



Peter Arno Biography Cover Revealed!

You may have noticed on this site an occasional mention of the Peter Arno biography I’ve been working on for the past 15 years. If so, you’ll understand that this is one of those light-at-the-end-of-the-publishing-tunnel moments: the reveal of the cover.  The manuscript is now in the galley phase;  the book itself will be showing up in your local bookstores sometime in April (Regan Arts is publishing).  Enjoy!

Arno cover 2

Book of Interest: The Complete Dick Tracy, Vol. 19: 1959 – 61

Dick TracyFrom time-to-time I momentarily take Ink Spill outside The New Yorker cartoon orbit  — in this case a brief auto-biographical moment.

As a kid I was deep into Batman and Superman comic books as well as the Dick Tracy newspaper comic strips.  While they’ve never been all that obvious an influence on my own drawings in The New Yorker, they’re mixed in the foundation (along with a whole bunch of other comic book & comic strip characters).

This particular volume of Dick Tracy strips hits particularly close to home as it covers the years when I was first introduced to Chester Gould’s world, wrapped around the Sunday editions of New York’s  Daily News.

The Complete Dick Tracy, Volume 19: 1959 – 1961,  IDW Publishing,  will be in book stores  October 15th.